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Ok so I am looking for some help from the Vet's on this. I have leveled a few characters up now (Warlock 47, Warrior 46, Pally 42, Druid 36) and now really enjoying them too much. So I made a ranger and had some questions since it seems to be more painful to level the ranger so far than anything else.

1. Do any props increase the damage of Multi shot and if so which ones?

2. I know the Super Mystic Bow is the first bow to give fragor and it’s a game changer, but wow does multi shot feel weak with maxed bow skills for my level. Is the logic on this simply, eh later you get an amazing thing, just work for. If so it’s fairly off putting for a first time character.

3. This probably is not a thing, but does wearing a higher damage arrow affect Multi Shot damage in your equipment spot?

4. Long bow level 1, Elven Bow level 1, Fire Bow level 7, Lightning bow 16, super mystic bow 23. Am I missing one? It seems to be some large gaps between bows. Compared to how damage works vs other classes. Other melee have a lot more options and as a caster your level makes a bigger difference in your damage (ex: the super fire staff from DS by the trolls can be 7p’Ed and works great because of extra mp regen on it) a good staff with AMD and fire/show or Ice/spirit

5. Props confuse me on bows. I can get +shot speed (x3) fire, acid, ice, lethal 2 %( x2?) Hp steal (x2) and Explosive arrows. I bring this up to make sure I am getting this right in time if I want to pvp and pve I need to have 2 of the same bows (assuming end game) with 3-4 different properties? If so what ones do I want for PVP and PVE

6. Where do I level from 16-23, I ask this because at Elements melee and mages my level kill it way fast and just kill the ones I’m hitting, and same at ogres by east.

Now I only just 2-4 hours in a week and understand it will take me a long time to push up just want to kind of min/max what I am doing when I am on. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:02 pm

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Rangers are a little difficult until late levels then really fast. Really depends on gear.

Look for maximum AMP, HP, and AC.

Rings like VVs do not work for ranger bow shot speed.

Multishot damage is based on props like acid damage and explode on the bow. The only other thing increasing that damage is level.

Single shot (just shooting at a single target) damage is increased by the same props above and by the shot damage prop. Arrow types also increase this damage. Nex arrows being the best.

Literally the only other thing increasing either damage is your skills and damage from gloves (see imexic gloves).

Bow shooting speed is only based on the +1,2,3 to shooting on the bow. And built in props of course. Only other thing increasing the speed is the stat Agility.

While rangers can be end-game without expensive rings, you cannot be end game without a perfect propped end-game bow.

Would I recommend leveling a Ranger? Nope.

Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:19 pm
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