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 Xenimus 2 Theories 
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Alright, starting with a little digression even though I know it makes for a weak post.

Since I don't get much down time between work and working on my ASN degree X2 has sort of become my steam vent lately. I've been thinking about game design since EJ appears to be trying to be little more cohesive and quest oriented in creating a direction for player experience. I've always wanted to create a game or even do programming but I've never gained a knack for it. I love to write and read and be a nurse. I'll spend an afternoon or a week playing with a cool new open source technology but that's nothing compared to the amount of time I'll spend keeping up on debates about wound care, culture change, and patient advocacy.

That said, I have it on good authority that EJ is considering putting up the content creator again after then next update and I'd love to work with it and it has got me thinking about 'What is EJ's vision.' I used to poke and prod trying to find any type of lore to the game and that habit hasn't died. I remember theorizing that Almus shrine was on the location of a major NPC's home because of the direction in which they left to head to Terthius (Jeloc I think.) This was apparently something EJ hadn't considered, and it was taken down after someone asked about the theory on my behalf during one of the live Q&As.

Here are my thoughts on the current content.

1)I get the impression EJ has made it pretty clear he expects players to progress through the towns. T1 having plenty of resources and quests on hand to progress from lvl 1 to the low 20's indicates that he expects this to be the prime area for the first 20 levels of player experience. Quests dry up after lvl 22, but the location of leveling areas appropriate after that level appears centralized on T2, indicating that quests sending players to skeleton warriors, east, orcs, warrior, etc may be in the making. Maybe even some transition quests for the late teen to early 20 levels incorporating orc mages and barbarians. T3 is completely devoid of surrounding content, but I wouldn't be surprised to see lvl 30-40 appropriate content come out in this next update or the one after.

2)Corsix shares lore on the vis gladius which I feel was likely tied to Jeloc's rise to nigh-divinity and may have been his weapon. I hope that more hints and world building around the legend of Jeloc occurs. I would like to see quests and areas built around more motive and story of the NPCs. Why is a mage in fortified in the T1 GY waylaying a traveller on the road for her ring and is he necromancer responsible for the rise of the undead in T1 or is he just taking advantage of the crypt as a hide-out? I got the impression from some of the Queen NPC's text in X1 that the King rose to power after great wars at Jeloc's side, where are these great battlegrounds and how did that effect the country side. Are pix animus the result of powerful magic gone awry and their dens the locations of magical warfare, or intentional constructs of sorcerers, magical servants or warrior, or a natural creature of magic with it's own motivations. And so on.

3) EJ hasn't included T4 and onward which I suspect goes into his intend to completely revamp the game. I wonder if he plans to have more than 3 cities per side at all in the core content given that he expressed in a post his desire expand content in a sort of multi-server experience. (possibly with themes like, 'quests, quests, and more quests')

4)I've always wondered 'who built the portals, who built the shrines, do they predate the cities, are they supposed to be ancient?' I wonder if it would be viable to tie some lore about the shrines (and there after hints to their locations and how to access them) to lore about Orseth, who if I remember correctly was an ancient day mage who created his own servant/people with ancient and lost magic. I thought this would be an excellent means to carry lore about ancient parts of the world that predate the Jeloc/Velanthra wars which aren't necessarily part of the core storyline.

5) I think it is neat that Corsix has his own tower. I know it isn't horribly fancy but it's in a sort of place of honor where EJ had the chapel where some players 'got married' in X1. Also Corsix is a major important NPC as far as Xenimus goes. I feel like a mages tower should have a name, even if it's not official, so here are my submissions for community consideration:
-Corsix Tower (the obvious and easy)
-The Solar Phrontistery (because of his sun staff)
-The Terthius Tower (Also easy, he is the only mage in Terthius meriting his own tower)

That is it for my mental diarrhea here, just getting this stuff out there because maybe some conversation will give me some ideas worth submitting as potential content if EJ puts the program up again.

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:08 pm

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Good post that brings up good points. When I was working with Ej(before I left to army) we were talking often about what the direction should go in terms of progression.

And that was the goal kinda. Go town to town and progress. 2.0 has a lot of potential to add so much cool sh*t it isn’t even funny.
To think I can adjust and add and resize almost anything into anyway I want is amazing. I don’t have to put things in set spots.

There were areas that he already had made that I wanted to connect to. I didn’t get to learn to much of the script stuff before I left because I was just focused on pumping areas into the game. It would take me about 15-30 mins to create a pretty good area. I don’t know if you’ve seen them but the orc area and the massive fire imp castle was made by me.

When I get back home I’m going to talk to ej again about developing some new areas (for 2.0 and 1.0 ) and seeing what can be done about quests. Because advancing in gear should be done quest wise in my opinion while leveling should be kill tasks and random exp bonuses.

There’s a difference between a task and a quest. And those should be through out the game. Hopefully I’ll be back by the 25th. I haven’t got my orders yet.

Guess you just got Unlucky..

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:48 pm

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Xen101 wrote:
Hopefully I’ll be back by the 25th. I haven’t got my orders yet.

That's great I can't wait!

Unfortunately I've only hit lvl 23 and thought I'd hit most of the content or been killed by it, so I'm excited to learn there is so much more out there.

I'm glad you are coming back. If I'm able to contribute content a lot of it won't be a lot of adventuring content. Most of my ideas have been flavor content, and filling out existing areas.

Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:01 pm

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I need to get the most updated map maker so I can work on that one. I’ll probanly end up posting if I’m developing any maps.

Haven’t talk to him since I left.

Guess you just got Unlucky..

Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:31 pm

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He told me via email that he is adding features to the content creator right now and it definitely won't be up for download until after this next update.

Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:44 am

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Yea, I'd be abit curious to work or tinker around in the creation kit. I doubt that I'd have the dedication to do a whole lot though. Would love to see more of the game's lore and history fleshed out in game. Years ago I recall posts from EJ talking about the lore, but I dunno if those are still around somewhere or not.

Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:35 pm
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