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 Xenimus 2.0 Bugs, Issues, and Ideas - Minoxen 
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Joined: Wed May 16, 2018 9:15 pm
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Xenimus 2.0 Bugs, Issues, and Ideas: 5/24/18

Test PC Info:
OS: W10
GPU: Geforce GTX 980 Ti
RAM: 16G 3200 Mhz DDR4
CPU: Processor i7-8700K 3.70GHZ

-Doorways in T1 GY dungeon edges of doorways impassable and unable to cast through them. Enemies in or on other side of doorway do not take damage from AOE
-Reditus Cubil (warlock) back to town often deposites me at an off the ground elevation and my character walks back down to the ground when i move.
-Skeletons as well as Elementals become half covered in the ground and walk in place or ignore aggro
-Gas form can become completely stuck on almost any object auto pathing around objects is also a bit buggy
-Gas form movement is stuttered when traveling using keys Up and Down. Diagonal is full speed as well as mouse control gas movement.
-Enemies on top of Mushrooms do not take damage from aoe (need to test direct)

-Many items reference Barbarian as a class
-Number indicators on item stacks for rings is very difficult to distinguish

-Storage Merchant T1 is currently levitating just outside of his hut well off the ground.
-Juniper Randomly asks “bob” about a task that is no longer available.
-Monsters in East Dungeon including boss have “Found items” message pop up

-Enemies or even PCs can perform swing animation and hit while facing the other direction
-Ground clip through to void in some areas where there are hills and valleys (locations to be included soon)
-Visual Cloud for Venom Cloud can be either completely covered by the ground in hills or partially obstructed on slopes
-On occasion teleporting with another player on screen over long distances results in one being completely invisible to the other.
-Buff indicators by health bar occasionally disappear after tabbing or resizing window
-No visual indicator for Tabes Viscera (Warlock Multi) only sound

-Fullscreen mode tabbing and returning almost always crashes Xenimus
-Occasional CTD in T1 (fullscreen) but unsure what is causing it.
-Experience tally box errors when re-sizing the window or snapping it.

Feature Suggestions/Ideas:

-Full windowed mode
-Items only usable by summons/pets (Only collectable by owner upon death)
-Allow NDNT items to be traded to pets for use, but they equip permanently like NPC weapons and do not drop on death. You can trade the pet back for these items before it dies.
-Drop Audio indicators: Add sound effects to the sparkle function like in Path of Exile. A few variations depending on item “Value Rating” to offer an additional layer to item finding. A simple Ding to an Ominous Dong for very rare or valuable items and allow players to adjust these.
-Sparkle Color/Intensity indicators for drops: To better visually distinguish drops add color and intensity options for sparkles based on player settings.
Minor Poison haze animation on creatures who are poisoned.

Quality of Life suggestions:
-Allow Directional control when in other viewmode as well
-Setting in options to deactivate buttons bottom right
-Identifying items in inventory is very slow and the item name does not update without moving on and off of an item. Many items appear identical so to a new player quick item ID and sorting would be very helpful.
-Add color frames for quick identify of NDNT items (like prop items but diff color)
-Item background color to indicate level or NDNT status

Thanks and I plan on adding to this list weekly as time and things are recorded. If you would prefer this list in a different format or require additional details just let me know!


Thu May 24, 2018 2:57 pm

Joined: Wed May 16, 2018 9:15 pm
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Week 2 Xen 2.0 Bugs, Issues, and ideas report

Other player Reports I can confirm: (Looked through old bug lists and wanted to include a few that were also on my list.)
-Occasionally a randomly chosen helmet will be rendered as if it were dropped on the ground, but it moves with the player. It is typically rendered about 1/8 of a screen width away from the player's feet. (I have screenshots if you need)
-When in the use item UI, the name of the item does not appear when the player hovers the cursor over it as it does in the normal inventory UI. (Pesky for using scrolls)
-The option for "Middle HP and MP bars," while able to be checked, does NOT change the player's UI.
-Many (but not all) enemies do not collide with the player, so the player can walk through them. (I’ve experienced this with skeletons, elementals, and volcrus so far.)

-Druid not mentioned on many pieces of equipment that they can use and not marked as excluded on others.
-Minor Spirit ring lvl req 11 and all minor element rings lvl 10 (not sure if intended)
-Found a Magic Throwing star marked as Two Handed/Pole Arm and another as Axe/Axe

-Gas form movement is stuttered when traveling using keys Up and Down. Diagonal is full speed as well as mouse control gas movement. (EDIT: This is caused by positioning the camera directly above the character and a slight angle will smooth the movement.)
- Attack run often does not trigger melee attack when targeted and you slide into the target and only attack when u re-click/move
-Stuck command does not seem to do anything on the few times I’ve been stuck in a tree.
-Walking in freecamera mode while holding a diagonal combination of WASD seems to be abit faster than just one button. I've no data to prove it other than that I seem to be able to outrun following mobs faster diagonally.

