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 The advancement of xenimus 
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I was thinking about saving this idea/ discussion for a discord session , but who knows if I would remember or when it will be exactly.

Hopefully this thread will spur something other than the dredge of monotonous complaints.

In a recent discord discussion the idea of a tutorial/ beginers area was thrown around.

I think finally, with the addition of the great quest, something like this could be implimented and carried out from level 1 -70

A single and perpetual chain quest all the way leading up to level 70 and ending with the great quest is something I think would guide new players and provide a direction for the game.

At the end of the quest ( aka the great quest / lvl 70) players would be instructed that many more powerful threats still lurk in Xenimus that need to be destroyed and this would send them on thier journey to start raiding.

(I appologise for any mispelling and or mis naming of town NPCS)

The quest would start at level 1 ,
when you spawn a gui interface could be displayed with a simple message (either in the proposed beginers area or more easily in t1)

Simple text like "Welcome to Xenimus" or a similar gretting message with the first set of instructions like " Talk to Rygaron to begin your journey"

Rygaron should check for level 1 players if he finds any within a certain distance he should approach them.

Players will not know how to check names and such so if he would approach them and say " Hello player XX i am Rygaron Welcome to (insert town name) would you like an explaination of how to play?" " Click me for further instruction" I think this would set the tone and help with understanding which is a big missing area for actual new player.

Rygaron could then proceed to either force display some pop up GUI interfaces with instructions or just speak above his head about simple concepts like setting keys and such.

After some quick explainations Rygaron should force GUI popup the players first quest (aka kill bugs around town) and inform the player to return to him after they have succeeded.

Obviously after this the player will begin to actually experience xenimus and explore / kill and the wheels will be in motion to link things together further.

Upon return to Rygaron the player will recieve the rewards and rygaron can instruct the player that he offers many more quests / rewards as the player levels up.That the player can click him to undertake the same quest or return to him at a later time ( when they level)

At this point the usual Rygaron GUI can stay in place and everything can progress as it does now in xenimus untill about level 15-20
When the player reaches level 15-20 Rygaron should again tell them that they are gaining to much strength for him to continue teaching them and that they should go see his brother (or whatever) Harsad the merchant in T2(insert town name).
There should also be at least some textual instruction about following the path south of town untill you reach it or something.

Obviously in T2 harsad offers his quests, at which time the player will be instructed on where to go for each quest.

After harsad T3

After T3 (and or at T3) the player should have a solid grasp on things and be the appropraite level for jeloc (which introduces T3 castle)

Corsix really realllyyyy needs to inform players about where to go and the bosses needed for Jeloc a little better.

At this point players are and or should be around lvl 40-50 where this goes from here is up in the air

This quest could track to another town or stay in t3 at the castle area leading up to the king and his quest.

Anyways just thought I would throw this thread out there

Respond or don't

Either way the ground work is really starting to shape up in Xenimus for something like this to be possible and I really think it is needed

Also I was sick of the Kings quest threads :D :D :D


Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:37 am

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I have been waiting to talk with EJ on getting the map maker again so I can continue to make areas.. So EJ... Map maker please lol.. you know where to find me!

Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:38 pm

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2.0 needs to get boosted with content, myself and you xen101 can make this dream a reality

Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:46 pm
Xen allows you to miss out on so much as you level, the mummy for example. Making the game into one big long quest (not mechanically, but conceptually) I think is a good idea.

Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:06 pm
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The quest could even tie in shrines, jeloc bosses, jeloc. Kind of give some direction and instruction in those areas.

Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:43 pm

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Bumping this because its been a while and this really didn't get the attention it deserved.

Any other thoughts on this by anyone? I know its like a common decent goal we would all like to see just wondering if anyone can think of some better implementations or anything?

Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:27 pm

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I can't do quest and i have 10p. loki has 2 adept rings 400p each and can do quest. "Wealth" ROFL

Rangers mult OP the fragor hits all mobs per arrow which cause mobs to die 1 hit. Even Death dungeon. Make them hit 1 fragor at a time. Druids fragor mult is the same. Melees cant mult pvp rangers cant either. its only fair.

Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:03 pm
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