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 Xenimus Ideas, discussion (updated 5/12/19) 
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Ok a little while back EJ asked the people for some ideas and then locked the thread. I felt the need to post the best parts here, with some updated ideas

(Updated 5/12/19) posted here:

House ownership - Currently houses are owned by some heavily addicted xen players and have been held by these players for many months if not many years. i have been playing this game for 20 years and have never ever owned a melee house, and i once owned a mage house for 2-3 weeks before i simply did not log in. It's about time this mechanic was changed, i think currently it is unhealthy for the players who are clawing onto the ownership, and it prevents the vast majority of the game from ever experiencing house ownership. If all houses where disowned 1 hour after a player logs out or on the server daily reset, many more people could enjoy this feature. It makes PvE incredibly easy and cheap and also in PvP it is free white potion effect, which costs players 3gold every 20 seconds, ontop of maximus pots, red pots, vis maxi pots, vis battle scrolls, hit amulets, then if you happen to loose the pvp - sanctus scrolls, maximus amulets and reditus amulets and for some people a white elixir.

Cleric ability to see party HP bars - Currently as a cleric you have to blindly heal people wasting magic points when you probably did not need to. It would be a fantastic feature for clerics to be able to see HP bars on party memebers. Blindly healing means you can really only focus 1 person tanking, if HP bars where visable healing 3-4 people might be a viable option. Clerics right now feel pretty terrible compared to any other class, the only good thing clerics really get is the ability to almus people, which is kind of shadowed by maximus amulets and cheap sanctus scrolls, and cleric almus is not guarenteed like these consumables so you have to take time and go to cleric shrine to ensure it has been applied.

Daze/Pin/Away/Net/Dodge for Rangers struggling to PvP - I have noticed how easy it is to get up in a rangers face when melee vs melee. I think this class needs something to help. Let daze work with bows, as arrows can have a pinning down effect. Or a special throw item like a net, which disables oponent mage or melee from casting/attacking and nets them in place. Also possibly rangers being able to spec into Away or a Dodge skill.

Kings Quest - I know you have been frustrated over critism on this one before but EJ, could you try yourself and do kings quest on a character using items below ilvl 90 to complete it? It is really difficult and after 5 hours or so of questing, to get an item you cannot use, then the same thing happens the next 14 days in a row, gaining nothing and loosing gold and bags in the process, its just not a fun element for the poor. This kings quest is only really beneficial to those players who have tradeable vexar or similar gear, who just king quest with the high end gear equipped and remove before reset. This quest needs to be easier for the actual poor and new players to the game.

It would be good to see a sort of road map for xenimus updates & progression. I have been playing a lot of Rust lately and they have a decent road map system.

This road map has an up voting system. Problem with this forum is accounts are not linked with game accounts and game accounts are not exactly hard to make numerous as it is free to play and unlimited number of accounts can be made for your email, so it would most likely be trolled by certain individuals everyone knows about.

I guess after typing that i realised the only way to have that system would be overhaul on how xenimus accounts and board accounts worked. I guess having only green names able to vote would help without having to change a thing.

Here is a link to the website for Rust's Road map:

Anyways, the road map has the ability for users to Make a suggestion, with ability to up vote/down vote
The suggestions get catogrized into either - In progress - Planned - Researching - Rejected - Completed

Rust also has a seperate server the call the 'Staging Branch' this allows updates and ideas to be implemented and tested by the players before being realised onto the main server update. If Xenimus could get a test server similar which allowed players to join and have commands such as -set level 1-70, and -item ominex leather to allow all items to be equipped with free ability to add/remove any imbued props. Players could test all aspects of the game and find/figure out imbalances in PvP and Pve for all classes and on all levels.

I was not even going to type the above it just happened, i wanted to post some ideas.

Dispell - Should not remove buffs completely but instead reduce the effectiveness of buffs. If dispell worked by adding stacks that reduced buff effectiveness by 10% per stack, and upto 70% total. This would allow the melee damage balance to mages super strong buffs, as of now currently in pvp mage vs melee, only way melee can win is to dispel the tueri, other then that mages just laugh at melee damage. Melee do what 5-10% per hit, if that. This would also help if your weapon does not get dispel because in PvP if you dont have dispel prop on your weapon its not worth using at all. This would allow dispel prop on weapons to add faster stacks, but still allow dispell spell to work with some effectiveness, as you could slowly add stacks. The duration of the stacks could be like 5-15 seconds per stack.

