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 Some X2 Things 
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I have no particular order for these so will just list,and apologies if some have been mentioned before,just trying to help the process...

1) the (i dunno correct term,hitboxes? collision detection?) of walls and objects badly needs a fix, impossible to trans over all walls/corners and most objects, impossible to cast over/through walls and objects yet mobs can melee you through them (assuming theyre close enough to melee) also impossible to cast through open doorways (like GY crypts) and in fact if you are standing exactly on the "square" of the doorways it wont let you cast in either direction!

2) possibly same or at least related issue: the mob pathfinding is terrible,it is not only possible but easy and even likely to get mobs including Bosses "hung" against objects and walls and zap them with impunity. suggest this be high on the priority list for a fix and that you also do a full player wipe whenever the game is considered to be a finished and "stable" Beta or w/e, as im quite sure several have already exploited this,albeit in some cases at least coincidentally and unintentionally. (but you probably already thought about and intended a wipe when appropriate.)

3) not sure if lag related or something but when transing repeatedly to travel (1 out of every 5-10 or so) the sound and graphic plays but the spell fails, i.e. you dont actually trans,you stay put. (admittedly this is a minor issue but still something i feel you should be made aware of)

4) not sure if bug? but last time i went GY,in the second northern crypt room before the big one with the port,the chest or square just in front of it had "sparkle" before i even opened it,and i received a white pot which,while by no means gamebreaking did seem a little out of place to my recollection. If this was in fact error and you remove the item from me i'm fine with it.

5) not sure if intentional for some reason but while ports are fixed on overworld they refuse to spawn in dungeons,which they do in X1. i know this is a dif game but assumed base functionality and mechanics would be same,if you get a chance to clarify it's appreciated.

6) also not sure about,but barbs seem to drop multiple pots and scrolls each time,or at least often.

once again and before the inevitable flood of personal attacks,im not "boohooing" or griping,just trying to do a tiny part to help the process along. Great job fixing ports to working at least above ground,mob magic seems to be fixed and working fine,and i cant wait to see what the next update brings.

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