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 Xenimus 2 Bug List 
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I saw there was a spreadsheet on the 2.0 board, but it had suggestions mixed in with that and I wanted to just keep this as bugs.


1. Installer Background:
When installing the game or update, the background of the installer is black, making it impossible to read the text to select "I Agree".

2. Camera Height in First Person: In first person view, when zoomed all the way in, the camera height is fixed. This is fine for short character models like the Scallion and Lurker, but for taller characters, it results in the camera being inside the head or behind the helmet. Either the camera could be adjusted for each race, or the head model could possibly be toggled off for the player when reaching the final zoom level. This also causes issues with spell targeting.

3. Tooltip Persistence: When dropping items, if the player drops an item but does not move the mouse, the tooltip for the previously dropped item will remain on the screen until the player moves the mouse off the current inventory tile.

4. Item Class Requirements: Numerous items are listed as "Melee Class" in their requirements, but clerics and druids can wear them if they meet all other requirements. This is confusing when other items specifically spell out that they can be used by certain classes. Druids seem to have the most crossover between "Melee and Mages". Also, the Barbarian class is listed on some equipment, but the class no longer exists?

5. Barrel Contents Collision: At location (323, 2267), barrel contents, when broken, are unable to be collected due to collision.

6. Chat Log Empties: The chat log is emptied after Alt-Tabbing from full screen mode.

7. Merchant Movement: Merchants have a tendency to walk around when transactions are ongoing, which can lead to them walking or teleporting too far away, causing the merchant screen to either close or remain open but non-functional.

8. Tooltip Persistence (Selling Items): When selling items, if the player sells an item but does not move the mouse, the tooltip for the previously sold item will remain on the screen until the player moves the mouse off the current inventory tile.

9. Inaccessible Merchant: The storage/token merchant in Semel is regularly inaccessible as he ends up on the roof of the building or using the instant portal pad to disappear for short windows.

10. Harsad's Quest Dialog: Speaking to Harsad with his quest box gives a reward, but the dialog box closes before being able to read it, and it is not saved in the chat log.

11. Item Stacking in Storage: When moving items to storage, if there is an available slot before the stack of the item being added, the like-item will go into an open slot, creating a new stack rather than going into the existing stack lower in storage.

12. Incomplete Quest Implementation: An NPC in the house north of Iterum (t2) square assigned a task to visit Thersus castle to find items from Corsix, such as candles, etc. It appears that the quest is not fully implemented, as those items do not exist in the castle.

13. Stat Graphics Reset in Character Creation: In character creation, when selecting race and gender, the Green and Red stat graphics indicating important stats get re-defaulted to warrior. The class displayed does not change, but the stat highlights do. You need to re-select the class to have the stats update.

14. Missing Stat Descriptions in Character Creation: There are no stat descriptions or details visible when creating a new character. The impact of each stat point is unclear, other than the green highlighted stats implying they are important. It would be helpful to see the stats' impact before completing creation.

15. Limited Usage of Hide Skill: The Hide Skill is extremely limited in usage and likely not working as intended. In order for it to properly activate, you need to be fully collided with an object, and any movement breaks hide. It appears that there may be a level component to the hide skill working as intended. A level 70 with hide can perform it with 5 skill as expected, but it is unusable at low levels even with 5 points.

16. Testing Dummy Lockup: The testing dummy only works for a short bit after server reset and then locks up.

17. Mystic Throwing Star: The Mystic Throwing Star is not throwable. Using the throw ability while equipped has you swing, but no projectile is released.

18. Level Up Dialog Missing: When a quest exp reward levels your character up, the dialog does not appear, and you have to press Esc or open another menu to be able to move with your mouse again.

19. Incorrect Magic Power Cost Display: The Magic Power cost for warrior spells shown does not seem to reflect the actual casting cost. Some spells listed as costing 3 to 6 Magic Power can still be cast with 1 or 2 Magic Power. The ability to cast these higher Magic Power costs is dependent on the MP regen stat. Having enough MP regen will allow your character to cast a spell you do not have enough base Magic Power for.

20. Alt-Tabbing Issues: Alt-tabbing in full screen mode when on any menu causes a crash to desktop. Alt-tabbing in full screen mode when not in a menu causes HUD elements to disappear. Pressing Esc or opening another menu returns most elements besides Status Buff indicators, which remain invisible.

