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 X 2.0 bug List exposed 
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Bug List
Xen Bugs

Town 1 storage npc ends up on top of the buildings should set his spawn and return point to just outside the building or set a flag in npcs for locations not to travel too by transport.

Reditus amulets won’t work if mark 1 not set. Two thing should be added and that is:
If mark 1 not set send home. And if mark 1 is in radius of death send -home they are also not refilling hp and mp on death.

-stop not functioning properly when you use it they walk away.

When clicking for a enchantment to go to a location upon completion it walks away and often vanishes.

Forum keeps logging me out when it changes to a new page. Having to log back in over and over.

In link list kick function may work but being able to select a player cancels right away so we have issues removing players. When typing it in to the box and selecting kick it does not work also.

Trans wands not working in areas trans is allowed for mages.

Stop action does not close portals but will if you use mutatio nimbus and then stop action.

Having a bow and sword in main hand slot when a amulet it destroy such as hit amulet or str amulet moves the bow to the shield or amulet slot and is not available on switch weapon.

Dagger maintains main hand slot when it should occupy the shield slot as offhand and secondary main hand such as bow cannot be equipped requiring manual swap.

Collisions of walls, overhangs and doorways are to large prevent passage and interferes with going through them.

Objects such as trees and walls are not large enough making it very difficult to use hide even at higher skill levels.

Vis Maximus potions are not working.

Mobs and bosses go to full hp in a very short time. This includes ultra 90s where they seem to be resetting hp to full never die and then reset to spawn and when re-engaged take damage as normal.

+resist dispel on helms armor boots are not working and don’t show on stat screen.

Resist dispel prop on boots and cape are not working and won’t show on stat screen. Also not affecting breaker or chaotic hidden.

Multi with ranger is not stealing hp and mp properly due to stacking mobs, fix by giving them a very small amount of collision. Or use a Passover arrow function to allow the arrows to pass to next if the monster is at max arrow intake such as 3 then passes others to next and so on.

Spirit shot takes to much mp per cast, needs reduction. Way to much. Spirit shot when used fans the click is directly on the monster it stops. You must click behind them or in front of yourself. It also doesn’t seem to contact the monsters even when it travels through them causing hp and mp stl issues. With the extreme mp cost it is difficult to use all together.

Contra magicus on ranger requires over 30% mp base but when obtained uses less then nocte visus per cast, ratio of required costs need adjusting. Nocte visus takes more mp to cast per spell then contra magicus while being unable to contra magicus with 30% mp base. It just feels very odd and illogical that one spells takes more mp while requiring less max mp then another.

On ranger nocte visus may take to much mp per cast not sure if intended, suggest reduction. In comparison to contra magicus it seems improper.

Ranger fragility when using a bow due to loss of shield protection needs adjustment, could possibly add .5 amp per point in archery mastery or quiver or extrudor aka bubble buff.

Boss dearth, nath, Linay, possibly Ty grim are using trans during raids where they trans inside of players.

When reditus amulets are used and combat activates it while on screen of your mark 1 and you use trans spell or wand the reditus fails to refill hp and if you pop as you trans you will pop and the trans then activates, when this happens it fails to refill hp and you can die. An interrupt or stop action such as a spell cast interrupt and delay for the when reditus amulet is activated for both trans wands and trans spells and insta port with a 1 sec delay should be added.

Getting stuck online when log in fails to complete, adding a force log out from log in screen would help.

Enchanted monsters from druids ect are hitting the owner on -all. Suggest a flag that says if owner damage null.

Longer delay needed on beam from monster to melee hit, beam staff combo.

A delay on casting spells such as contra magicus on monsters should be added to prevent instant casting and super spamming of spells.

Glowing potions can be dispelled. Not sure if intended but considering rarity suggest preventing glowing Potions from being dispelled.

To many skulls near baraw and great hall and other areas causing choppy conditions and fps issues.

Run attack from grey trolls, death knights by t3 and warriors near dimaltus have to little of a range causing them to slightly enter the radius of the player chat cause them to get stuck in place.

Resist dispel not preventing chaotic from dispelling.

Getting stuck in the edge of stairways such as t3 middle platform and others preventing movement.

No vertical click register, appears to be on a flat plane only and operates top down.

Arrows having issues colliding with terrain and not traveling vertical up or down. Small bumps often block a arrow travel.

No Automatic attack for bow type causing massive clicking at bosses and while hunting, this also doesn’t allow for dps to occur as it should and was discussed along time ago: you said you where going to add it(was a long time ago), to prevent abuse from multi client make it an end shoot on 30 secs so you have to click every so often or it will stop shooting: this was abused for multi client where they would click auto shoot and then use another char.

Multi ventus from dragon lord staffs not working on melees.

Glacius scrolls firing backwards.

Arrows not activating drop wall triggers.

Sparkles on items should be bigger. They are all tiny and not as interesting as they use to be.

Moon robe does not have bubbles and we are all sad by this.

Dirus armor missing sparkles all together.

Portals to areas that you walk into are just about all set incorrectly and cause constant port back and forth. Setting the target location to 2 units away from the return area.

The docks by solus barbs and other docks are to small and should be made larger as they are difficult to walk down and stand on.

Hit defend may not be calculations correctly. When you respec and are naked you gain 96 attack bonus. When putting gear on it makes attack bonus go down, not up and the attack and defend bonus is not counted when wearing gear or at all though this may be just a stat screen issue as it is affecting the hit def rate on bosses when lower agility vs higher agility.

