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 Class Balancing & Nerfing Protective Items: 
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1. Nerf Reditus Amulets.
1(a) Reason to nerf these is to create more dangerous gameplay.
1(b) to create gear loss and transfers of wealth.
2. Needing of Max Amulets see 1. to see why.
The above shall drop less and be found less in the game.
3. -Almus needs to be removed.
The reason is to ensure more dangerous gameplay.

This can create a check on gear buying and selling.

Class Balancing issues:
Warlocks need to get rolled back by 5 updates.
Warlocks Never 2 star one-shot Bottom DD.
Tabes needs to be rolled back.
Warlocks also need F12 Reditus removed.
That's too protective.
Warlocks need a check on the damage that they do.
Warlocks also need a Egg extererur nerf they are a druid or cleric.
They as well need tueri nerfed as I stated they are not a holy
Here is the reason why for the Buff nerf:
No mage shall be able to tank and damage dealer.
You want the damage. lose the buffs.
ASB will need to be looked at.

Warriors need a slight nerf and buff.
Stomp needs to be looked at as it is an abusable mechanic.
People hunting can be killed by stomp which is an abuse of
mechanics. (Stomp shall not impact people on monsters)
Warriors Spin needs a buff. The warriors need their double spin back.
The spin is far too weak.

Wizards use terminology as I stated for buffs.
ASB will need to be looked at.
Wizards need a slight nerf buff wise.

Darkwars need a buff:
Not a huge one.
Juxta needs to be rolled back by 3-4 updates.
Nerf possible crit chance.
Removal of JOH.
Shadow Form Needs a slight nerf.
Keep the Damage reduction but lose the movement speed and attack speed.

Paladins need a big buff.
They are a Holy Class.
Omni Armor Spell and Omni Extu. This will balance out below:
Fighter weapons need a slight decrease in numbers like this
Paladins are for tanking. They're not all damage dealers.

Druids & Diab-Clerics will need decreased cast speeds
for ipsum and Evil Beams. -.75 seconds per cast.
The same rules would apply to wizards and warlocks.
But just with cast speed. Instead of buffs decrease their overall cast speed.
ASB would need to be looked at.
Cast speed for these classes is far too high.
Using Freeze as a rule you can gain .25seconds back.

These are all sensible Fixes. You can leave a comment below.
Be smart do not name call.

Sun Dec 05, 2021 7:54 pm

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Dws don't need a buff...Shadow form needs a nerf. They should NOT be tankiest class and highest melee dps clsss.

Locks are fine.

Wizards are fine.

Clerics need a small buff to ice to make it usable again.

Warrior stomp needs to be nerfed in pve. Rigjt now ppl just abuse it to harass people grinding becausr it causes players to miss their next spells. It also affects raids because the whole raid groups get stomped out of attacking repeatedly.

It should not affect players not in pvp.

Also would look at the power gap between lvl 70 and 73.
No reason a 73 can 90%-100% a lvl 70.

Hey you g-guys!
Road to 7k.

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Sun Dec 05, 2021 10:46 pm

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Agree, nerf warlocks and druids. Far too powerful, also nerf Paladins. Buff Darkwars and clerics.

Sun Dec 05, 2021 11:44 pm

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removing Reditus from warlocks makes 0 sense, this appears to be an attempt that pvp server which has failed time and time again. Warlocks kill fast sure, but they die super fast as well, appears youve never played one.

Why would warlocks get Egg extererur nerf and tueri, but nothing mentioned for wizards (isnt it the same). If youve ever played a wizard vs a warlock you'd realize warlocks are a lot squishier

Mon Dec 06, 2021 8:13 pm

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Since no one else has mentioned your first points about life saving items, I agree that reditus and maximus amulets are being relied on too heavily.

Live Saving Amulets and magic bags are plenty of death protection. Almus and maximus effects should be extra rare and hard to maintain. Dying is part of the game, yet after a certain point you can just carry around enough extra lives that it doesn't affect you. You can, and are expected to, carry around so many full heal potions and amulets that you basically only die when completely out-gunned by someone much more powerful in one hit, or if you the monsters you are hunting get lucky and all beam you at once or something.

I am also against full heal consumables for the same reason. If the game only functions when people are chugging full heals and maximus amulets, then it's not working. This can cause major misconceptions with class and monster balance and it's no surprise that those things are always hot topics and in a poor state.

We had a long discussion about this same thing around this time last year but that topic has long since been pruned. Not much was done since then and LSA still doesn't work or double kills you half the time. Thanks for bringing this up again.

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Wed Dec 08, 2021 3:32 pm

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epicchase wrote:
Since no one else has mentioned your first points about life saving items, I agree with reditus and maximus amulets being relied on too heavily.

Well ej added Good/Rare runes as non equippable so that they HAVE to be in inventory so they would be dropped when killed/pked.

People spam 4x almuses+ reditus amulets so they are not dropping.

People have the same houses for 4-5 years cuz of redos.

These need to pass around.

Hey you g-guys!
Road to 7k.

Wed Dec 08, 2021 3:48 pm
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