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 Xenimus 2.0 Quests, chests and map locations 
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List of all Quests and places around Town 1

To get quests talk to guards in town

1)Bug task/ Bugs are located to right of town 1 quest rewards are 250 exp and assorted potions, weapons and armor.

2)Imp task /Imps are located around the town 2 camps are above and 3 camps are located to the left of town quest rewards are exp, assorted potions, weapons and armor

3)Imp leaders /There are 5 imp leaders you need to kill 4 of them Bob does not count talk to merchant in t1 when you have killed them all quest reward is 2,500 exp

4)Imp leaders /Drop supplies boxes turn them into merchant in t1 for 800 exp reward per box.

5)Troll task/There are 2 camps located south of town and 1 higher level camp located to far right of town quest rewards 1,200 exp assorted potions, weapons and armor

6) Giant Spiders located south of graveyard quest rewards 2,000 experience assorted weapons, armor and rings

7) Skeleton task/Skeletons are located south of town 1 in graveyard outside Skeletons are easier then the Skeletons in the crypt quest rewards are 2,500 exp assorted weapons,armor and supplies.

8)Cave to the left of town has 2 floors first floor has imps and imp leader worth 800 experience he aslo gives assorted weapons and armor.Second floor has rouge's​ and rouge leader worth 1,200 experience assorted weapons and armor he aslo drops a mace that can give hp/mp steals next to rouge leader is switch to drop a wall that has witch's and witch leader they are bugged and 1 hit kill everyone.

9) Graveyard Crypt has 2 floors first floor has Skeletons and few giant bugs that poison you second floor has Skeletons, giant bugs and few mummy's aslo home of jorn.

10) Jorn second level of the Crypt kill her using Skeletons to block her from attacking you she gives blood weapons and a ring take ring follow path leaving town 1 going south along way you will see 2 npc on left side of path turn quest in there experience reward 15,000 experience.

11)Troll King located in large troll camp to far right of town use a Skeletons to block him from hitting you he drops assorted potions,skull and dragon claw take head and dragon claw to town 2 following the path south of town turn into merchant experience reward 15,000 experience and she will 6 prop dragon claw.

12)Elemental task/Elementals are located south east of town quest rewards 8,000 exp assorted potions, weapons and armor.

13) Barbarian Leader/located in barbarian camp south of town 1 allmost to the river road forks to right follow that to camp use Skeletons to block him from hitting you he drop 2 handed sword with assorted props and his head take head to town 2 experience reward 3,000 exp

14) Barbarian camp/ there is no quest for them but they give ok experience and drop assorted weapons and armor aslo they give vbs and battle scrolls

Tip for player's Jorn,Troll King and Barbarian Leader have to be done in certain order or you will not get the rewards I'll let you figure out the order good luck questing.

Aslo if any other player has corrections on quests plz post below as well if there are any Quest's I missed

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Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:40 pm

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Town 2 quests

Town 2 is located south of town

Ogre task/ not yet added

Fire imps/ not yet added

Will update when task are added

Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:42 pm

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1)Bug task location 350,2238

2)First Imp camp location 348,2266 this is location of woot Imp leaders as well

3) Second Imp camp location 324,2268 this is location of Sneek Imp leader as well

4)Third Imp camp location 292,2244 this is location of Freebie Imp leaders as well

5)Forth Imp camp location 300,2215 this is the location of Bob Imp leader he is not included in Imp leader quest but does drop chests worth 800 exp

6)Last Imp camp location 315,2212 this is location of Lar Imp leader as well

7)First Troll camp location 323,2189

8) Second Troll camp location 294,2166

9)Last Troll camp location 459,2243 this camp is home of Troll King location 500,2259

10)Town 1 cave location 282,2211

11) Skelton Graveyard location 339,2167

12) Entrance to Jorns Crypt location 332,2150 Jorn location 522,2971

13)First Rouge leader camp location 410,2164

14) Second Rouge leader camp location 382,2116

15) Last Rouge leader camp location 362,2106

16) Elementals location 420,2185

17) Barbarian camp location 453,2131 Barbarian Lord is located in this camp his location 485,2152

18)Giant Spiders location 333,2124

Plz let me know if I missed any locations or submit any I missed below

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Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:13 pm

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Newbie dungeon That has XP reward does it not?

Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:54 pm

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Yes but witch's​ where broken I'm not sure if they still are

Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:11 am

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There are 4 wooden chests located at imp leaders location I used these for lv 5 pull and have aslo pulled ndnt armor and weapons out if these at lv 20,21,22,23,24.

Locked chests are located at Jorn just above him and troll king just above him I got my lv 10,15,20 pull from these chests as well as many ndnt pulls

Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:39 pm
Witches aren't broken. There's a chest there. There's a couple bosses that give XP. To kill witches, you have a few options.

FPV mode, kill from afar. Have skeletons or fireballs for a buffer.

2.) Level 15+
Skeleton army, trans while invis, multi, & hope for the best. Once in a blue moon you'll die to a flame wind before you can kill the targets.

3.) Purely Skeletons from afar.

Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:49 pm

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Right there supposed to 1 hit everyone including lv 26 there definitely not broken not at all

Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:16 pm
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