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 Sakura's Warlock/Witch Guide - 
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Light - Human
10 -str
10 -agl
18 - con
19 - int
18 - wisdom

First 12 levels without shrines

At level 12 with shrines at HG

at 36 with jeloc

with jeloc

from here on out intelligence

do do same thing with a the minion race if you choice dark but instead you start out like 10-10-17-20-18

Skill order - in this order
Shadow Devotion - 5
Fire Devotion - 5
Shadow Power - Max
Shadow Aura - Max
Flame Aura - Max

Spirit - Max this cause your gonna take huge hit taken both devotions 10+ points
Energy - 5 on energy
Ice - 5 on ice

- Resist mastery (max)

after you get these rest on you

good Items -
Fire Staff - is great weapon for you enchanced fire magic is great to have
Acid/Bone Staff - Great
Runic Staffs are good
Lucium Animus Staff - Great
Duel Steal Claws or spectre mace with enchance shadow power

anything that enchances fire or shadow power is good call i have 52% shadow damage on my warlock

Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:01 am

Joined: Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:22 pm
Posts: 60
Hunting Path -=

Bug Quest - level 5
Newbie dungeon next to town 1- ask for contra visus, buy some battle scrolls and green or blue pearls
when in noobie dungeon ignore all imps head direct to boss imp located at the end. poison and kill heal yourself if you kill him gain 2 levels at lvl1
then do the same with rogue boss if you can kill him get lvl4

(use battle scrolls when ever you can)

Levels 5-8 - Imp quests
Newbie dungeon to rogue - make sure you save all your scrolls per trip
also you can collect wooden chest give 800 exp each and if kill all imp leaders you gain 2500 and gain title imp slayer

8-10 - Troll Quest
- inside troll cave there is small mini boss drops bind on pick up fire staff with props. my suggestion is keep killing him for fire staff that has all magic damage and shadow and fire damage if this good chance when you prop it you get 10% all magic damage staff this give you huge bonus to your flamma ventus and your flamma pets watch you use later
at this point you should be able to do full new dungeon watch is in small cave <-

10-15 ( Skeleton Quest) -
Killing Skeletons give you items and experence also gives quest good idea set mark1 in town 1 and port to at skeletons
you can also kill rogue leaders - for iron chest 1500 each
if you kill last boss in end of skeleton dungeon has dragon claw - it also give you exp part of quest chain (important you do this quest chain)

do this until level 15

starting from 15-25
You do Quests back to back
Oresath Orcs Quest - kill orcs 100 for 4 gold
Monos - Kill monos for proping supplies
Elementals T1 (you need white potions) each time you do this quest you have high chance of getting it

(at this point make sure you get enough gold to buy 2 vis meduri rings with All Magic Resist)
and kill mystic mummy for 2 ankes prop the rings if you can so they never drop hidden props you might get a ring with leeching) these probably cost you 3 p each
(also get a vis animus rings 7 props for completeing quest chain watch is also doesn't drop)

Demon Isle (Demons)
Monos (aa
Warlock quest 6 gold each

Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:43 pm
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