21. Item Description Missing in Use Item Screen: The use item screen does not generate any item description when hovering over an item icon.

22. Conflict Between Paladin Skills: The Paladin skills Heal All and Inner Strength appear to have some kind of conflict. I was unable to activate Inner Strength while I had Heal All active. Same in reverse. Also is present for Dark Paladin.

23. Outdated Information
Directions page seems very out of date. This list is from another user, but still seems accurate.
Page 4 - Quests for Beginners
Wiki and message board links are not active sites. (
Page 5 - Character Attributes
The description of the strength stat says it increases total carry weight. Weight has been removed.
Page 11 - PVP Rules
"Dungeon server" is mentioned, but it no longer exists.
“PVP servers” are mentioned, though they are no longer active.
Page 15 - Spells
Spell levels (minor, tiron, medius) are still described. The new system has no spell levels.
Page 16 - Last Page
Wiki and message board links are not active sites. (
Performance / Game Client

24. Magic Power Limited Casting Multiple spells in the Warriors available spells require more than the available base MP possible at lower levels. The spells are still cast able if the warrior has enough MP regen to increase the effective available Magic Power. An example would be Robur costing 5 Magic Power and the warrior only having 2 Magic Power. With +3 MP regen the warrior can cast Robur.

25. Use item Bugged: Use Emerald does not apply the armor effect described and the item cannot be consumed by setting it to a key or in the use menu. (will update with other items, but i believe opal is the same)

26. Merchant Ginp: Located at 2244,342 this merchant appears non-functional as a merchant. There are already armor and potion merchants so its unclear what he would be for.

27. Consistent Properties Labels: Some items list + Hit on the weapon and imbued properties list +%Hit there appears to be no difference between the two. +hit and + defend seem to have this inconsistency in labeling.

28. Admin Rights: The "Note: You may need to run the game with admin rights. " Is definitely true on Win 11, and I'm not sure how many folks that receive the "Unknown publisher" warning may want to progress with the install. It may drive off any curious folks who dent want to risk it.

29. Initial game Launch: is in low res windowed mode and does not fill the screen. It can be adjusted after that, but maybe not the best first impression upon launch.

30. Key settings: are not saved until character log out. This can be an issue especially with the numerous Crash to desktop bugs that will result in any key/UI settings not being saved.

31. Statistics: While some stats update immedately with stat point investment (current HP/MP, Magic dmg %) Attack/Defend granted by stat points do not seem to appear in the character screen, Agility -0.02 attack rate also does not appear to update in the show statistics.

32. Headless Model The female Minion race has a head option that is missing a model for the head. The issue persists past character creation. Helmet when equipped appears between feet.

33. Diabolist Extra Magic Power: More testing required but it appears that at least with the Minion Diabolist MP gain from stat allocation is INCORRECT. This is not what was observed with all other class/race tests. Leveling Spreadsheet

34. Level-up statistics incorrect: The stat selection after level up gives a pre-view to show how much that stat will go up and what other things it will effect. Even when this number is 0.5 the Stat invested in goes up numerically by 1 regardless of how many previous 0.5's etc they may have selected. The Diabolist level sheet above indicates this but I have numerous other characters level logs that can demonstrate this.

35. Giant Spider quest: Appears not to work. Killing Semel GY giant spiders, or evil side gy giant spiders, including spiders in the tombs 0/15 giant spiders. Quest may want some attention as well since at least for my part I went from trolls to skeletons and had no reason to consider spiders. UPDATE: Observed a new player successfully do this with the spiders in t1 gy dungeon. Not sure what was causing error in other test.

36. Acid Axe Throw: Acid axe is throwable when single target is clicked. The bug is that it flies backwards from the character. It is not just a visual glitch it creates a damage dealing projectile that can hit targets behind the player. The swing speed also seems effected by the item not being in the hand. It is unable to be used with the Throw/shoot spell (at all) like daggers are. The Magic dagger also flies backwards: Confirmed with Mystic Battle Axe.

