Great Quest - info and wealth calculation details
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Author:  ejthayer [ Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Great Quest - info and wealth calculation details

If you can't do the new quest and think that your character should be able to then you might try just using quitquest. In some cases there was junk data left in the variables for that quest. Quitquest will check for that and clean it out if needed.

If you still can't do it then your char had/has too much gear to qualify.

***** Wealth calculations *****
Obviously this quest has become important to many people so I figured it was a good idea to give a better explanation of how the wealth calculation works. I also updated the quest so it talks about this more.

First, these are item levels, NOT equip levels.

Stackable items do not count.

Wealth is calculated per character, NOT account.

The initial wealth calc is a sum of the level of items you owned that are level 90+. So if you have level 90, 100, and 110 items your total wealth is going to be 300.

If you get an item from the new quest that you cannot equip or you already have you can sell it right away and it will not count against you.

If you get an item that you can equip and you don't already have one then it will instantly add 25% of the items level to your wealth value. So if you still don't want it you better be very sure about selling it. If you were to sell a level 100 item 4 times then your wealth has increased by 100, but you have gained nothing and the wealth increase of 100 will now cause you to not be able to gain an item.

Once you pass up a wealth value of 400 the quest will not work for you anymore.

Raid gear would get added to your wealth at the nightly reset, but not when you get it like the quest does.

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