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 is Loki Retired/Lack of PvP 
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Tell me what a wipe will solve, we will eventually be at the same place again.

And people will still b**ch and moan that others play more then them and they can't compete and they quit again.

Tue Mar 14, 2023 6:29 pm

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lol the last wipe was due to duping but the current economy is legitimately even worse than a couple years ago.
Wiping will 100% not help anything unless other things change first.

Tue Mar 14, 2023 6:36 pm
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Trash talk is a wipable offence if you're talking trash to someone that is willing to send endless e-mails about you. A major cultural shift happened when people started weaponizing E.J. to fight their in game battles. So even though trash talk is fun, it's just not worth it anymore. The weaponization of E.J. was one of the worst things to ever happen to the game, and you can thank your troll Loki for that. He quit fighting any battles in game a decade ago, and only fights people on discord, forums, or through E.J.s email box. Nothing happens a lot of the time, but if you're consistent enough it only has to work once, and you've destroyed an entire class, wiped characters, banned players, deleted characters, or mad imbalances caused by illogical balance changes.

As far as PvP that stopped being a thing for 90+% of the game years ago. Losing a fight in xenimus costs you resources, takes an ego hit, and you gain nothing from it. Winning a fight in xenimus costs you resources, you get to say gg ez in wc anymore you risk bans, and you gain nothing. So there is no point in it. There was just a few people that enjoyed it enough to waste resources continuing to pvp.

A lot of people thought with the last wipe that they'd be able to show the game how amazing they are, but the same hand full of pvps that had been pvping came out on top with or without gear so it made no difference, and people stopped pvping again. There is no real danger in xenimus anymore so there is no need to be strong to protect your resources, farming areas, or anything of the sort. If someone attacks you, just run away, change places, or even if they pop your redo just put another on and keep going. There is no incentive to pvp anymore.

Nobody misses Loki spamming world chat talking about peoples mom. The only version of Loki that anyone misses is the one where he would fight anyone, any time, and in all places. Regardless of winning, losing, how much gear you had, or how many times you killed him, or he killed your level 14.

Tue Mar 14, 2023 8:04 pm

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I'm an outsider at this point but my mindset is that there's so much power creep in gear now that a wipe won't solve anything.

Xenimus was great when the best items were few and far between, and the second best items had marginal differences. What you needed to have a true edge was skill.

You had a few, VERY rare, exceptional items. Cron's Gloves. Cron's Adept Ring. They weren't game breaking but they gave you an edge.

I don't get why some items now require level 65. I don't get why level 1-64 feel weak as hell. I don't get the power creep, why people vendor level 65 gear. There's fundamental balance and game design decisions that I've missed over the last 10 years that have resulted in a game that is unfamiliar to me and not very redeemable without a major shift.

Tue Mar 14, 2023 10:00 pm

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I'm livin rent free in his head lmao

ejthayer wrote:
Rules for the official Xenimus message boards for all users.

* Don't accuse other players of things on the boards, send me and email and I will handle it.

P.s. When a lot of people went over to try 2.0 from 1.0 ej needed to take advantage then and go with the hype. Where is the next update?

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Wed Mar 15, 2023 11:41 am

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Retirement then.

Wed Mar 15, 2023 6:47 pm

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If you can't beat 'em, delete 'em.

Fri Mar 17, 2023 12:40 am

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[quote="Rygaron"]X3 was the best era of Xenimus.[/quote]

Sure was.

Game was solid right up the the big restructure which in one update destroyed trading and pvp. It forced people to be level 70 and have near perfect gear to even consider pvping. Prior to that you could take on someone within 5-10 levels of you and the gulf in gear was much smaller.

level 70 also so felt so far away that you could slowly progress (at the time of the restructure there were barely any). You could enjoy the game at any level and it wasnt a mad rush to grind to 70.

NDNT gear was also a disaster. Raiding itself was a potentially good idea but it killed the game being all about ndnt gear. By the time caps were introduced it was too late.

To confound matters for years melees sucked (not sure how that stands right now as i havent played for 3 or so years)

People always complain about Loki but him and similar characters made the game much better (however there needed to be more reward for killing them and all the danger was completely removed.

Its crazy where the game progressed to. When i started it was a huge grind to level 25, mystic gear was the goal, you dropped almost everything when you died, you had to be ready to log off due to a pks at any moment, at the same time you could pk people, fight for your hunting spot etc. Trading was booming. I would be curious how an earlier version would be to play. Problem is everyone has their perfect time for the game. For me any time pre restructure right to the beginning would be interesting. I feel an older version would be 10* more popular than the main server

Sun Mar 19, 2023 1:46 pm
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