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 Base hp and class balance 
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Xen101 wrote:
St Ruglin wrote:
Same reason most melee items dont have almus or reditus on their items. And mages do. EJ balanced it that way.

For example the difference between built in props on a vexar dagger and built ins on an adept wand. You have far more pointless props on the wand than you do the dagger.

What are pointless props on a wand?

Things like maximus. I don't mean pointless for game play, I mean pointless for active PVP. These are "After-Death" props. Nobody goes into a fight planning to die (unless you're Loki abusing Revenge), nor do they go into a fight preparing to die. Which is what props like Reditus and Maximus are. They are pointless for PVP. They're great for not dying, even though you've technically lost the fight. And no, they aren't "defense" props. A defense prop is something like +5 to Defense / +3 ASB. They actively mitigate damage during a fight.

And if you look at the majority of items a melee uses, they have many less of these "After-Death" props. But looking at any mage gear, it's just sprinkled with it. This is a disadvantage to mages. But then if you look at mages gear, they get lots of HP props, more than melee's. Disadvantage for melees.

So while people sit here and say "the game isn't balanced", it might be true, but not in the way they assume.

So the only thing I see as a failure on EJ's part is MAYBE, POSSIBLY, not realizing that certain props are tailored towards PVP or PVE, or some are for active fighting, some are for "After-Death." The imbalance would come from these props counting towards the item's item level.

While this is assumption, it may be an issue: I think EJ uses an algorithm to check the props of an item, and based on those props, it creates the item level for that item. But then again, I'm not sure, cause items like Adept Wand are very very under par for its item level. Unless he bases the item level of an item also off of the lowest item level of that school of items. But still doesn't make sense to me. So I'm not sure how he does it. Spirit Wand is a low level wand, Cron Wand isn't. Yet they're basically the same thing almost. But if he does do it this way, then things like Reditus would bolster an item's level, making it a better item, while in reality it isn't that great for the goals of the player. You can add a bunch of reditus and almus props to the Adept Wand, and bolster its item level to 120, and then add relevant props to a Vexar Dagger and by the game's view point, they are equal in item level, but in reality, they aren't.

---But again, this doesn't mean that the game is imbalanced. Cause while your Adept Wand might be crap compared to your opponent's Vexar Dagger, your equal item level hat might be better than their equal item level helm.

This make game balancing complex, and near impossible to do. It also makes it pretty tough for the players to do any sort of actual testing with real outcomes.

EJ has this invisible base line for where things should be. We don't know what it is, but all game designers have it. So words like nerf and buff have no real meaning to US. We honestly just know it is imbalanced and he needs a basic idea of how. We see that rangers may suck in some fashion, but EJ decides whether he buffs rangers, or nerfs everyone else.

Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:57 am
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