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Strength -
Increases damage you deal with current melee weapons
Increases your chances of dealing a "Power Attack" with Strengh based weapon (axes, 2handed weapons.)
25 + strenght is required to weild 2handed weapons with large sheilds
35 + strenght is required to weild 2handed weapons with tower type shields
45 + strenght is required to duel weild 2handed weapons

"Power Attack" - basically a attack deals slightly more damage and guardbreaks. meaning by passes "Defend or Doge" but does not by pass armor. this doesn't happen often but strenght based classes benefit from this

Agility -
Movement and attack speed/casting spell - stat varies depending on class.
19+ speed spell - soft cap for most casters
29+ speed spell - hard cap for casters

29 + spell - fast spin cap
39 + spell - rapid spin

Agility effects the damage of daggers, rapiers. short swords. bows - strength does not effect damage you deal

Agility also effects "dodge"

Dodge - dodge how often you dodge attacks. is based on amount of agility you have. also factors to play in this.
if your wearing heavy armor. like plate. this also effects your increases chance of you being hit . but if you wear leather or chain you have high dodge rate.
Dodge is equal to defend watch basically same thing but without the shield.

Constitution - ((those with low constition may find themselfs getting wrecked by warlock poison)
Increases amount of HP you gain per level
Increases amount of defend when wielding shields
Increases your resistances to poison and cursing
and how strong your "Defend" is
every 10-12 points in constitution gives you 2+ base armor
(perfect balance of cons/str on war good defence and offense)

Wisdom - (This stat now for all casters)
Every 10 Points it increases yours all resistances towards magic by 2%
Increases amount of MP You gain per level
Slightly increases mp recovery
Increases the strenght of buffs. and healing spells (importiant for all casters)
(this is no longer a cleric/druid damage stat)

Intelligence -
Increases damage of spells casting
Every 10 Points increases damage of all spell types by 2%
Increases amount of experience you gain per kill
Increases amount skills you gain per level (important)
any spell changes or animation chances are based on this ability
(good balience between wisdom/int/cons makes great caster)
Luck -
Luck - luck stat cannot have points put into it
Luck changes every-time you log on from a number 1-20. and increases over time from when you where on
Increases your chances of finding rare items %
Increases your chances of finding items from chest pulls %
everyone starts off with base luck of 1. it max out at 20

now when i mean increases your chance of finding rare items dont mean like fancy new plate of armor

what mean is higher number key or magic bag. with chest pulls well little bit of help doesn't hurt

this opens idea of whole new set of gear ej could put in game

like rings of luck. amulets of luck that pop when open a chest stuff like like that

current prop with stats at moment is people like flood points in a single stat to a agree. this creates cookie cutter builds. and everyone starts doing same build. same stats and this is issue. diversity makes a great game. so sure over all stats may end up similar but not the same.

with this suggest the clerics/druids/wizards/warlocks have think hard about each point place on their character. oh lets put everyone point we have in int wisdom cause thats my damage stat.
now they have think how much mp then need. how much resistances they need. armor hp more build diviresty

Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:45 pm

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I like you idea and some of the "effects" some stats do. I think your numbers should be a little higher however. I'd like to see agility be a "critical" hit for those agi based classes. This can be included with intel for more "crit" rate as well.

Very cool tho.

Guess you just got Unlucky..

Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:08 pm
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