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 Improvements - Monsters/Challange Log- (Big Thread) 
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Suggesting of removing few things before I make this suggestion.

- All Monsters no longer have the a chance to do "Fragor Ipsum" on auto-attacks. i for one find this extremely overpowered fight against when first start this game. you run into some serious bad luck
- Health Regeneration or HP steal some monsters if not all monsters in game need be checked some seem be unkillable. unsmooth down right unkillable. this has nothing to do with if you suck or I poped white I have full 7 proped gear my stats are perfectly offensive and used star and shadow-power and these monster will not die. this is with 44 inteligence at lvl36 with poison cloud, venemon and fireballs on the target with me beaming sh*t of it max shadow devotion something is seriously wrong

i am not only person run into these situations were run into mr-immortal monster full intend is "godmode kill you. maybe it lag or something but i dont knwo

-mini-boss packs- one thing liked about some games is that game had these things call elite monster packs - little stronger. no not talking about damage but health what not. random name generated monsters that appear in dungeons on world in dungeon servers.

how can you tell if they are elite
-they have name elite skeletons
-auto-attacks will either have lightening, Ice or fire effect
- they have hidden props like chaotic, healthy ect
- can drop hidden proped items
- chances you running into them are slim

Elite Skeleton of Leeching - most likely drop a leeching item. can be killed solo but be little hard... very rare spawns i mean i go out find 1 every day.. i mean discover one eevery week

-Boss Monsters - Mini Boss monsters
you find monster with actually name - and boss hp bar -
i might take 1-2 take these down
these monsters drop stuff stuff appear in your inventory upon killing
Extremely rare spawn
ask for help
Orange colored names or red names whatever color
hell might find a rogue with 5-7 prop fire-sword. or ice blade ndnt

Killing these gives you experence rewards. talk to corsix or the king whoem ever get rewards

Challange Log - Is new Menu - get 1 week to complete it requires you do series of tasks and quests before end of the week - completing it will reward the player and all levels get this

Challange Log 1 (1-15)
Kill 50 Bugs
Kill 75 IMPs
Kill (All 5 named imps)
Kill 100 Skeletons
Kill (Dragon claw guy in t1 graveyward
kill (return ordarny ring to so and so)
Collect 20 Mystic Ore
Collect 20 Leafs
Kill 150 wizards
Kill Troll King
Kill return barbarians head
kill 200 orges
kill 20 elementals
Reward 100k experence - 50g and 7 proped Elemental peice at random 15-20 NDNT

each log based on every 15 levels. it leads your character to right direction

Helping Players Quest - near quests in cons - that rewards players for helping other players. by giving them gold. usable items like portal scrolls or max potions whatever. cause at moment no one wants help no one. i have beg or bother ppl to help me do things that are i need to do very rarely i do get help when i do. i feel these ppl who do help others should get rewarded somehow. that rare thing in xenimus. i think helping other lower players do gh jeloc or killing bosses and doing helping doing mc1/mc2 should be rewarded.

cause right atm people don't want to do this why shouldn't what do they gain from helping you? do know what see when log on xenimus everyday -= whole a-lot of shit-talkin and hostility, racism. sexism people eager to troll eager to blackmail, hate. no ones having good time all that anger in a game. this type of behavior needs to be discouraged do know how often i hear "reported" every single day . by someone random person.. likes favorite word every player of this game "reported"

I hate to imagine how ej must feel. creation he made has meant for enjoyment a game. turned into a people hating insulting each other daily basis. look no one likes losing items. no one likes losing. their seen people in xenimus that are more toxic then people in people in league of legends.

If you die - don't get angry , don't get frustrated be nice to one another and get good. and f-sakes wear a magic bag!? woah.. what do you lose. really a player comes down level70 kills you.. why should you care? go make some money buy another bag and continue.. 30 g is rather easy to make. also if walking around with pk on all the time some kills you steals your stuff.
That is your fault. do not blame people for your own stupidity.
if a player takes advantage of another players trusts. just so you can steal from them either items or account or whatever. try scheme pk someone
then ej for one think need these people need to be banned

take this from someone played all dark souls games and bloodborne - cheaters neverwin
when people started using cheat engine to give make themselfs unkillable.. game company toke swift action against these players. no longer even allowed online anymore play the game never get any help anyone.
Punishiments for bad behavour need be dealt with some way or form
You cheat you get banned
you take advantage of good ppl you get banned
pk all you want - hell but do it away unjust, underhandedly taking advantage of ppls trusts banned
If you let someone use your account. other then you. if they take away your account. both you banned perminately
Doping Items. using cheat engine or third party mods that give you advantage over other players.. banned
Zero tolerance for bullshit

Tue May 01, 2018 8:16 pm
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