-Druid Animus missile animates below ground texture (Not visible)

-Turning a Quest in to Rygar in T1 will freeze you if you level from the exp and you must press Esc to move
-Unable to turn in Harsad’s Supplies Quest if you have an active kill quest task.
- T3 Castles guards attack when clicked (May want to change as you train players to click npcs for quests)
-Quests for T2 Harsad are impossible to complete as the creatures are not in game.

- Map button/Map does not function even though quest givers “Mark” locations on map
-Acid Axe is throwable? Character refuses to use it in melee and throws at point blank and punches if axe hasn’t re-appeared in hand yet
-Settings for Left click attack, middle click, and shift click do not seem to work in any mode.
-Ranger Multi doesnt seem to work when downhill of the target (Arrows impact ground)
- Ranger Multi or bows melee cannot proc Fragor from Gloves of Strength (Not sure if as intended)
- Ranger bow accuracy seems awful even with 8 pts in Bows, and 8pts in Ranger skill bows. Its much easier to single target with a sword and shield with 0 skill in either rather than just a bow. (not sure if bug)

-Melee Move queue: When a move like double slice is pressed put a small buff indicator of that move on the screen and it remains queued until the next melee attack. Once the melee move has been performed the buff icon goes away. You can queue up to 3 moves. Perhaps even offer bonus damage or a temporary potion effect for successful and specific combos.
-Minor Chain quest for level appropriate weapon for melees with a few props(melee much more weapon dependent for hunting and have few opportunities for well propped level appropriate weapons) Or have a better chance for kill quests to have multi propped melee weapons. Currently a mage can get a nice 4+ propped fire staff to hold them over for higher and better stuff and are much less dependent on weapons for damage output at low lvls.
-New Tokens usages (when added to Xen2.0): Expand Storage from 50 base slots to 100+ , NEW Account Shared Storage Option for safe transfer (10 items no NDNT items storable there), unlockable visual effects for characters (Purely cosmetic) eg, different colored buff spells, diff colored beam, multi, name fonts, etc. (could also offer these things as prizes for events)
-Low lvl Mage gear is very effective at giving the mage what they need to level (MP regen) perhaps some more low lvl fighter gear should come with Base MP built in or as an easy to get prop or look at raising warrior Magic Power or lowering Magic Power costs. About every other level as a newb warrior meant no self cast buffs without base mp
-The -junk command is very useful and a detailed explanation on how it works would be appreciated for quick inventory management.

Tue May 29, 2018 9:28 pm

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Week 3 Xenimus 2.0 Bugs, Issues, and Ideas

-Error Message/crash: “The D3D device has a non-zero reference count, meaning some objects were not released” - Error/crash that happens when moving window to new monitor in snap mode.

-Trans visual bug: So far it seems I may be the only one who has had this. My character (warlock and also druid)has the trans sound play over and over as well as the trans animation playing directly on my character. My buff and exp bar seem to swap back and forth with another character (my ranger) on my account and I can sometimes see that character standing there and get the name to appear. Logging out stops the animation/noise but only my ranger is shown on the character selection screen even with a full close and re-open. I can log on to my ranger and log back out and eventually it will display my other characters again. My ranger does not seem to have this happen when playing him exclusively, but i have had my other characters do the trans thing.

While the animation and sound is going off I can still cast and talk, but the game is unplayable. No one who has been around during this has been able to see or hear anything out of the ordinary. Youtube link to video capture of one event:

I am able to play for quite long periods with no issue, but when I believe there is another warlock online and they cubil it triggers the effect. One evening i gave up on my warlock because each time I tried to play within 2-3mins it would begin again. UPDATE: It appears that the Ranger character actually logs in and appears in game at the time that this occurs. Other player have confirmed seeing my active character (Warlock or Druid) as well as Missouri on screen at the same time.

-It is possible to accidently attack run or get into the inside of a house or large boulder’s model. Once inside you cannot trans or walk out in FPV, but gassing to the inner wall and stop action will pop you through the wall.
-Doorway issues mentioned in week 1 for t1gy are also in the evil side gy dungeon.
-East Dungeon Archways prevent casting in the right positions. (Similar to doors in t1 gy) Seems to be an overhead structure issue.

-Adjusting Volume for Music and Sounds appears to work in real time, but ambient sounds do not update until re-log. (night time noises)
-Explosive arrow (fragor) does not seem to work on lower level bows (fire,magic,elvin,long) If this intentional I’d suggest removing the explosive property from these bows to prevent confusion.
-Cleric Obstar Malus does not affect all skeletons in t1 gy or evil side gy
-Rapid clicking on a target while using a bow unleashes a stream of arrows (it’s unclear if these are actual arrows or just a visual bug) A similar effect can be made by rapidly clicking a target with a weapon that has an effect like lightning mace. The target will get repeatedly zapped (doesn’t seem to speed kill rate)
-Key settings do not save until re-log and if you crash before log all settings are lost.

