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 Melee Only Items 
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Certain weapons/shields marked as melee only can be used by Clerics and Druids. Is this intended?

If so, daggers and shields should probably get reassessed for warlocks/wizards.

I do not have a breakdown of each classes multi power level, but clerics and druids definitely have it better off for hunting at least pre-70 and this may contribute to the gap in addition to some weirdness with stats and skills anti-synergy pulling damage out by ~12% so they can reach the mandatory 22 Wisdom to equip wands.

In previous versions of the game, Strength requirements did the job of preventing Clerics/Druids from scaling too high with AC compared to their damage output. Maybe these should be revisited as well?

Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:29 pm

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similar to how a darkwar / melee can equip a Staff.


Wed Oct 21, 2020 2:31 am

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Similar issue.

Also kind of a side note, why do items prior to level 10 have so many requirements, and no other items in the game (besides staves and wands) have requirements past that point, unless the item is old?

Intended change in design, or oversight?

Wed Oct 21, 2020 2:00 pm

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Chiming in here.
Wizard and Warlock itemization and equip ability has gimped them with the fighter update. Now what I'm about to say needs someone else's actual knowledge to shut me down to tell me of it could work but...

Based on the state of shields now and the stat update, what would be the downside to giving shields to mage classes again (for defense) and letting us take use of mage daggers? While 50% "has to suck" that "suck" can come from level breakpoints which unlocks items as you get higher and not flat out making them useless.

As a 62 solo geared Wizard, I've been lapped at every hunting spot by clerics and fighters but the Warlocks and Wizards are taking a hurt due to various things. Damage seems fine but multi size doesn't compare and the lack of serious defensive option, without being a battle mage, is gimpish.

Mon Jan 11, 2021 5:32 am

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I would kind of like it if there was stat required items(like staffs) but any char would wear them if they had the required stats. pretty much like on diablo if your are a wizard and wanna wear a plate, just put in the strength and u can wear it. but I'm not saying I wanna wear plates on a wiz in xen lol. but like on a darkwar I wanna use a battle mage staff so let me put it some intel/wis or whatever to be able to use it. so it would make my build weaker but I could use that item to kind of even it out.

maces pretty much have this. so as a cleric if I wanna use dentibus mace I have to put some stat points into strength and it would take some cons/wis away from my build.

Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:14 pm

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This was brought up. I and Rip both suggested wizards multi needs to be buff and seriously looked into. They are completely crap even at level 66. Theirs absolutely no difference with 90% energy and 120% energy when using multi at level 66. They die at the same amount regardless of the damage increase and 30% is a huge freaking difference yet not enough to show or increase our leveling speed. This was brought to ej on discord and hopefully he actually looks into it.

As for the gear in this game.... I also brought this up and suggested some items should be visited. When this was brought up I was asked “what items” I suggested capes, boots, wands and master rings should be really looked into. Master mage rings and master fighter rings being limited to 1 makes no sense and high end boots /capes and wands all being equally as powerful as a level 40 -50 required piece of gear didn’t make sense. I was then hit with that 50% of the gear should suck and that we want more gear to suck instead of relooking into certain items that don’t get used or even touched.

I seriously disagree with that outlook of how gear needs to be overall. I’m all about gear diversity and player options for classes. Forcing an entire weapon set and armor set to literally be useless kinda defeats the purpose of them even being in the game IMO.

Rapiers , claws , Diab armor set , and axes are just some set of items that shouldn’t even really be in the game. You might be able to make a case for axes because of regular vexar axe and super. Aside from those two weapons axes as a whole is completely underwhelming.

I can go on for days and take my time to actually explain some of these things but to make it simple. Theirs a lot of gear in this game with level requirements not fitting certain items and item level on gear not making much sense at all. This goes back to the old SSS issues from 10 years ago as to why people would just use a level 14 shield that cost them a few plat vs a high end that would cost them hundreds of plat.

Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:48 pm
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