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 Changes I'd like to see. 
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Questlines, storyline, lore.

You're going to need it for steam.

And it would be fun in general to finally have stuff to do besides grind grind grind.


Wed Sep 22, 2021 12:10 am

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Grind until you get carpal tunnel

”Cheating is always a good idea that never caused a wipe or anything, and I would never instantly delete a character I caught cheating.”

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Wed Sep 22, 2021 2:54 am

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If I haven't gotten it with all the grinding I have done in this game I doubt I will. lol

Thu Sep 23, 2021 1:45 am

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If ej wants to get on steam he is going to have to focus on day 1/ begining game content.

Intro/ tutortial / lore/ quests (not just kill tasks but quests).


Sat Sep 25, 2021 7:18 pm

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xenimus surviving steam will never happen. Everything that is designed for a lower level player or stuff that came from older versions of the game have become broken, and when EJ finally gets around to fixing it, he updates it to be relevant to end game content.
Spirit chests, great hall, anything copied over from DS is now 5x harder than it was before. You couldn't get to the 55 spirit chest with 50 level 55 characters, and it can be challenging at level 65 even with mid range gear.
You couldn't take a team of any number of level 36 characters and go get Jeloc now, or even kill all the bosses needed for jeloc by level 40 or 50.

Star shrine that can be acheived at level 20 is hidden in the deepest part of a fort with level 50+ mobs and a boss that you need to be at least in the 50's to kill to get to the entrance. Once you get in the star shrine, more ultra level 50+ mobs. For a level 20 ability.

Not to mention that he has constantly nerfed all gear down while upping difficulty of monsters in the game. I will agree that it is easier than it has been in the past to level a new character, but that's because we all know the secrets and things that are essential to surviving and getting gear in xenimus.

Mon Sep 27, 2021 12:31 am

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I'd love more worldbuilding like quests and such. I think the things I would like to see most are design oriented. Fundamental stuff that doesn't necessarily need to take a lot of work to bring into the modern era but to embrace the stuff that makes Xenimus unique and make those as good as they can be.

However, neither Prime or 2.0 have thought out overworlds and need a lot of (re)work to be serviceable. With dungeon server being gone, more thought needs to go into how the world is designed overall to compensate for the huge loss.

As far as story, lore, quests, it doesn't take much and doesn't have to be incredibly deep. Even the small chores and tasks going way back worked well enough because as you were up and coming as an adventurer you went from mundane tasks to more difficult ones and suddenly they just... stop. This is just an abandonment of the slow and gradual leveling up process and the shift to the high XP/HR hunting areas and max level we got in return.

It depends on what kind of game E.J. is trying to make. Xenimus as an old game was busted and old, but mostly complete and had systems that made sense and felt good for what they were at the time. Modern Xenimus, even with new graphics or it's new engine on 2.0, lacks utilization of it's resources and feels amaetur and incomplete even by old standards because a lot has been "fixed" that was never broken leaving it in a sorry state. You can get back on the right track again with some clever changes, but it will mean some reworking and potential backtracking to find footing again.

With all that being said, the biggest and most important change I could ever wish or hope for this game is that E.J. would accept some help. Call it whatever you want. Plenty of people have offered help over the years and would be glad to do so again if E.J. would accept.

Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:52 pm
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