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 How to better manage your Private Messages 
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Hey Everyone,

So there have been in the past some complaints about rude PMs sent to folks, and I just wanted to highlight some ways that you can help manage your Inbox with little effort that will greatly increase your overall forum experience. Again, I am no master, these are just some things I found out by looking around, so if you find any others that seem cool, or if you have any questions, send me a PM and let me know.

First up, the basics:
Here are a few settings that are found under Board Preferences in the User Control Panel that allow some general tweaking of the PM system. I would definitely suggest going through these and making sure they are to your liking.
  • Users can contact me by e-mail
  • Administrators can e-mail me information
  • Allow users to send you private messages
    Note that administrators and moderators will always be able to send you messages
  • Notify me on new private messages
  • Pop up window on new private message

Alrighty, now lets go into the settings of the Private Messages themselves:
In the User Control Panel, on the left sidebar, click on "Private Messages". This will take you to your Inbox, which is the default first screen for this area, but will also open a navigational sub-menu underneath where you just clicked on "Private Messages" on the left. We will be focusing on the last option on that sub menu, "Rules, Folders & Settings", so go ahead and open that up.
This page is divided into 3(4) sections, "Add a Rule" ("Defined Rules"), "Add Folder", and "Folder Options", which we will go into a small bit of detail about below.
  • Add a Rule and Defined Rules: This is where you can create a sort of filter for Private Messages. Suppose some jerk user named Ej keeps sending you annoying PMs about how much he loves cheese. You can use this section to create a rule that automatically deletes any PMs he sends you. You can also do other things like redirecting what Folder it appears in, or marking it as read automatically. In addition, you can filter these messages by Sender, Subject, Message Status, or Recipients. Once you create rules, they will show up below as "Defined Rules", and have the option to delete them over to the right.
  • Add Folder: This one is pretty self explanatory. It just allows you to create other folders that you can use for Rules or just for manual organization.
  • Folder Options: TBH, I havent messed too much with this, but I believe this just lets you set what happens per folder if you get too many PMs sent to one.

Hoped that helped, and remember, let me know if you have questions or any other tips.

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