37. Throw/Shoot: Does not appear to work with a dagger in main hand and shield in offhand. Only when dagger in main hand and offhand empty or when dagger is in off hand with a 1handed weapon (2 handed as well for pally)

38. Quest Rewards Lost: The lower level quests have no protection to prevent quest turn in when your inventory is full. The Stone Elemental quest has a feature that will prevent quest turn in until you have inventory space available. Not sure if leaving it off the earlier quests is intentional, but it could be useful for those quests to makes sure folks get the rewards.

39. Drop Quantity Bug: When dropping items and setting a quantity (usually for imbuing) The next time the drop menu is opened the drop quantity defaults to a very large number in the thousands regardless of what you had just used it before. Ideally this should either re-default to 0 or the previous drop amount.

40. Paladin Buffs: Heal All and Omnimultum Tueri do not appear to work on monsters tamed with Incantare even though the animation appears on them.

41. Dark Pally Noxa Bug: Noxa Tueri at lvl 21 does not seem to deal any damage. Stood with imps on back for 3 mins and they just reset to spawn points and none died. Pretty sure they did before lvl 21, but it has been abit since i tested noxa without any reflect dmg on my kit. EDIT: Tested at lvl 29 Dpal 5/25 and it seems to be working. Very low damage, but working. It can kill imps after about 30secs.

42. Stuck Location: When walking in this location you will get caught and will require the stuck command to get free. 1641,814 The barbarian NPCs there regularly become stuck there as well.

43. Arrow Usage: When firing a bow at a target or using the shoot arrow skill any arrow can be used as ammo regardless of level. If you want to equip the arrow it requires meeting the item level of the arrow. (Its unclear if there is any reason or benefit to equipping arrows other than as drop filler)

44. Juniper stuck in walking animation: location 331, 2231 Juniper stuck in walking animation at door of house. This only happens occasionally, but it is a bug.

45. Capes/Boots Sell Value: Unlcear if its intended but many boots/capes only sell for one silver (mystic, fortitude capes, arcane boots, hellhound boots) others need checked.

46. Fragor animation: Fragor from spin is occasionally animating to fill the whole screen. It doesn't do damage beyond the normal radius.

47. Water on Land : At the image location below (West of T3) the water indicated is not shown, but walking into the area your character treats it like water and clips below the ground. if you approch from the sharp edge of the water you fall under the surface and have to walk out on the indicated beach area.

48. Magnus Almus: The spell appears broken. It consumes all Magic Power and some experience, but there is no effect given. Also there is no-ingame information explaining the normal requirement for -almus to be said by the recipient. I had this explained to me and then tested some more and it still would not work.

49. Guard Killing Innocent: It is possible for the guards to abused when they have projectile weapons. An evil player can jump behind a person standing on town sq and the projectile intended for the offender can hit and do damage to the bystander.

50. Damage Calculation for Bow : It appears that bows/arrows damage is calculated differently than melee weapon damage. This means a Long Bow (Bow with lowest dmg/variables) does Less damage than a Sword (Sword with lowest dmg). Arrows impact the damage calculation but not by the numbers indicated on each arrow. A Mystic arrow does not result in a damage output change equivalent to the numbers indicated and is only a small portion of the listed damage. (Further testing required)

51. Throwing Daggers: Daggers wielded in the main hand when equipped with a shield will not throw with the throw/shoot skill. They will be thrown in melee, but like other throwing weapons currently they go out backwards.

52. Solus Storage : Duxoon(Guard) offers Storage and Portal services but the storage option does not work. The merchant in the building offers storage without prompt.

53. Backwards Melee: This is an old one, but occasionally when targeting an enemy the player will face backwards away from the enemy and attack. This is not just a visual bug since the character will not block incoming attacks.

54. Pet Commands: Pet commands have some features broken. -Stop makes pets wander off rather than stand still and stop attacking. -Destroy does not seem to function at all.

55. Reflect Damage Property After many attempts at testing the reflect damage property it does not seem to function.

56.Xen 1 Login on Xen 2 : Apparently some of the characters that are standing on T1 sq in Xenimus 2.0 are actually active players on Xenimus 1? I've had a few players state this. I'm assuming it would be because of a character transfer to 2 and the PC remains on X1 so when they log into X1 it populates the character on X2 as well.

