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 list of bugs in Xenimus TD 
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This list is also maintained here:

===== MAJOR BUGS =====

=== Consignment Merchant ===

1. If you are looking at your sales, but have not selected an item, and you click "cash out," it is possible that you will purchase an item (seemingly at random) from the consignment merchant.

=== Controls / Movement ===

1. Rarely, upon traveling between servers, the player appears to be transported to a pool of water rather than the intended destination. The player cannot attack, use spells, move, chat, log off, or interact with the world at all; however, enemies can be seen, and if attacked, the player can die. The only known way to resolve this issue is to wait to be automatically logged off. Upon logging on again, the issue is resolved.

=== Graphics ===

1. When in the "use item" menu, hovering over an item does not display its name or effect.
--The only way to display the name of an item is to hover the mouse over where the item will appear when the "use item" menu is opened, and then open it.
2. When selling items to a merchant, selling an item does not cause the item name popup box to refresh. The player must move the mouse away from the current item box to force it to refresh.

=== Spells / Abilities ===
1. If a Paladin casts Noxa Tueri with low MP (but enough to cast it), the player's magic bar occasionally appears to be restored to nearly full. The issue is resolved after a tick of magic generation.
--This was tested on a level 15 Paladin with approximately 35 magic power.
2. If a player starts casting Praesentis Trans and can see the "Choose portal mark" message, but then begins to type a message, it is possible to both type a number AND port to that mark.
--Cast Praesentis Trans, press t to talk, type "selling for 10g". The player will be ported to mark1 but will still type the chat message.
3. A mailbox can be activated by shooting it with a projectile.

===== MINOR BUGS =====

=== Graphics ===

1. Equipping an Iron Shield changes the body armor display to Mystic Plate.
--This was tested on a female human, and changing the body body armor does resolve this issue.
2. When transporting between servers, the player's view choice (e.g. top down, angled, FPV) is reset to angled.
--This was tested when traveling from the main server to the dungeon server and when traveling from the dungeon server to the main server.
3. When thrown, a Lightning Staff's model changes to something totally different. When it returns to the player's hand, it changes back to the normal model.
--This was not the case in the past.

=== Items ===

1. Magic Throwing Star (item level 8) is considered a pole arm / two-handed weapon.
2. Giant Sword and Hell Sword require 30 strength and level 5, but it is not possible to have 30 strength at level 5.
3. Many plate armors (e.g. Plate Mail) list the classes Fighter and Barbarian in their requirements. These classes have been merged into Warrior and no longer exist.
4. Many items list "melee classes" as a requirement. Some items with this requirement are usable by Clerics, Diabolists, and Druids. Some are not.

=== Outdated Information ===

(Directions page)
1. Page 4 - Quests for Beginners
--Wiki and message board links are not active sites. (
2. Page 5 - Character Attributes
--The description of the strength stat says it increases total carry weight. Weight has been removed.
3. Page 11 - PVP Rules
--“PVP servers” are mentioned, though they are no longer active.
4. Page 15 - Spells
--Spell levels (minor, tiron, medius) are still described. The new system has no spell levels.
5. Page 16 - Last Page
--Wiki and message board links are not active sites. (

=== Quests ===

1. NPC Rayana (loc 1839,2845) offers players a quest that first references "adepts," but upon accepting the quest, the player is instead told about Daemons. The player receives a kill quest for Wizard Adepts.

=== Typos ===

1. When creating a character and choosing a race, the description for Minion has two typos.
--" ... whos only goal ... accross the land ... " should be " ... whose only goal ... across the land ... "
2. When trading with another player, the items you are trading are labeled "Your Trading" but it should be "You're Trading" or some other wording.
3. NPC Heev (loc ?, ?) talks to the player about Imps, and commits multiple spelling mistakes.
--"your not an imp" should be "you're not an imp"
--"If your looking for more adventure" should be "If you're looking for more adventure"

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added 5 bugs

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added 1 bug

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I don't get that forum/ why just coppy/pasted it.. ej does not even know about that site

Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:46 am

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Sorry, but I don't really understand what you're saying. As I say at the top of the original post, I maintain both lists. They have the same information. I'm aware that not everyone knows about the wiki, so I post here too.

Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:03 pm

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Added 5 bugs. I don't know if these have been acknowledged or will be. Many of these bugs have been around for a very long time.

Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:49 pm
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