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 Reason drop rates cant just be increased and solution 
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Everyone would be more motivated to play if there was more opportunity and a higher chance of gaining gear

However: as it stands once gear enters the game it never leaves. So we end up with more and more gear that eventually all becomes worthless. This also discorugaes EJ from cahnging the game to make more gear flow in.

Simple solution therefore is to find a way to make the gear disapear. Options to do this:

1) A gear wipe every 6 or 12 months. Pros: instantly fixes too much gear i the game, encourages everyone to start from an even footing. Cons: not very dynamic, you lose everything instantly which can put players off, probably discourages players from playing before the next wipe.

3/10 solution although for sure after all the duping and recent activities it should happen anyway

2) 6 month durability on each item: Pros: 100% stops hoarding, dynamic solution that means you lose things over time and you can plan strategically, would greatly boost trade. Cons: not a good solution for those who like to use Xentales and Facebook as temporary items have less value

10/10 solution. Only ones who lose out are those who like to use external channels to acquire gear in game. Potential to also reset chest pulls every 6 months etc

3) Enable 5 level 80+ items to be broken down to unlock a new pull (level 80-120). Pros: gets rid of all non used items, means all level 70 items now have some value. Cons: only gets rid of lesser items meaning long term a large quantity of top items may grow although this then may encourage mid items to be broken down.

7/10 solution

Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:30 pm

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Want gear out of the game? Easy solution.


Loki wrote:
So ej with the new additions of crafting gear with all the new items (which is a GREAT addition) it will take casual players literally months to get these items as bosses are always dead.

How about thinking of an idea via the Professions Screen that you can Break/ Melt Down gear for these materials and maybe new materials.

As an example, Cron drops Animus Essence so if you melt down / break down any Cron items, you can get 1-2 of these items randomly. (Also a small chance of getting junk)

Breaking down any item level 100-120 item gives you 1-2 of the new materials and randomly gives you other items such as gold/silver/platinum, black pearls, black sapphires, diamonds, etc etc.

Melting Down ndnt boss gear gives you less but also can give you new items. (And they will also be NDNT crafting items)

This will make gear leave the game as currently there is barely any items leaving the game as people just hoarde everything.

Maybe make a limit so you can only Melt Down 5 items per day or even 1 item per day.


Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:38 pm

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its a good idea. Rather than materials I would prefer a key to a chest for a random level 100-120 pull. Could utilise the key idea.

Items 80-100 give you: 15 points
Items 100-120 give you: 30 points
Items 120+ give you 40 points

Break down items to get 100 points and you can unlock a random pull item level 100+

With this you could up the drop rate, make boss drops tradable and get rid of ndnt once and for all

Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:13 pm

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Love how not only does he give the exact same ideas hes been posting for weeks (which have been shot down every single time) but gives his own ideas his own rating on them, even gave one of his own ideas a rating of 3/10 LOL.... U ARE AN IDIOT!

Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:03 pm
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