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Author:  Bert [ Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum Wiki [work in progress]

Alrighty guys, so I am going to be setting this up as a sort of Table of Contents for the Quests, Classes, & Game Help subforum and I need your help!

Due to the recent mishaps, we lost a lot of good information, and I would love to get it back, and more organized than ever. The way I will do this is by keeping this post as a Sticky, and having it formatted like a Table of Contents.

The two possible ways I could do this are to set up a few posts as "Announcements" which will stay at the top like this post is currently. These posts would be organized, for instance having a separate post for Classes, Items, Leveling/Monsters, Misc. Within each of those posts I would have the top post edited to basically be a glorified list of links to other threads in this forum. The second way would be to just have one stickied post and reserve the first few replies in that post and use each reply to organize as listed above.

I like the Announcements myself, however it could get a bit much and I would want 5 or less different categories within it.

Also, I'd like to come up with an opinion vs verified format as well. For this I think 2 people confirming someones post should be enough, same thing with saying something verified is incorrect, needs 2 confirmations to unverify.

Any other suggestions regarding this?

Some topics that I'd like to request ASAP are Classes, builds, spells and level you get them, and skills.

Discussion on formatting:
BaraKing wrote:
I think the best thing to do would have a locked post that only Moderators can add to. Use the very first post as a "Table of Contents" with links to individual posts within that thread and maybe links to other threads with player guides. That way you can keep it as a single Announcement post without creating too much clutter and place all the needed links in one place.

Ultimedragon wrote:
I disagree for the following reasons:

1. Keeping a table of content suggests that someone (most like the mods) will have to keep checking a whole bunch of linked post up to date in different places.

2. As opposed to adding all our info in here and then the mods editting the top of the first sticky post, so all the up-to-date information is readily available when first entering a post. Have one place with all the information instead of 5-8 or more links to posts elsewhere that also need to be kept up to date.

To me this seems a better way to organized this thread.

BaraKing wrote:
Maybe I explained that badly.

A Moderator can create an Announcement Topic that only Moderators can add to. The first post of the thread is just a "Table of Contents" with links to posts within that thread. Each other post within that thread contains information on various aspects of the game. So if you click the a link called "Character Creation" it takes you to the post inside that thread with all of the information about Character Creation. The reason for having a "Table of Contents" is because the post could possibly become very long and it could be very hard to find the information you need.

Some things like character builds should not be in that thread though but could still be linked to.

Ultimedragon wrote:
Oh ok I understand. So basically, it would be a mix of our both. each sub-topic would have their own post and those post will be listed in an announcement as links. Gotcha. This will actually be even more organized. I like it!

Table of Contents:

P.S. anyone know how to make a link show as normal text on the boards? As in <a href="URL_Here">Text_Here</a>.

Author:  Ultimedragon [ Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Propping & Props

Alright, so I'm gonna post something about propping because I read that one often and could restart it. Then the person who originally started it could add to it when he see i made a mistake or to add more info as needed. Feel free to delete this and just keep the useful info as well. The props below are the ones I have seen at Cons merchant, so if you know of other props, add them.

There are two (main) ways to prop items level 50 or below:

To add 1 to 3 props, the easiest way is:

- 3 stacks of each (1 stack per prop): 255 opals / 255 emeralds + gold (to know the amount of gold required, BEFORE dropping the items used for propping, type in -imbue [ITEM TYPE]. It will says "1 Gold Required" or more or nothing at all sometimes. I suggest dropping a bit more gold just to be safe. I always add 5 gold extra, even if it's not required to drop gold. but if it required 25 gold, maybe put 7-10 extra gold. Again, just a suggestion)

To add 4 to 8 props, the ways I know are:

- Use 15 LucrAnimus ring / 15 ANImus ring + gold (same way as mentioned above for gold)

- Use 7 LA ring / 7 ANI ring / 7 Black Pearls + gold (same way as mentioned above for gold)

There's a difference between item below and above level 50 but I don't remember what it is.

The possible props you'll get are the following ones:


- Night Vision
- 1 / 2 regen HP
- 1 / 2 regen MP
- 6% / 12% HP base
- 6% / 12% MP base
- 5% / 10% armor (i believe it’s the armour of the item itself)
- 2% / 4% resist magic


- 2% / 4% to hit
- 5% / 10% rage
- 5% / 10% attack speed
- 5% / 10% ferocious attack
- 5% / 10% lethal attack
- 3% / 6% armor (only of the glove)
- 1% cast speed


- 1 / 2 regen HP
- 1 / 2 regen MP
- 2% / 4% reflect damage
- 5% / 10% armor (only of the armor)
- 1% / 2% maximus chance
- 5% base HP & MP
- 2% / 4% resist magic