Resist Stupify - Should reduce the effectiveness of stupify spell aswel as the chance of being stupified and even the time duration, currently its a pretty garbage prop, as if you fail to apply stupify on your first cast, you can instantly cast it again and again to get sucess, once its applied its done.

Resist Freeze / Away - These props should not reduce the chance to be frozen or away'd but reduce the timer on freeze and the distance of away. The problem with Freeze in PvP is if your caught at 50% hp or below and you freeze, your dead as you cannot maxi/med whilst frozen. Its boring and makes you required to use meds/maxis at 50% or higher HP, removing the skill of risking going lower then 50% HP in PvP before med/maxi use. If this was in play though. If this was changed by the prop. More items or even skills should be introduced to help bring freeze timer down.

Spiritus Rings - Currently it is only the Super Vis Omni Spiritus ring that is a better version of a +2 scienta ring. Can we not make all Spiritus and Omni Spiritus rings have +2 levels of ability. And the regular Vis omni spiritus should probably be +3 likes its super counter part. The reason the lower levels of thie super vis omni spiritus ring suck is because ofthe code that 'tries' to balance the gear for its destined item level. But this ring is so broken and useless below the super vis omni spiritus ring.

HP/MP regen properties - This is what heavily reduces an items value as 1/2 regen is not noticeable and also effects how an item is deemed worthwhile of its Item Level in the games item balance system. In the fast paced xen even if u manage to get 100 HP regen (which you cannot get btw) it would only regen 40% of my HP on a 5 secondish tick? During PvE if the area is hard theres no way i can rely on this tick to actually heal anything. I have to use a med wand or maxi pot to instantly full heal. HP/MP regen needs a complete rework, if there was no regen 'tick' and your HP/MP just gained all the time and you could see it consistantly going up. Say if you watched for example 10 seconds your HP or MP would fill 0%-100% and with regen props you could reduce the time to fill to 9.5s/9s/8.5s/8s/7.5seconds obviously with a cap, no faster then say 3 seconds for a totall fill. This would work for all levels so would be a good implement across the board, as currently on low levels HP/MP regen is overpowered. And it just does not feel 'proper'.

The AC % properties - On lower level items, this prop just does not actually do much, even on the highest level items for example 3% armor on 300ac gloves is 9ac gained. Its a bad prop, its not even worth trying to get if your going for a defensive build. If the propped worked on overall armor, at 1000ac, 3% would gain 30ac, possibly slightly noticeable, but yeah it doesnt work like this.

PvE on warrior - Currently warriors are nerfed in PvE compared to any other class. The choice for PvE setup is 2 handed which makes you not allowed to wear
a shield or dagger, even with no skills in 2handed weapons it is better then sword+shield/dagger full skills.

Daggers Damage - Daggers do not add damage for spin or single hit, the only way to get damage from a dagger is to throw it or gain benefit from the 3/6% damage prop. Daggers should add damage to both Spin and Single hit, as currently the only real good dagger for PvP is triton or shroud, as dirus/draconic have bad pvp built ins and their extra damage from being higher level doesnt do anything.

Claws - Its strange claws 2 handed weapon can be equipped with a dagger, but only one dagger. Either remove the dagger being worn and up the prop bonus for claws to 7%/14% dmg/spd. Or allow claws + dagger in each hand to be worn, which would allow upto 18% max total spd/dmg props.

The Power of Paladins in Melee combat - Currently paladins are way better then any other type of melee in pvp combat. If you disagree, fight my paladin, ill wear similar or worse gear. There needs to be some balancing done for this or there is litterally no point in anyone trying to melee pvp on any other class. As xen has hidden hit/def or other bonuses its hard to pin point where the problem is occuring. But paladins out hit/def any other melee, aswel as having the highest AC / Buff power, making them very easy and cheap to PvP on. The power of omnimultum in PvP is insane, this spell has no cast limit and heals for roughly 40% HP, which during pvp most people choose to heal at around 50% hp loss, so it makes paladins super cheap to pvp on compared to other melee's who have to use maximus potions. (As an example of how powerful paladins are in melee PvP, my 70 paladin vs my 70 warrior, my paladin wins even though my warrior out gears him by a SVOV and 1 Cron warrior and both my Warriors cron warriors are speed propped, paladin only has 1 amp proped cron warrior total) They both run the same agil Stat points and similar skill points, infact my paladin should be more nerfed as he is stuck with 22 intel stat being a scallion.
I guess I am only going to PvP melee on my paladin from now until this is changed.

