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 Tips, Tricks, Secret hideouts! 
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So I have seen allot of interesting new developments with xen 2.0 I am going to use this post to give my own personal "Perception" of the area's I found.

About: To spread the good word on things we find. I am making this TTH post in the hopes it will assist new, old, returning, and more importantly the creator.

P.S. deleting this would be the last time I attempt to spread the word.

Why: Because nobody seems to have done it already.

How: using images from in-game and gimp I will make what I conclude is Xen 2.0. (note this is my perception not fact).

When: Soon as my girly friend lets me.

What: This will be a collection of hidden area's, methods, crypts, boss's, loots, and possibly a way to find VIS GLADIUS. (har har ima wizard)

Ill start with a basic boss list found. (how to post a boss found, Name:, Lvl, Location, Image. (yes to post a boss you must have proof)
defined as (Found Items)

Boss list:
Grid location the boss itself can be found, plus how to get there. (you must explain how to locate the boss. Or you may not post it.)
Boss List + Location:
mal flain: (in east dungeon on the second floor far east side) (Mal Flain means to (rip flesh) (Scare you) (Fla
rog: (head east of Garr in east dungeon then go south)
thoran:(east dungeon on the second floor on the left side, to get to the second floor go south of garr and look at the bottom right corner there are 4 skulls, walk in to warp)
sath(lvl 30 mage boss in orc fortress):
garr(first mini boss in east dungeon):
(not yet found)drennon mar:
ryzar:(hes somewhere out there)
imexic:(east of cons inside the dungeon near the end)
barbarian lord:
troll king:
zon rin:
gim kon cho:
wo fang saw:
the green giant:
the red baron:
powerpuff girls:

How to Post: Image of the item and stats, Hunting area found in, what monster dropped it. (tradable items only)
Item found Tradable:
Mystic Shield:
Altus Lacrum Staff:
Demonic Leather:
Spirit Boots:
Spirit Cape:
Vis Gladius:

How to Post: Image of hunting area, rewards (item + exp), Name and details of the way to get the quest)
Quests available:
Hero of Semel:
Destroyer evil:
Godly Plate of the Whale:
Super GOS:
Reditus Amulet quest:
Pk ej while he is on Corsix:

How to post a shrine: Location of the entrance and of the shrine box, Image of the entrance and shrine box, explination on how to enter the shrine. Nobody is to post how to complete a shrine. Just how to find and start it. What you get from completing or touching the shrine.



Cons: Inside second level of fire skeletons south east of town 2. Top Left touch the center pillar behind the top left tomb. then touch the inside of the torchs, it alternates. (wonder why that is...) +1 cons +1skill point.

Wisdom: Located west of town 2, must kill the adepts to gain entry. +1 wisdom +1 skill point.

Agility: Located south east from town 2. Follow the path south from t2 and head right when you see some grass on the right. +1 agility +1 skill point.

All shrine:
House buff+red: Located after thoran in east dungeon. From thoran go right and up after passing the archway click on the second pillar. (dont get stuck inside)

House buff+Blue(aka vbs) located at Skeleton graveyard just south of Town 1. go to the start of jorns area. touch the pillar above you to warp in.

House buff*actual house buff. 2 houses near t1 one is down and right along the path the other is north and right just past the bugs.

How to post a Hidden items. Image of the item, location item found, actual monsters that dropped it.
Hidden Items Found:

To post about propping items: Location, Quest, Image of monsters and NPC(if applicable) details of how to farm the material is needed.
Propping items:

Animus and La Rings: Farmed from the east dungeon, Garr (east dungeon), and Sath(Orc mage Fortress)

Black Pearl: Can be farmed from Garr in east, sometimes found from the volucris mobs as Found Items.

Black Sapphire: Farmed from 2nd and third areas of fire skeletons south east of town 2.

Diamond: Found in the third area at fire skeletons south east of town 2.

Craftable Formulas:

Greater healing potion:
strange liquid:
Haz liquid: (this is an item generated by mixing mid lvl pots incorrectly, it's use is uknown)
Dangerous liquid: (this is an item, its use is uknown.... or is it :D...)
Magic Power regen potion: (Rage potion + Magic potion = Magic regeneration potion)

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this is confusing why do you have power puff girls listed as a boss...

or spirit boots as an item thats been found

quests available godly plate of whale?

wtf is going on

Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:35 am

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place holders so to speak.

Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:45 am
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