-NDNT quest rewards seem to ignore class. Ranger receives same number of scales/leathers/bows as plate and other non-ranger items (possibly even less of the ranger specific items). Same with my Warlock. I’d suggest they be slightly weighted to the class who turns in the quest. I have a lvl 23 ranger and have not seen a lightning bow or elemental scale.

-Extend Elemental quest as a temporary fix to 24 (currently 23) or add an area to transition to 24+ at lvl 23 on both Warlock and Ranger the next available areas are just out of the ability to hunt in reliably. (obviously prefer new areas/quests but this would be a temp fix)

-The main method for successful ranger bow hunting seems to be reliant on the Explosive property on bows. (based on googling and old posts) I’d like to see less reliance on a specific property to successfully use the classes multi or to include it as a base property on all bows.

Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:16 pm

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Confirming trans bug. Occurs on Eliezer twice now. Didn't occur until I made some new characters. I think it only happens if you have characters made after your current character.

Obstar Malus has always missed some skels since way back. I think if you walk around and try again while clearing it will occasionally start hitting them. Back in the day I always felt like there was some kind of saving throw they had against it and I assumed it was intentional but that might just be having played too much DnD.

Key settings have always required logging off to save. I think it's because they are saved locally and the game saves the file as part of closing the program. If you log into your account from another device you have to re-key.

Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:28 pm

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Bug Suggestion list Week 4. Seems to be getting shorter so thats a good thing!

-Guards angered by projectiles hitting nearby players (arrows and spells even on -monsters only)

-Melee classes cannot use battle moves actively in melee combat. Each move must be used before combat and you must break combat to cast another move.

- House buff icons seem to linger beyond the duration of the buff. They (the icons) disappear when you re-apply your own buffs.
- Magic Power Regen Icon (from regen potion) seems to last beyond duration of the potion.
- Magnus Almus appears to have no casting animation or way of testing if it works.

-Skeletons can get buggy if you are issuing move commands via left click. After a few moves they will run off screen and ignore commands.
-Skeletons do not persist with logout even if they have items. They will disappear.

-Directions page of website does not appear to be up to date. Default keys, statistics functions, and other things. Help screen in game also doesn’t appear to be up-to-date.

Guild Functions:
-Besides common commands like -join, -kick etc. The officer and other permissions do not seem to work.


-Imbue Crystals: Rare Monster drops, craftable, quest reward, etc. A crystal that holds one magical property to be used on a corresponding item. An example would be Imbue Crystal of Magic Power Regeneration (item level 30): Significantly influences the outcome of a successful imbue to include +1 MP regen on armors or staves item level 30 or below.

-Well fed bonus: +1hp/mp regen when your character has consumed enough food to be well fed. Indicator Icon would be needed. (This could dramatically help melee classes who suffer from lack of Magic Power or Magic Power regen) Could also tie to professions if you wanted to add cooking.

-Allow players to see armor and resistance values from self buffs. Possibly next to the current stats in (parenthesis)

-Explosive arrows (medium aoe) as a Craftable item (White pearl + Magic arrows) lvl 19 item same damage as magic arrows, but aoe explosion like higher bows property. Also have a higher tiered version for later game with bigger aoe.

-Display Current Melee damage figure for a single swing. Please calculate skill dmg into this to see stats of using a sword if you have skills vs a higher axe for instance. At least consider including a Melee %damage in the same way you do for spell types.

-Add learned weapon type skills for warriors and rangers but cap at 5 to 10. This would give them a minor buff while allowing them to slowly skill up a weapon type by using it.

Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:38 am

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The casting battle moves applies to all magic. Trans beam and multi do not work if you are swinging your melee weapon. Very frustrating if Away procs an enemy to where you are transing too, or if you time your beam wrong and end up swinging your melee weapon instead

Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:10 pm

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Nursing_Guy wrote:
The casting battle moves applies to all magic. Trans beam and multi do not work if you are swinging your melee weapon. Very frustrating if Away procs an enemy to where you are transing too, or if you time your beam wrong and end up swinging your melee weapon instead

I think that the spellcasting in melee is working as intended as far as mages may be concerned, the main way to avoid that is another issue. The "Left click to attack" settings and variations use to be able to be disabled (years ago in x1) so u could walk without entering melee. Now u start swinging if u bump into someone. Combat moves and physical moves were (as best as I can recall) able to be used while in physical combat. Such as Double stab, or Spin while in melee. I could be wrong though.

Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:46 pm

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All of them require magic power. May call to some of the same programming i suppose.

Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:05 pm
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