Enraged - A new Warrior class passive, where you get a 20% damage buff from being below 70% HP

Indomitable - A new Warrior class passive, you would gain 20% higher ac/resists below 50% HP

Darkwars/Paladins having transport spell and Rangers/Warriors do not? They all get Run Attack/Spirit Run, its just makes playing rangers/warriors more expensive having to buy trans wands all the time. There is no benefit to trade off, perhaps remove run attack/spirit run from darkwars/paladins. Or just remove the transport spell from them. Things like this make the game feel unfairly balanced, making one class better and more enjoyable and cheaper to play then another.

I am going to spend some time pulling out the best ideas from the post EJ made and carry them over to here.

ejthayer wrote:
I think adding more quests to the game is always a good idea. Putting together a single linear quest throughout the entire game might make it feel less open. But adding more quests so you have more choices along the way would be great. I have also thought about adding additional supply items so you could get geared up along the way.

RagsToRiches wrote:
The only thing i want added, is a proper turtorial and gameplay for new players.
The game is amazing, i love it but as a new comer it's way to difficult, and in todays climate hard is not ok.

Xen101 wrote:
The next two are just you changed. I’d love to see a lot more attention to the boards and actually in game. You had a short period where I felt you were on the forums constantly. It gives hope to the players when that happens.

I’d also like to see you actually PLAY xenimus. I think when you play you understand the game better from a players view.

Data_masked wrote:
I think itd be cool to have stats and skills matter more than gear. People could experiment with different builds and what not. This would also make gear that isn't really valuable or used right now worth something.

Devalue gear. Improve skills and stats.

Loki wrote:
Squish down the attack speed and casting speed by like 25%.
Players hit and cast too fast when it comes to pvp (but in pve it is fine).

New Boss Gear
Cron and Arachnid Queen drop items of their name so why not others?

Arrhawk is a newbie level 60 ish boss and yet is killed 100% of the time by level 70s farming it for materials and "ankhs".

How about thinking of an idea via the Professions Screen that you can Break/ Melt Down gear for these materials and maybe new materials.
As an example, Cron drops Animus Essence so if you melt down / break down any Cron items, you can get 1-2 of these items randomly. (Also a small chance of getting junk)

Omerta wrote:
Honestly im pretty satisfied with gameplay overall there are some things that could change but my biggest issue is that i dont feel any progression when i play. Like if i dont have 5 hours to just sit in 1 spot and hope that no one else comes to chase me away i will never gain

Charles Martel wrote:
-dual playername (brings up option like how inviting to guild works to the person you requested a dual, accept or decline)
Enters you into a dual with said player, no external buffing/healing/damage can happen. Dual is won if one person dies/pops/or exits the parameter. Parameter is set by a sword in ground marking an area roughly 2x2 screens.

Functions when both players put their sword marker down, say the person who initially requested the dual gets to place the zone marker, then the dual starts when the 2nd player touches the sword marker.

External functions before dual starts, -wager xxgold/plat player name. Allows anyone to bet, you can even bet on yourself, winner of dual gets 25% of total pot + amount the bet on themselfs if any. Players who -wagerd get a split amount of 75% winnings, people who bet on looser get nothing.

Squash 5%/10% special properties down to 3%. Reason being is it currently its making and breaking items. Something to think about if this is not changed, is to allow the first 3 props of an item to be chosen, this allows you if you get for example a draconic sword, you want it for PvE, you pick HP/MP/5dmg props, then the rest are random outcome as current. You could limit it on not allowing doubled up props for the first 3, so for melee you can only go 5spd, 5dmg, disp, then hope for the extra 5spd in the next 4-8props.

Bomb almus in pvp and multi attacks in pvp, when group pvp happens both these things are so stupid, You can just link up 5 wizards and blue bomb to instantly kill anyone or 5 melee to all spin same time will take hp from full to 0 in 1 move, multi should do no damage in pvp, end of.

Fragor Agredi was just cool.

Make metal chests give more variance in random pulls, can be due to area difficulty/secret locations for extra spice.

Introduce more lore and storyline players can get into/follow. Can be done with quests/shrines, still that shows some progression with yoru character getting stronger.

Updating things that make no sense like sogam/baraw giving ndnt mystic somtimes. And the HK quest giving super low chance for mage/fig ring, should be master version.

