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 2.0 Collision Detection 
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Any examples on what I should test?

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Issue: Getting stuck in a tree
How to trigger: Just walk into the small tree from various angles, you will get stuck before long.
Notes: The -stuck command will resolve most issues of getting stuck in trees. You can also usually gas or trans out but new players may not know to do this or may not be high enough level to access these spells.
Loc: 349,2230
Relative location: Just outside T1 between Rygaron and bugs to the east.
Loc: 1579,647 (trans on top of this one and try to walk off, you'll eventually get stuck)
Relative location: Just outside west exit from Solus

Issue: Getting stuck on top of doorway
How to trigger: Try to trans inside building from the outside (use 3rd person view, not top down), occasionally you get stuck on top of doorway. You cannot walk off, gas, or trans off. You have to port out.
Loc: 1622,573
Relative location: Solus merchant hut (storage/portal to Odium).
Loc: 322,349
Relative location: Consignment merchant hut

Issue: Getting stuck on top of archway
How to trigger: Try to trans on either side of archway, occasionally you will get stuck on top of it. You can occasionally walk or gas off (other times you will get stuck in a falling state) but you cannot trans off. You have to port out.
Notes: There is still an issue with regard to attacking mobs in an archway. They can attack you (without LOS) but you cannot attack them (with multi spells) if you do not have LOS. This occurs if they are adjacent to you.
Loc: 2852,935
Relative location: Odium graveyard dungeon
Loc: 2583,2941
Relative location: Pix dungeon
Loc: 1602,816
Relative location: Barbarian camp (north of Solus)

Issue: Getting stuck on top of an elevated object
How to trigger: Just try to walk off (north or south) of the object at the location. You are unable to walk off and will get stuck in a falling state. You are unable to use portal scrolls or the casted portal spell (creare porta) and the only way to free yourself is to log out.
Loc: 2597,2931
Relative location: Pix dungeon (elevated structure)

Issue: Transporting onto an elevated platform and unable to trans off or attack mobs that are attacking you.
How to trigger: Trans on top of the small rock and try to trans off or use a multi ability (I was testing with a Cleric using Vastare Malus spell)
Notes: If you try to walk off you will occasionally get stuck in a falling state. This will require a portal out.
Loc: 358,1884
Relative location: Skeleton Warriors (rocks in that area)

Issue: Occasionally get stuck on bridge
How to trigger: Spirit run from one side to the other a few times, you'll eventually get stuck on one of the sides. I think this also occasionally happens with transing onto the bridge (not 100% on that). The only way to free yourself is by logging out.
Loc: 2636,2899
Relative location: Baraw area (bridge over lava)
Loc: 2596,3006
Relative location: Imexic area (bridge over lava)

Issue: Wandering monsters (daemon animus, daemon calvaria) fall into lava river. They will stay there indefinitely until their position resets after while. They can attack you with spells (and without direct LOS) and you can't attack them unless you stand right near the ledge of the river.
How to trigger: Just visit the location and observe normal monster behavior. It won't take long to trigger a wandering mob falling into the lava pit. This mechanic particularly makes this area difficult to hunt as well.
Notes: If you fall into the river on top of them sometimes you fall at such an angle that you cannot attack them at all, even though you are seemingly on top of them.
Loc: 2636,2899
Relative Location: Baraw area (lava pits)

Issue: Getting stuck in random spots while transing through the open world. The common theme I have noticed is elevation change (usually the side of a hill).
How to trigger: Trans around this area (east -> west). It didn't take me long to get stuck at the loc listed below. I was unable to use portal scroll or cast the spell Creare Porta. Since this is open world, any non-mage classes without Praesentis Trans (instant port) would be stuck indefinitely until assisted by another player.
Loc: 438,2216
Relative location: Stone elementals east of T1 (between elementals and the lake)

Issue: Cannot attack mobs using spin attack (melee multi) on the elevated platform in this area.
How to trigger: Try and attack mobs on the elevated platform using spin attack.
Loc: 412,474
Relative location: Warlock camp (North of Minotaur fortress/Northeast of Cons)

Issue: Occasionally get stuck walking through arch object
How to trigger: Just walk through the hut object a few times, you'll eventually get stuck on the middle portion or in one of the small archways.
Notes: Mobs tend to get stuck in these often. If you get stuck, you will be unable to hit mobs with multi attack (tested with spin attack) even though there's seemingly no elevation difference or LOS issues.
Loc: 2580, 2980
Relative location: Imexic area (hut)

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Loc: 1593,597 charge shrine

Loc: 1652,2225 tree

Loc: 817,1744 rock

Loc: 647, 1851 tree

Loc: 321,350 cons entrance

Loc: 2659, 2950 pix dungeon (every doorway in here can get you stuck)

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