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 Rangers.. and my opinions of coming back to the game. 
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So it seems people post here for EJ to look at when he can... I will try to make this as much detail as i can and opinions.

First i play a ranger as my main and I can say being returning player from 3-4 years ago and coming back i love how xen is more team based with raiding system and the exp that comes into leveling now does not take your life.

However when i first logged back into the game people telling me to drop the ranger and play a warrior. Although im stubborn i refuse to play the "Meta" everyone wants cause of course things change in xen which is the best at each time but looking at it and playing a 70 warrior and playing my 59 ranger i can see a difference not just in levels but the play style.

Rangers Pro's
1 Hunt faster then certain fighter types due to range multi shot and mobility.
2 HP / MP Steal now works with bows which brings higher end bow builds.
3 Able to dps raid boss's at low levels with fragor bomb shooting the tank.
4 Pure Glass Cannon In my opinion one of the highest damage melee class's in the game.

Ranger Con's
1 May Hunt Faster but lacks in hunting higher level area's geared to the T or not still unable to hunt higher end area's.
2 Glass cannon term should be more Plastic cannon you sneeze they die having the lowest hp in the game at higher levels ( this includes wizards ) with the same cons build.
3 Lack of deph of character. Not only do they not have spells, they lack skills as well. Multi shot thats it bread and butter but nothing other to choose from?
4 Very solo based class puts hinder on defending itself when attacked by another player i mean some of the monsters already hurt enough throw a player in the mix and your taking a dirt nap.
5 PvP Though damage is great, Can be avoided with someone casting a fireball or projectile type at your OR the typical "Gas Form" completely takes out all damage you send
6 Typical Gank class with no real threat no one really plays them due to their lack of deph and ability to survive / increase leveling area's

My suggestion is maybe give them something that tends to be the "Thief / Ranger"

1 Attack Skills that proc with lethal ( typical triple slash and jump slash other melee's have ) being they have none other then tornado slash having to manual put it in defeats your saying "Melee's swing faster then mages can click a spell" having to cast tornado slash each time is making them more a caster then a melee.
2 Implement their worth as a melee rather we as a player have a choice between bow or melee give them a edge in melee other class's don't have i mean let's be real its one of your oldest class's and have their days but when they get nerfed they get nerfed to were no one likes them.

1 Multi shot. Very great skill does not need to be fixed in my opinion but maybe making some bow skills which example would be "Triple Shot" like caster having a wand we would have to click a player we shoot 3 arrows at once which in a form like a beaming another player we would but indeed shoot more arrows at once. I think if bow rangers have to lose hp and melee standards and have to "BUY" arrows to even damage while others don't make them a true glass cannon make them a threat by giving them other damage spells if we attack a boss with a bow give that boss a reason to wanna attack us first instead of the mages or tanks. every mmo i have played Archer class's are on PAR with casting damage but lack survivalist style play.

2 Stats, Having people run around with 101 agility ( yes at 70 i will have that ) because it's the only form of damage you have, as you said you never want players putting all Points into one thing but if thats how they do it then they do it, But i have spent many many of coin on tokens and redid my stats many times there is no other opinion but to do to pure agility on them which they should have a better chance at damage as DPS class then a mage who can tank boss's and damage at the same time.

Honestly I think just the smallest things would make these guys back on the boards again not only in pvp but in pve as i stated before their amazing leveling but once they get that breaker point of 60 they lack in every aspect to shine and fall off faster then mages do in exp leveling. although im use to making 5million an hour from back then being able to pull out 15-20m like the rest would be nice.

I hope you read this sorry it's not all grammar style its 4am But i think the other class's should be looked at Darkwar's Clerics and what not because i see the game as this only played "Warrior, Wizard, Warlock," the game has 3 class's the rest are tossed some players have a strong druid but they have so much gear on them and barley can contend vs those 3 class's.

I hope this is informative for you and can help with the upcoming 2.0 cause i see on there is the same class's as well and i enjoyed Xenimus in it's diversity of builds and class's compared to others who are all "Same gear same stats same everything" the game was ment to be based on skill and being one of the oldest players and even a old admin for you it would be nice seeing some "Balance" as much as you hate it being said cause you can't please everyone and i understand that but as i see the game only 3 class's worth while.

Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:54 am
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Deja Vu. Someone returns, has lots of suggestions that believe will "fix" the game, realise not many people care, realise EJ is busy and has his own vision, player gets salty and quit again.

Weren't you here a year ago orso with your I'm quitting again post?

I would rather EJ focus on the updates he said he would do (i.e. changing NDNT, continue Full PVP, adding some more hunting spots, releasing map editor for X2 etc).


Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:48 pm

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have to agree with shabam. Tim x2 is the future. I want the world designer for x2, more content (which comes with world designer after we get it) etc. I don't really think class balancing on x1 is anywhere near the top of the list. His plans are to get rid of x1 altogether eventually I thought?

X2 is really good it's just really early. I actually enjoy playing xenimus again. Sure I wish it were full pvp but for now I enjoy it when an update is added and I can explore and try to find new things. It's what made xenimus so addicting back in the day!

Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:21 pm

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X2 maybe the future but rangers suck there also, i have a ranger there see the same issue, and no i havnt logged on in over 2-3 years

Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:54 pm

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All fig types suck on X2 until mid 20s lol.

Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:34 pm

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Sup Vellek.

I check in every once in a while but every time I do, I don't see many things that would bring me back, so I move on and check again later ;)

IMO, many suggestions will not fix this game. Either you'll enjoy it now or maybe you will after there is a gigantic change.

Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:22 pm
rangers suck untill a +3vexar bow, Chaotic(all melees need chaos)

but with a +3 vexar bow, comboed with a partner playing a wizard or cleric
they can annihilate people with ease due to the Insane damage rangers can put out in comparison to other classes

a vexar bow ranger can Lethal my wizard(strongest ingame arguably) for over 80%
meaning he would only need 2 shots to kill 1 lethal 1 regular hit

and my warrior(best geared ingame) can get 1 shot by a very lucky lethal with vexar bow

rangers sure have their flaws
but they also have incredible strengths IF u get the item needed

Kinda remind me of vanilla wows warriors
vanilla wows warriors were garbage untill Epicly geared
when they were they turned into death machines

Sat Jun 10, 2017 5:48 am

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Not completely true.. RiP did superb with a Triton Bow... So don't completely believe what Antrax is saying..

Ask RiP what he thinks about rangrs stuff.

Xen101 for Admin!
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Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:11 am

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It's not just about the pvp but the pve with them having like no hp they will not be hunting hk's or anything like old gha without gear that what we would be in term called "EPIC GEARED" which if a new player comes to the game and joins will not have im sure their pvp is awesome if they got good gear but again theres a reason why there is no new rangers cause well they suck lol

Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:24 pm

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I'll ask RiP if I can share his stuff on here. But I'll tell you he had over

3.3K hp
1.3K AC
And above 35 resist.

And remember the damage thief do is solely skill and bow. So you can build completely for tank.

Xen101 for Admin!
Check out the Stream @ for World Design stuff!
Suggest your Ideas for 2.0 @ viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6712

Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:32 pm
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