An unbalance is present in the ability to apply constitution to mage types because of the hp base, with bonus damage, and amp combined on cron adept rings and adept rings, as with vishabus and omnihabus begins to over stack at higher constitution while permitting the ability to obtain max damage in magic bonus.

You can gas into rocks and some other objects.

Monsters despawn at daily reset when on screen and this includes bosses. A flag should be set on bosses to prevent despawn.

Test dummy is being broken, if you set the dummy to despawn and respawn, such as a timer it will allow players to continue to use it. Currently specific players are breaking the dummy on purpose so other people cannot test.

An fps issue occurs when all monsters on screen activate the bubble buff at the same time, this bogs down the game and those with low internet speeds get a lag spike which usually leads to death.

Monsters and bosses get stuck on reset mode and gain all go lost back while fighting. A flag should be set to verify player in range and or combat engaged. For all bosses and monsters.

At location 757,1546 on north west map there is a section of water on the map and when you go to it it’s land but as you enter the area it reacts like there is water and you get stuck when trying to get out unless you go west and exist at the beach.

Locations of inappropriately defined objects that need adjustments.

Nw 353,1869
Nw 352,1869
Nw 358,1872
Nw 358,1872
Nw 359,1883
Nw 349,1889
Nw 356,1889
Nw 357,1885
Nw 356,1897
Nw 347,1900
Nw 341,1901
Nw 324,1899
Nw 323,1895
Nw 323,1882
Nw 323,1876
Nw 324,1873
Nw 324,1865
Nw 325,1861
Nw 334,1860
Nw 341,1860
Nw 347,1861
Nw 361,1862
Nw 364,1867
Nw 361,1875
Nw 365,1877
Nw 538,1877
Nw 365,1887
Nw 365,1897
Nw 363,1897

Sw 598,367 - elevation causing issue
Sw 599,369 - eci
Sw 602,370 - eci
Sw 682,470
Sw 681,466

Suggestions to improve overall gameplay:

Anti pvp raid boss areas so everyone can obtain and participate in raids to get items. The opportunity to compete on even terms is a very good hook for players. X1 is set this way. This will also bring back many original x2 players.

Add void weapons to void craft merchant.

Change void craft merchant to a new model the looks like a magical crafting table to give the player more of a interactive achievement.

Adding a few places to farm vis Brutus scrolls, port scrolls and meds and trans wands from a boss like is done in the girl for mages.

Buy back function for items at merchant menus could be for a minute or two held then cleared. This would allow players to buy back items accidentally sold like equips as sometimes you click on a merchant or it walks in your way and activates but you where clicking to move or trans and it sells whatever you click on.

Add -rand function for loot rolling.

Arrow stack size needs increase to at least 5000.

Add stacks of arrows to arrow merchant so we can click just a few times and get plenty of arrows.

A sell back function could be employed in case you buy something you didn’t mean too as merchant collide with players on accident at random and you where clicking something else which makes you purchase unwanted items.

Adding colors to the consignment merchant based on plat values so players don’t get fooled by a magic bag for 10 plat when it should be 10 gold like:
Copper: green
Silver: blue
Gold: yellow
Plat: red

Using a paint by weight system to apply traversable surfaces of ingame objects such as trees statues, graves, posts and houses. Could be set by layer effect in the 3D map maker where you paint and select faces of objects or could be set in a layer by faces from x angle (from above) to x (from below) as in all surfaces viewable on top down would be able to be stood on and you could assign a priority to this to not override your walls or collisions. This could be included in the map maker which allows for complex functions of travel such as bridges over wall collisions to be used and defined for diversity in areas. You could set a draw bridge to fall and since the angle is set and traversable flag set when you drop the bridge it can travel over an abyss or a wall as long as the priority of function is used you can apply many different types of movement accepted such as, mutatio nimbus accepted only.

Add a super administrator observer function with admin to player private whisper which could have blue text color and be only displayed to the player. You could do this by giving super administrators a super invisible function which removes the user char from sensus, damage and such while being able to choose then a player id and observe them playing incognito.

Add a mute for world chat and another for all chat to include player overhead function for administrators as a way to give punishment for obscene or verbal abuse instead of instantly banning them from playing.

Creating a sea combat system where you get a boat like a frigate and equip cannons, sails for speed, make cannon balls, this could be leveled up for cannoneering, sailing speed for time spent sailing in learned, regeneration for time spent repairing the frigate. Other kinds of vessels could be added. This could be accessible from the docks.

Adding a few more houses such as some out in the wilderness or a island house or two would be nice.

Magic skins that allow you to turn into some basic monsters when worn as armor such a** hellhounds. It would be interesting to play around with, perhaps these could make you be unnoticed by that type of animal or monster. Where you can walk around them incognito. Or just play with it as it’s a cool idea anyway.

Adding a potion and craft discovered section, when you complete a proper craftable it is added to the list of discoveries by crafting.

Add dragons random in the world either walking around or flying that says fly from x location to z location with a raid status that could even be set to land and walk into a town, where it would announce terthius or oreseth is under attack and the npcs cannot damage them which would attract players to begin a event raid.

Making Dodge work on spells.

Giving super administrative power to see the health and magic of players and monsters using an over head system will give you the ability to gauge the interactions and variations of hp and mp for observational testing. This would work well with a view stats items menu where in observation mode you could see the stats skills and items with the calculations like the stat screen which should include damage, hp, mp, and there affected % side by side of each player and monster. This should be an all in one window accessible on clicking.

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