Melee classes (both 1 handed and 2 handed weapons):

- 3% / 6% to hit
- 5% / 10% damage
- 5% / 10% attack speed
- 5% / 10% ferocious hit
- 4% lethal attack
- steal 5% HP
- steal 5% MP
- 3% dispel
- 10% stupify enemy

Mage Classes (both 1 handed and 2 handed weapons):

- 1 / 2 regen MP
- 5% fire & shadow
- 5% ice & spirit
- 5% / 10% all magic damage
- 6% / 12% base HP
- 6% / 12% base MP
- 2% cast speed
- 7% energy
- 3% all magic resist


- 1 / 2 / 3 faster shooting
- 5% ice damage
- 5% fire damage
- 5% acid damage
- exploding arrows
- 5% / 10% shot damage
- 2% / 4% steal HP
- 2% / 4% lethal shot


- 2% / 4% reflect damage
- 3% / 6% armor (only of the shield)
- 4% / 8% defense
- 2% / 4% resist magic
- 20% / 40% resist stupidy
- 20% / 40% resist dispell
- 10 armor spell bonus


- 1% / 2% cast & attack speed
- 3% / 6% bonus HP
- 3% / 6% bonus MP
- 2% / 4% resist all magic
- 2% / 4% all magic damage
- 2% maximus chance
- 2% reditus chance
- # armor - based on item level

BaraKing wrote:
+ Each item has 13 possible properties.
+ All items except Rings can gain a maximum of 8 properties.
+ Rings can gain a maximum of 2 properties.
+ All items except Rings can be propped more than once.
+ Rings can only be propped once. If you only gain one property you will not be able to prop the Ring again.
+ All +% Armor properties only apply to the item that has that property.

Author:  BaraKing [ Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Wiki [work in progress]

I think the best thing to do would have a locked post that only Moderators can add to. Use the very first post as a "Table of Contents" with links to individual posts within that thread and maybe links to other threads with player guides. That way you can keep it as a single Announcement post without creating too much clutter and place all the needed links in one place.

Author:  Bert [ Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Wiki [work in progress]

Thats not a bad idea, basically put all the smaller things in here, and the bigger guides/discussions as separate threads.

Author:  Ultimedragon [ Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Wiki [work in progress]

are you talking about the xenwiki.murderdev?

If so, do we know who is moderating that website? What if it all gets wiped again? Now, I'm sure EJ will have a backup from now on so this won't be happening again.

I do like the idea though. It's already well laid out. Food for thoughts

Author:  Bert [ Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Nooby Chain Quest Guide

Nooby Chain Quest Guide:

Part 1 - Imp Slayer;
Recommended level = 3-4.
Reward = 2,000 xp (I think, could be very off on this), Imp Slayer title
There are Imp Camps around T1 that have a named Imp as the camp leader. You will need to kill 4 of these leaders.
Woot - Northeast of T1
Sneak - North of Storage Merch in T1
Greenie - South of T1, West of T1 DS entrance and Lar.
Lar - Follow the path south of T1 and he will be hiding in the bushes and will attack you.
Once you kill all four imp leaders, go turn them in to the weapons merch (wait for merchant to ask you something and say "yes") in the northeast of T1.

Part 2 - Jorn;
Recommended level = 6-9,
Reward = 15,000 exp, random blood mace or rapier sometimes.
Go into the T1 graveyard basement and go all the way to the back and down to the lower level. Gas through the poles and go invis (monsters here can hurt to lower levels). Proceed into the next room and on the far right wall there will be an area with a wizard holding a dragon claw named Jorn. Kill him and you will get a ring and his head. Go back up to the graveyard and from the East entrance, go directly East, once you hit the path, start going southeast along it until you see two travelers. They will automatically reward you via proximity to them.

Part 3 - Hero of Semel;
Recommended level = 10-13,
Reward = 17,000 exp, orig 7p dragon claw, title Hero of Semel.
This part of the chain quest will involve killing the Troll King and Barb Lord around T2.
Troll King - To get here, go East/Southeast from T1 and follow the coast to the troll village. Go into the cave and go left, then take a bottom left split, follow that around to the right and it will lead you to a small room with stairs in the top right, go down the stairs. The Troll Kings room will be a downward path with rocks on the side of it, proceed and kill him (he can hurt a bit at level 10, but probably not much). Get his Dragon Claw. Go back up to the Troll Village.
Barb Lord - From Troll Kings cave entrance, go southeast out of the village and across the water. You should run into a big fenced area, go inside, there will be skeletons, brown spiders, black spiders, scorpions, and Barbs with egg and beam (lol?), and white pots. In the center of this Camp is a stone room, inside lies the Barb Lord, kill him.
After killing the Troll King, then Barb Lord, proceed Southwest from the Barb Camp, following the river if need be until you reach T2, on the south bank of the river. Turn the Barb Lord into the Weapon Merch in the northeast of town, then go to the building below his and wait for Angelina to talk to you (say Yes) to turn in the Troll King.

