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 Xen 2.0 Ranger Finally out of the weeds! 
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So, in my attempts to try out a variety of classes and offer feedback, as well as try something new that I never did back in Xen1 I made my ranger. Many of you have heard me moan and groan about how painful that experience has been, and while I do not suggest you doing it I finally reached what appears to be a reasonable state.

Lvl 28 was a Massive hurdle, and once I achieved it and Propped a NDNT Mystic bow to have Explosive leveling became near equivalent to my mages (warlock and cleric) experience. I'm now lvl 30 and earning around 1.2M/Hr with abit of a frantic pace.

Here is a bit of a "Guide" to my experience as a Ranger.

First off, I don’t claim to be an expert. This is based on my experience of getting from lvl 1-30 on my ranger. I never played a ranger on X1 a decade ago so you have been warned lol. I will try to highlight general lvl 1-30 tips as I can.

Tip #1: You may want to make a mage class first since rangers are highly gear and potion dependent (if you want to use multi) and there are a few items that will be very helpful when you get to those lvls, and mages can boss-snipe earlier to get some of these stockpiled. Potions and consumables go quickly when you’re hopping back and forth to hunt, and u generally only break even on portals (at best) on a melee so having a mage give you a stack will help. Having rings waiting for you at a few levels is also important.

Key Properties for items:
BASE MP: This is huge if you want to be able to use Multi, but you don’t get multi to lvl 8.
Magic Power Regen: You will quickly empty your Magic Power with 1-2 multi and will need good regen to fill it quick enough for a couple more or an att run.

Multi Shot: This ability is very poor early on, and really only becomes useful at the end of each hunting zone’s quest lvls. I invested all my points into the bow skills and up until lvl 24 generally was more successful with a 0 skill point 1 handed weapon+shield killing things 1 at a time invis. By lvl 24 the skill becomes more effective (Attleast with all skills in bows) vs 1 handed (with 0 skills) And your xp/hr begins to rival mage classes, but still lower.

TIP: When hunting with Multi Shot use the “FPV” camera so you can move with the WASD keys. This method of locomotion does not suffer from the delay of click movement after multi and allows a much better kiting experience. (10% move boots help a lot too)

Stats: Sadly I’m not very knowledgeable here. My stats at lvl 30 with some shrines are 26/40/20/11/10. I can’t advise if this is good or bad, but I got to 30 eventually. I have always been very squishy so maybe 25cons would have been a better spot.

Battle Moves: When hunting things melee 1 at a time be sure to use a battle move before u click them. You’d be surprised how much help one move can be.

Leveling: (You could also use a mage to skeleton collect rogue supplies to drop for your new character) +1500exp each

1 to 8

Juniper Potions Quest
Imp Slayer Title Quest
Harsad Item Delivery
Repeatable Tasks: Bug Quest, Imp Quest, Troll quest

The harsad delivery quest is of particular interest because it gives a set selection of items. Of which you will use a few for the next lvls.
Magic Elvin Leather: 5 prop (2hp,2mp,2ref)
Magic Mace: 5 prop
Fire Mace: 5 Prop

Level 8 to 16

Kill Sath
Repeatable Tasks: Skeletons and Elementals

Key Items: Ring of Tueris(12), Salubris rings(15), Potions - Reds, VBs, Magic Power regen

Multi-Shot! Yay..? After Trolls the Skeletons can be abit tough to begin with, but by the time you get towards the end of the quest availability you can use your multi to some level of success. While a cleric can begin elementals at 12 and be pretty good at it you will struggle for awhile. I spent quite abit of time at the barb fort near T2 as well since you could run in circles without snagging too often.

Level 17 - to 23
Repeatable Tasks: Elementals

Hunting grounds: Elementals, Barb Camp T2

Key Items: Accuracy Cloak (17), Salutaris Rings(20), Animus rings(23), Potions - Reds, VBs, Magic Power regen

This is where you can get a cloak of accuracy, and after acquiring this I noticed my arrows hitting the target alot more often which made multi hunting abit better, but still the 1 hander/shield were better with red potions and VB scrolls. If you can get a higher level to help you take down ROG, or Malath? A few times you can get some (Found Item) weapons and armor to line you out for the next few levels. You could carry a staff with MP for buffing rather than a bow since you’re still going to be invisible single target hunting until around lvl 23.

Lightning Bow is available at lvl 21, but i didn’t find one until late in lvl 23. Since I had been using the Fire bow since lvl 14 I was hoping for a world of difference, but sadly it didn't amount to much. If you want to multi you will need at least 2 base MP properties as well as some regen to keep it going.

Level 24-27

Hunting grounds: Giant Spiders near T2, Mages, East Dungeon, Orcs

Key items: Animus Ring(23), Base MP Helm, Potions - Reds, VBs, Magic Power regen

Level 24 and 25 is when my multi finally seemed to outclass single target killing for leveling. I was still worlds slower exp/hr than my warlock and cleric, but it was more tolerable. I’m not sure if all of my points into Bows was worth it, but without skill reset/testing I just don't know. I use 2 animus rings as well as bhase mp helm so i can multi-shot multiple times without stopping, but it does severely limit your survivability.

Level 28+

Hunting grounds: Giant Spiders (and cave) near T2, Mages, East Dungeon, Orcs

Keep any mystic bows you may find and stash them for propping. Explosive arrow will be a MUST, and unless you have a lot of propping supplies to go for 7 prop you will need multiple bows to attempt propping 1-3 for Explosive.

Once you have Explosive Leveling with Multi is MUCH different. A pair of boots with 10% Movement is also a Major help with multi-hunting.

Herding your monster train into a wad is much more effective now since instead of the arrows all impacting 1 monster and stopping the explosions will weaken and kill any mobs within the radius. You’re still pretty squishy, but being quick on spirit run and move speed boots will keep you safe once you figure out a pattern.

Best of luck!


Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:56 pm
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Congrats on hitting 28 on your ranger!

Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:33 pm
good post. Will this be the same experience on new server with a ranger or does x2 function differently?

Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:45 am

Joined: Wed May 16, 2018 9:15 pm
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x2 to the best of my knowledge is different for ranger. Level reqs on bows is much higher (14 for fire, 21 for light, and 28 for mystic) vs xen 1 (12 Light, 18 Myst) But I've not played xen1 for a very long time so I'm not sure.

Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:27 pm
curious if the are significant differences other than graphics? Would be like EJ working on almost two completely different games?

Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:29 pm

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Heimdallr wrote:
curious if the are significant differences other than graphics? Would be like EJ working on almost two completely different games?

From what I understand, updates to the game that are easily translated to both games will continue to be applied bilaterally. EJ wrote X2 to permit some significant changes in gameplay that won't be applied to X1, including new interserver relations, increased ease of map building, changes to the quest system, etc.

Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:34 pm
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