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 Skills that seem like they should be readjusted 
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I am starting this thread hoping that people will discuss how some skills should be changed. I'll start with the leech ability for the warlock

(each point is worth)
5% of next 3 spells damage is returned as health.

Max points 5
Requires level 10
3 minute cooldown

The 3 minute cooldown is rough unless there's actually a decent supply of spells that return to health. Maybe if the cooldown was 45 seconds, this skill could be more handy, or if the supply was something like 15 spells.

Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:31 am

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Seems a lack luster skill, but ive not played much warlock. Can you combo the 3 spells being DOT's (damage over time) spells to maximise the leeched HP gained. So poison cloud 1 spell, single target poison the next, and then 1 spell left to play with maybe used on a tabes, that applies a poison too?

I think there should be a more unique passive for every class. Warlocks could be Leeching, make it expensive like 2 skill points to gain 1% passive hp steal, max at 5% steal at a 10 skill point cost.

Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:32 am

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You asked about if it leeches DOT spells. I don't know but it could be tested.

Warlocks have a really awesome boost that lasts 5 minutes and only takes 1 minute to cooldown. It adds 20% damage to DOT spells.

The leech skill almost seems useless unless it could somehow save your life by healing a sizable amount of health and/or magic points. 3 spells is maybe 2 seconds on my witch character. 3 rot flesh or maybe 2 rot flesh and 1 poison cloud, could have a moonbeam or more in there instead. It doesn't really matter because they all take roughly the same amount of time and it goes by fast. Also losing an entire health bar worth of health against the monsters goes by in a matter of seconds.

Leech hp is offered as a built-in for armor and it seems like the steals available from just that are pretty good. My heals are weak because I'm not a cleric or a druid and spells cost more mp every level (regardless of their function). Even the trans spell that does a short distance teleport costs more mp each level for whatever reason. Maximus potions are so expensive so any bit helps. Adding leech MP could help make it worthwhile. Even if the skill was changed to a short term boost to leech mp by 3% it would make the skill worthwhile.

The skill would be pretty useless in PVP unless somehow it gave a big enough hp steal to make up for some of the damage received. Even if he changed the functionality of the skill, I think it'd need to be ~6 second boost of 10% to hp steal to have really any noticeable effect in PVP.

Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:59 pm

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The duration gets increased as well as the amount healed per second.
So level 1 would be 1 HP, level 2 - 2 HP etc.
If the duration is working correctly then the amount of health should also be working correctly. remember its the total amount you get within one whole second, not each tick it gives you health

Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:11 am
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