Part 4 - East Dungeon Murderers;
Recommended level = 15-20,
Reward = 50,000 exp, 7prop Super Vis Animus Ring
This is another 2 boss kill quest, and again, you dont need to officially start it, you only need the other quests first and the kills. Both of these bosses are located in "East Dungeon" which is a dungeon for level 20-30s directly east of T2 weapon merchant. The grass will open up into a round brown area with a stone entrance in the middle. Invis yourself (probably with higher levels help) and proceed down the stairs, follow it around and down into the main hall and take a right at the Magic Power pool. At the top of this large room waits Rog, the easier boss. Kill him and go back to the Magic Power pool. Go down all the way and at the bottom, trans right. Go down the stairs and straight into the room to face Thoran. He will hurt a lot, even to a level 20, use help.
After killing them, go back up to the entrance of East Dungeon and go south until you find the road, follow it southeast to Terithus. Go to the middle of the town to the safe square, then go up, enter the second house on the right and click on the Scallion to turn it in.

Part 5 - Strangers;
Recommended level = 12-15, (yes, this part is easier than part 4)
Reward = 50,000 exp
From Claree's house, go north west until you hit the corner of the mountains, start going north, about 1 screen left of the mountains. You will run into a camp of Barbs with fire staffs that zap. Kill them all, including the boss and his dog. Return to Claree and turn in for the EXP.

Part 6 - Sath / Hero of Terithus;
Recommended level = 23+
Reward = 100,000 exp, orig 7p Mage Gloves and orig 7p super Gloves of Strength
Sath is located in the bottom of the T3 Warlock Castle surrounded by lava. You will need to go to the entrance of East dungeon, and go South East, but mostly East. You will pass over a pit, and find a stone square with some warlocks guarding it. Go inside and proceed up until you reach the stairs, go downstairs and proceed through this level to reach the next stairs, go down. Sath is in the back of this room, in the middle. You will need help unless you are level 25+ in good gear. Kill him, and go back to T3. Turn him in at the house on the north side of the far west entrance.

Congrats, you did the chain quest!!!

Author:  Fear [ Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Wiki [work in progress]

Very nice work guys. Loving this =) Very helpful for new players.

Author:  Ultimedragon [ Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Wiki [work in progress]

This is great Bert! Although I believe it is spelled Noobie, am I right?

Author:  Bert [ Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Wiki [work in progress]

Ultimedragon wrote:
This is great Bert! Although I believe it is spelled Noobie, am I right?

What do you know, you nublet.

Author:  BaraKing [ Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Wiki [work in progress]

Spirit Crystals

Merchant Slavlor in Insurgo [Location 576,2958] can break down certain Spirit items into Spirit Crystals which can then be used to create Spirit items. The only requirement is to kill Pix Dominus in the dungeon at Location 614,2825. If you are a low level you will need help from a higher level to get to this boss. The easiest way to kill this boss is to use a White Elixir which gives you a Bomb Almus that will kill the boss instantly as he has no Almus like other bosses.

To MAKE Spirit Crystals from Spirit items say "make crystals", then say "yes", then say "use Item Name" [Replace Item Name with the name of the Spirit item you want to use]
To CREATE a Spirit item from Spirit Crystals say "create spirit", then say "yes", then say "create Item Name" [Replace Item Name with the name of the Spirit item you want to create]

List of Spirit items that can be broken down into Spirit Crystals or created from Spirit Crystals:
Spirit Helmet
Spirit Leather
Spirit Plate
Spirit Shield
Spirit Sword
Spirit Mace
Spirit Staff
Spirit Wand

+ Spirit Plate gives 3 Crystals, Spirit Leather gives 2 Crystals, and all other items give 1 Crystal when broken down.
+ Spirit Plate costs 6 Crystals, Spirit Leather costs 4 Crystals, Spirit Wand costs 3 Crystals, and all other items cost 2 Crystals to create.
+ All Spirit items created are blank and are Non-Drop, Non-Trade.
+ No super Spirit items except super Spirit Wand can be broken down or created.
+ Merchant Slavlor can break down and create super [Item Level 60] Spirit Wand but not normal [Item Level 50] Spirit Wand.
+ Holy Spirit Helmet, Spirit Ripper, Spirit Claws, and Spirit War Hammer can not be broken down or created.
+ All Spirit items created by Merchant Slavlor can be broken down to create Spirit Crystals which is useful if you get bad properties and want to try again

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