In old DD, there are some ultra 75 monsters on the top floor, making it not possible to hunt for the people needing the found items there. (top lvl mobs are like ultra 52-54, then theres some random ultra 75 left from the old layout, the lower level does not suffer this peril and you can trans/mark inside the lower level, litterally mark next to the boss drack, who is far too hard for 50-64 to attempt raiding, has a 3-5 stacking poison cloud.

Omni Almus updated cleric almus special makes u invunerable for 3 seconds after almus popping.

Party system for temporary group hunting in DD, allows fair -rand of rare item drops, also splits all other loot evenly.

A wider variety of crafted items, spell scrolls, potions. Could use the new raid items like demon blood, aswel as being used in crafting you could also drink it for 10% fire resist and rage potion effect for 10 minutes.

In current xenimus, it is true people dont really pvp in its full swing until level 65-70, because you have to change specs for leveling / pvp, so its more wise to just level to 65-70 before attempting to pvp. Even then at level 70 you get fierce advantage in PvP. And also the gear system upto 64 pales in comparison to what can be equipped at level 65 if rich, or lucky with farmed ndnts.

Change the equip limit on items, as currently its very linear until 65. Items Ilvl 89 and below should be equippable at level 55. And items 75 and below equippable at lvl 45. This should create a greater pool for trading to occur, so you can trade for better items and wear them earlier. A lot of the items are not being used and dont hold their value in the current equip system for items below 89, not all but most.

chriske wrote:
- party leveling so you can boost friends that you introduce to the game

JumboShrimp wrote:
I don't know if there is anything actually wrong with the speed of leveling, its more that you get no sense of progression while leveling. You don't get any new spells after level 15, and the hunting isn't rewarding enough. The "Found Items" spots are extremely popular for a reason; they're rewarding, and exciting.

There should be an Inspect Player function so new players are able to see what high level people are using.There should be an Inspect Player function so new players are able to see what high level people are using.

gucci wrote:
Pvp levels and points should be reworked

Color dyes for armors and weapons so everyone dont look the same.

Color dyes or something else but something to make characters look different, when group PvP occurs and every is fierced, its near impossible and damn right annoying figuring out who to target.

Wireless wrote:
I was thinking castles can have there upgrades permanently saved, and it makes them a little more valuable then houses for the reason you can start upgrading it X infinite.

I was also thinking, castle owners should get 1.5X dmg buff, like the white potion effect., but it has like blue sparkles or orange sparkles instead.

and promoted members can get 1.2X dmg.

They can only get the damage buff temporary, like a white potion effect on the house.

So once you enter the castle, you get the buff for 3-5 mins.

I actually really like the idea of castle upgrades being permanent to the guild, you could even customise the decor inside, so if anyone from the guild captures the castle it becomes their saved style/upgrades.

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Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:20 pm

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sounds like a bunch of warrior buffs which are not needed. I'll post my list soon.

Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:37 am

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not a bad post charles martel some very insightful ideas here

and pretty much all of it is very true

Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:42 am

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I like the post. I think there could definitely be changes to balance things.

I think the + level of ability stat is outdated. It was really cool previously when we had tiers of spells, and you could use it in a situational to gain certain spell upgrades in a trade off for raw stats. The entire stat should probably be removed from the game, and re-balance the items that have those stats.

Besides that I think there is core problems in the design of the system in place that I would love to see changed. Xenimus has slowed down a lot in pace as people have gained better and better items, and these flaws show themselves more as things are scaled up. One example would be rangers, when gear quality was much lower rangers were insane, because they could unlock almost all of their offensive capabilities through their bow. As people raised their armor values, and could withstand rangers inability to increase their damage they've been phased out of the game.

That core problem is damage scaling. In general mages scale better than melees, and melees better than rangers. This is because rangers after a bow can no longer increase damage, after a certain amount of attack speed melee damage increase takes a diminishing return affect, and mages high end items always have allowed them to seemingly continuously scale. As their % increase, all of their abilities, defensive, and damage, and speed increase along side their regular gear defensive.
I think that has always plagued xenimus, and the only thing that has reset the cycle is wipes. As gear floods in, the game scales, then the game is taken over by mages.
You can simply balance classes as they are now scaled up, but then you risk ruining balance for lesser geared players. Probably best to just adjust the entire design of the system if you really wanted to fix it, and make building characters interesting.

