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 Another server merge issue 
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I don't understand how after 20 years of xenimus being out, the flow /rate of gear coming into the game hasn't changed. Does it not sound extremely dumb that after 20 years of playing, not one player has reached MAX GEAR... HOW CRAZY DOES THAT SOUND. NOT ONE PLAYER HAS EVER BEEN IN A PERFECT SETUP FROM HEAD TO TOE... in other games you can reach that in 2-3 months ( of no lifing it ).

And I don't want to sound like I want things to be super easy, but its just kind of wack to know that I'll never be able to get some of the gear people get and therefore will never be on an even playing field as them. Im sure a lot of players feel this way. Make the gear easy to come by please.

Why does xenimus not feel like a video game ?

Let’s make it fun!

Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:27 pm

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[quote="Suiicidal"] Giving all the chance to find tradable items, which is needed for player retention. .[/quote]

have been pushing this for a while as well. Lots of ways to do this (change 70 pull, make it possible via kings quest, enable end game drops in any 70 area (DKs, Crons lair, Fort) not just DD.

There is no risk of ruining an economy that does not exist. There are enough items at level 70 that even if one or 2 items enter the game per day that there wil still not be a flood of gear. The reason there is no value to diabolic gear, frag gear etc is the items are almost unusable at 70 plus they are the only items that drop from most 70 spots = lots of unusable items.

Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:31 pm
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All these people crying over gear when the player base is what 20 people? What are you kids going to do when the servers shutdown for good? Would love to see people freak out. The game COULD be fixed with so many small tweaks to make leveling enjoyable, smooth transitions, and better player collaboration with "raids". 2-3 people killing a boss isn't a raid. Get 15 players and give the bosses actual loot per kill not this goofy system we have now. If EJ is focusing on 2.0 he should just shut down X1 and be done with it.

Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:25 pm

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so speaketh Tir Mcdohl

amazing game btw its sad the series got put on handhelds instead of Playstation :/ after ps 2 era

what i woudnt give for a game that gave me the same Rush as Suikoden 1,2,5

Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:11 pm

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lol please nobody shut me down, I emailed ej then hunted it for a week before he nerfed it, if anything i owned all your nerd friends there when i seen them.. to where the only shut down i had is when they called 5 of you to try an team me, so id just leave and go right back... you guys are all trash, you's just have a no life advantage and a shared player base of 13+ players to get ahead in gear.. other than that you guys are trash always have been.. You guys were never relevant until joining together to no life the game... I always stood my own with no gear lol..

Great for the economy sure, if by that you mean the nerds becoming richest in the game due to no life bug abusing with no real fix, then yea that's what it is... I quit the server because it was dead and only the nerds played abusing bugs the entire time... there was no real pvp going on.. I have a wife and 2 babies, and clearly the server became no life to get rich, no chance to keep up for casual players.. it is what it is def not worried about any of you nerds, i played this game for 19 years and you guys were never relevant, and to me still arent. Google me.

Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:44 pm
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