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 What did we learn from the pvp server? 
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So initially the pvp server brought back lot of players who anticipated and old school xenimus feel. However, as we all know the server failed. It failed for a number of reasons but has the game learnt?

PVP doesent work before level 70: as each level means so much a level 22 could 2 hit a level 21. This meant that there was no actual pvp, just pking. When levels were matched the pvp speed was slow and also didnt work.

From what I know zero changes have been made to the above?

Tiered gear meant there was no economy before level 65. Even with lots of players as you progress relatively quickly to the next level nobody wants to invest time or gold trading for gear. Previously as you could wear end game gear at 34 from then on you could be involved in trading. No more. Also gear tiers further exaggerated the difference in levels making pvp impossible. Being one level and 1 gear tier up meant you could demolish someone 1 level lower.

Any of the above fixed? I believe not.

Certain classes had huge advantages. Not sure if this has been addressed.

There was a real demand for an old school feel hence all the initial people who came back. The above just made it a poor experience. Capping levels put off some players but with the gulf in powers explained above without the cap only a few players who could level quicker would have enjoyed it anyway.

Without fixing the above I really dont see the point of still having level 1-69? Its like a penalty or fee you have to pay before being able to access the semi functional parts of the game. Its a big barrier to entry to returning or "new players".

Sun Jan 12, 2020 1:22 pm

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dude goldmine/heimdrall, you been deleted over 10-15times for repeating the same crap 24/7 and bashing the game and xen saying its broken.

You can pvp before 70. Get on a level 55 in lava hds and find out.

It failed cuz no one wants full grief pk.

People want Pvp that is not 24/7 someone in higher gear nolifing 24/7 instantly killing lower levels in less gear.

Pking without penalty (not losing jeloc and no real danger to being a pker/griefer) is not what people wanted.

Level 1-69 is how to level to 70 and learn the game get your skills, learn your class and get lower end gear to help you do raids at 65+.

If you dont like it, then dont level up any more newbies and play YOU HAVE and stop crying.

Being level 34 wearing VOS VOS rings was dumb and best thing he did to make xen better. No reason a NEWBIE should wear high end gear.

Sun Jan 12, 2020 1:33 pm

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Being level 34 wearing VOS VOS rings was dumb and best thing he did to make xen better. No reason a NEWBIE should wear high end gear.[/quote]

but it did make the game fun. You and i used to have a lot of fun pvping (or at least I did) when you were level 60 and I was 50 on a barbarian and even back on X3 when you were 50 and I was level 40 using a frag mace. Basically you had spent more time levelling (although mages levelled a lot faster at the time at least) where as I had spent my time trading and had better gear. There was nothing wrong that my gear proved more effective than your 10 levels. It added variety. You could win through levels, gear, how you built your character and skill. Now (excluding class imbalance) its only 1) level and then 2) gear.

Rather than just crying about a post whey not respond. In the equip level post I listed multiple benefits removing it would have (nobody including you has disagreed with any of these) and nobody has come up with reasons not to remove them. I might not be right but if so then at least have a reason why not (other than you didnt like it when someone with more gear killed you when you were a higher level)

Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:09 pm

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Stop making the same freaking posts Over and over. We are past rhat already.

Making the same type of posts in different names is not allowed. Get over this already.

Locked. Any further threads of this crap are just gonna be deleted.

PS: if you have any problem with that. Message me or email Ej. Thanks.

ejthayer wrote:
I am the only one that deletes posts.

If people are going to be dicks I will delete the post.

Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:11 pm
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