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 PvP damage 
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I've been kind of harping on this topic lately. I've shown how many hits it takes a melee to kill a mage, I've shown how many beams it takes a mage to kill a melee, I've shown close to an hour of clipped pvps (clipped together meaning hours of pvp condensed for your viewing pleasure), and I'm running low on ways to demonstrate this problem.

Perhaps a little statistical analysis will do the trick though. So let's take a look at PvP stats over the last 2 weeks.
Kills total = 77
Deaths total = 7

What do these very basic numbers tell me about how people are playing the game?

One interpretation could suggest that the people getting kills are pking. So they're going around killing players with very low risk of dying, and those players that are dying aren't landing any kills so they don't show up on the pvp stats page. I can only speak from my personal experience, but I don't see anyone pking or hear of anyone pking hardly ever.

Interpretation two could suggest that people are killing their own alt chars for pvp points, and that nobody is really dying. In fact if we look at the geared characters that died the death total is only 2. In two weeks there have only been 2 PvP deaths among the higher geared characters. What could possibly be causing that?! The fact that nobody does enough damage to kill people. I would wager a great deal that those 2 deaths were a result of 2-4 people attacking one person.

I'm open to other interpretations of the data if you guys have any.

Sat May 23, 2020 11:21 am

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ONLY thing that counts as deaths is dying on floor (which no one does) so that leaves reditus amulets.

Reditus amulets are RARELY p;opping when people are still spamming/ stacking almuses via maximus amulets.

IF almuses counted as deaths the REAL numbers would show up cuz ppl LOSE 10x almuses then stop pvping cuz they wont want to pop their redo, thus LOSING 10 times but not an actual pop so its not equated to a loss on pvp stats.

When me and alpha, RIP owned you , puddin, and 2 other mages, (cuz u were 3on1 alpha at first ) YOU literally lost 10-15 almuses before you gave up and sat on square.

Those almuses were all losses but dont count as a death/loss on pvp stats.

xenforum1 wrote:
the kill itself was rather anti climactic. There was no legendary item given, no quest to obtain , no title, reward of substance, or anything.... You could say, I'm disappointed.

It is a little odd some people feel entitled.

Sat May 23, 2020 12:46 pm
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