57. Defense and Weapon Mastery Ranger: I'm not sure if this a bug or working as intended but when I saw these skills were based on Wisdom/Intel i wanted to see how much 22int/22wis would boost their cap skill from 11 base. Unfortunately it only increases to 12 for those 24 points invested. This doesn't appear to be the same increase ratio as other dual stat skills.

59. CTD Storage bug: After a crash to desktop when you restart the game and the character is still logged in when you get back into the game the character has no access to other account storage until logged out and back in.

60. Vertical Elements/Models : Buildings with rooves, trees, and other objects with 3d models can interfere with movement and interactions. In FPV this is particularly noticeable if you attempt to aim a spell or projectile and your mouse is over a object that clips into your camera's perspective it can cause miss-targeting and movement issues. Since there currently doesn't seem to be any reason or normal interaction with buildings/objects of a certain height perhaps the models could be non-solid part way up? This should hopefully avoid canopy's or roofs from interfering with gameplay. They could still be visible, but un-targetable with movement/spells at a certain Z axis height.

61. Missing Shone tree leaves: The quest giver in T2 that offers to make items for mystic ore and shone tree leaves cannot be utilized since there is not a source of Shone tree leaves.

62. Missing Animation for Heal on Hit: I've been told on X1 there is an animation when HoH triggers. It would be really nice to be able to see when it triggers on X2, not sure if its missing is intentional or a bug.

63.Minion Male Beard: The male minion head featuring facial hair does not change beard color when selecting different colors.

63. Moon Robe Effects: According to player report Moon robe is missing its animation that was present in X1.

63. Town Buff Kill Requirement: Town buff will not replenish unless certain enemies have been killed.

63. Texture issue ET3 : Evil town 3 by the melee town buff there is an overlaying textures issue on the ground at the end of the street where the rectangles overlay. It creates a weird flickering effect when moving.

63. Barbarian Area Loading Lag: The opening between the two barbarian areas north of ET3 creates a large amount of lag when initially entering and transitioning between the areas.

64.World Map error : Located north of ET1 map has visual issues. This one is like bug #47, but the map has lots of little errors and issues.

65.Imp Slayer: Bacon Pally experienced a bug with the imp slayer quest that prevented Gordon recognizing he had slain all the imp bosses. It required swapping characters and then re-logging. Re-logging was attempted first, but did not work, as well as killing all the bosses at both Odium and Semel multiple times.

66. Party Dungeon Melee: I've been told that the "Party Dungeon Jester" is very difficult to enter due to the throw weapon skill passing through objects and if you use a throwable weapon and target with it the weapon flies backwards as reported above. The work around is to use Glacialis Scrolls that are uncommon drops.

67. Evil Side Newb Dungeon: Doorway following rogues is bugged and will not allow anyone to pass through by walking, transing, gassing, etc.

68. Good Side Newb Dungeon : HP/MP boost fountains are not easily touched. It requires bumping into excessively to get the buff on the character and buff only lasts like 3 mins.

69. Harsad Warlock Task : This task (Kill 60) appears incompletable. There is only one enemy tagged or named as a "Warlock" in Xen2. I believe this task was based around what are now known as "Orc Mages" that occupy the "Warlock Castle" as it was long ago known in Xen1. "Warlocks" had an entrance that was surrounded by weak foes named warlocks. After gassing into the square you would be inside the castle where the top level was slightly tougher warlocks, and 2nd level was "master warlocks" and third level was known as "Supers" and they all had warlock as part of the name. There are higher leveled "warlocks" on Oroseth, but the quest is not available when you encounter them and I don't know if they could meet the reqs for the task.

70. Strange Material: Strange material dropped by Pix Malantis cannot be turned into Wersek 692,465 for quest xp.

71. Pix Malantis Quest: Offered by Orcsylox 323,338 does not count the pix malantis in the culdera on the east side of the continent and north of ultra imps.

72. Transing Hitch When repeatedly using the pregere trans spells the character will occasionally sink into the ground to the shins and casting the spell will no longer move the character until you click to move or use WASD if in FPV.

73. Scroll Creare Porta: When using a port scroll the on-screen text indicates you can use marks 0-9, but on Xen2 there are only marks 1-5. If you press 6-0 it will consume the scroll and open a portal to nowhere.

74. :

75. :

76. :

77. :

78. :

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