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Hello, I would like to start this off by stating I have been thoroughly enjoying x2 I think it’s insanely underrated by the current xen popular and want to say congratulations and thank you to EJ. I wanted to post a list of a few things I’ve noticed that could be improved or may be bugs. Let me preface it a little I am a lvl 13 warrior.

1. By far the biggest bug/issue I have been running into is randomly doing 0 damage to mobs for extended periods of time, I experience this in the t1 graveyard dungeon in the middle section the most. I will be attacking the mobs and out of nowhere I’ll stop doing damage yet they do not and kill me, I’ve tested this just in case it was me running into a super mob but I spent 5 minutes hitting the same skeleton and it did not die.

2. Second issue or bug would be when targeting a mob and attempting to swing on them, randomly throughout the fighting my character as well as the mob will stop swinging and we just stare at each other, this is somewhat fixed when I re click the monster. I don’t know if it’s the game representing missed swings? Since I noticed that the animation for blocks/weapon on weapon blocks don’t seem to exist on xen2.

3. Damage for spin needs a boost, melee classes are at a severe disadvantage right now, our damage is based on our weapon, weapons are not very available, a mage class damage is increased every level with their spell becoming more powerful. Maybe if every melee was gifted the exact perfect weapon for every level (obviously unrealistic) they could compete in damage at these levels. But at this time I am taking 6 spins to kill mobs that a mage of my same level would take two multis to kill. I understand the hesitancy of doing this because in the future a perfect feared melee may not need the boost in spin damage to hunt but it is GROSSLY unbalanced right now. There is simply no incentive to play any melee class, I like a challenge, I like scavenging and am completely okay with not having optimal weapons for each level due to the lack of gear. I want to feel like the fight is fair, and seeing the substantial damage difference between a mages multi and a melees spin right now is demotivating.

4. Propped gear for lower levels, you did an update not too long ago to Xenimus 1 where you increased the chances of low level characters finding propped decent gear in wooden chests even after they got their level 5 level 10 pulls. Please do this on xen2, that was such a great idea and helps tremendously.

Overall I’m loving the game, it’s just a matter of time before xen2 becomes just as polished as xen1 and I think the potential is massive for a super entertaining game. Thanks all!

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