Aside from that I think passives are pretty boring. Things like noxa are mind blowing to me. Although I'm clearly biased against noxa as I play a darkwar a lot, and it affects me more than any of class in the game. Giving people passive damage for doing nothing is anti fun especially at the rate that it's being given. I'd rather wizards have a stronger cooldown they could use even on par with breaker, than to have something as anti fun as noxa. That goes for paladins as well. Being able to proc chaos, and other hiddens based on how badly you're being smacked around is not cool.

Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:29 am

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Any idea that involves 'voting' or even just xenimus players, a handful of you will just make lots of fake accounts/fake votes to manipulate the vote.
We hve maybe 10-15 active players and yet every vote has like 200+ votes? LOL

Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:30 am

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yes the game was most balanced back in 2001-2002 before ej added things like Vis omni velocitas rings, Adept rings, mage rings, warrior rings, Vis omnin spiritus rings etc etc

back when in pvp players wore Salbs and the occasional player wore Sci to unlock higher level Beam or spin for pvp

Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:34 am

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LiftingNerd wrote:
yes the game was most balanced back in 2001-2002 before ej added things like Vis omni velocitas rings, Adept rings, mage rings, warrior rings, Vis omnin spiritus rings etc etc

back when in pvp players wore Salbs and the occasional player wore Sci to unlock higher level Beam or spin for pvp

+1 those were the days

Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:57 pm

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@Loki - Yeah i mentioned 2 warrior buffs, mainly its because i play a warrior and understand them more then other classes.

@LiftingNerd - Thanks, i have tons of ideas and believe in making the game balanced and fun for any player/class/race, also these are just some of the more recent ideas. Also you say the game was more balanced back then, i guess it was because there was less gear and less influence on stats/abilities/AMD/speed etc, but surely a game needs to have new content in items/hunting grounds/classes/races/spells/abilities etc.

@Xenforum1 - Old tier'd spell system was kinda cool, and it gave mages especially the 'want' to get to the next level or couple of levels to unlock that new spell. In its current design its as if you have all your spells by level 15 or so and then instant port at 30, leaving another 40 levels until fierce.

I see what your saying about the balance issues in the scaling of classes, its not far off being balanced if certain tweaks where made. Mages deffinately get the most benefits with being able to stack so much AMD from perfect propped Staves+Wands and Adept rings, and also being able to wear armors that although being a robe, if its same Item level as a Plate mail it gives the same AC bonus. However i do think rangers damage per second is really high with a bow. I have PvP's rangers and if they are good at keeping their distance and retargetting they dont do bad, but perhaps rangers could do with some magic abilties like 'Away' or being able to use 'Daze' with 2handed bow. All melee's suffer from fighting mages, as a ranger/darkwar can die in 3-4 spells and thats not taking freeze into account so they have to med/maxi after 1-2 spells. Paladins can probably take 4-7 spells, meddding after 3spells and Warriors 5-8 spells, medding after 3-4spells.

On your note about Noxa, i have always felt having Noxa proc'ing hiddens and stuff was of bad design, as its giving the player with noxa a double advantage on having those hiddens. It should only return a % of damage. All classes could do with more unique passive and cooldown abilities.

@Clerythecleric - Yeah i know i mentioned the problem with the voting system with how the forum/user accounts are setup, without a change its probably only do-able with green names. So i would encourage people to get green name status and for extra standing, use your character name as board name or included in signature. I know some people like to remain anonymous which is totaly their choice.

Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:36 pm

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clerythecleric wrote:
Any idea that involves 'voting' or even just xenimus players, a handful of you will just make lots of fake accounts/fake votes to manipulate the vote.
We hve maybe 10-15 active players and yet every vote has like 200+ votes? LOL

Exactly why ej doesnt use the in game poll system anymore. People own more than 2 accounts each and some more than 10 accounts each so its easy to skew polls using different ips/vpns. etc.

People just want to buff their own classes like Charles adding 3 warrior buffs to his post (for his main class) and yet he was taking on 3 players 3on1 already.

Ej just needs to acquire one more person to help him so Xenimus gets a non-bias fresh new pair of eyes to help him develop some ideas into the game. He could even get this for free if he trolled around the forums of like Unity or unreal engine...a lot of potential there looking to join a team for free.

Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:44 pm

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Loki wrote:
People just want to buff their own classes like Charles adding 3 warrior buffs to his post (for his main class) and yet he was taking on 3 players 3on1 already.

Im flattered, however i dont just want only warriors buffing, i want all classes balanced and have unique factors in their fighting styles, and PvE methods.

Since this post i editted the main post to include ideas i pulled from EJ's post.

Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:50 pm
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