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As a number of you know I've been experimenting and documenting each of the classes first 15 levels. I'm nearly done, but taking that info and putting it into a useful format can be challenging. I've started to work on further developing the Fandom Wiki for Xenimus 2. I'm not a big fan of the ad laden site, but its a free tool and I can add info there easily.

4/22 Races Updated as Best as I can. I'm not sure how innate racial traits are handled here on 2.0 but it is believed they grow over levels and I can confirm this for Scallions. Wizard Class Added 95%
4/20 Paladin Class added
4/29 Cleric/Diabolist added, still incomplete, but decently together. Races updated to include Innate Racial abilities, Skills Section updated. Pally End-game stats added.
5/3/24 Ranger Partially done, updated spin for paladin to include agil, sparkle settings, junk settings, diabolist just needs details for resistances.
5/6/24 Warrior nearly complete, Warlock Started, getting started added to quests
5/8/24 Warrior complete, Skills section heavily updated, started work on weapons master sheet to update wiki with, updated spells list, brief description of Imbuement on weapons page.
5/14/24 Lots of updates and pages for all classes added just not complete yet
5/23/24 Loads and Loads of updates and progress. Classes should all be done except for recommended stats and some images. Skills expanded, imbuement page added.
6/11/24 leveling guide added from Princess Nesb post, added alot of stuff to the existing map as well as other refinements.

Here is what I have so far:
Xenimus 2 Wiki

Xenimus 2 World Map
Leveling Guide
Shrines - needs locs and tutorials at somepoint.


Weapon Imbuement
Sparkle Settings
Junk settings

Dark Elf
Half Orc

Dark Paladin

about 85% complete now

Added full table of all spells and active skill spells in the game I've documented and added expanded descriptions. Several of the active skill descriptions need to be updated.

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Sat Apr 20, 2024 4:30 pm

Joined: Wed May 16, 2018 9:15 pm
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Well, Progress is continuing and thanks to everyone answering all my random questions in-game.

If anyone would like to contribute some of the following I'd appreciate it so I can finish some pages up.

I need racial data for each race at the top-end. So, if you have a lvl 70 of these if you could share the following I'd appreciate it.

Half-Orc: What is your passive Rage chance? Minus any skills/equipment This looks like its going to be static 4% , but want to confirm.

Dark elf: What is your passive Fire/Shadow bonus damage? Minus any skills/equipment This looks like static 3% Fire/Shadow, but want to confirm

Human: What is your passive HP/MP regen Minus any skills/equipment/food

Dreg: What is your passive HP regen Minus any skills/equipment/food

Minion: What is your passive HP/MP regen Minus any skills/equipment/food

Lurker: What is your passive Crit Chance Minus any skills/equipment

Elf: What is your passive MP regen? Minus any skills/equipment/food

Scallion: What is your passive Armor total Minus any skills/equipment

High Res World Map: Anyone have a good image of the world map? I took screen caps of each quadrant and stitched them together so its, better than nothing, but if someone has a better map it could be added.

Tue Apr 30, 2024 4:22 pm

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Wow, such an overwhelming response here on the forums! lmao.

In actuality thanks to those who took time to check on some things for me in-game.

It appears most races/classes have an innate regeneration of 0.20 Magic Power per second and that does not seem to go up with level.

I still need to do a lot of HP regen testing to narrow that down.

Scallion: have this one pretty complete, just don't know the levels that AC raises for certain. i Think these are close tho: 1ac = lvl 10, 2ac = lvl 18, 5ac = 31, 6ac =33, 7ac = 37, 8 ac = 40, 9 ac = 44, 12ac = 52,

Dreg (Warrior) does have increased HP regeneration, but it does not appear to happen at an accelerated "tick" just an increase to regeneration when it occurs. I have yet to get data from non-warrior dregs to confirm if it is a class trait or racial trait, but by level 33 a dreg warrior regens at roughly 8 hp/tick innately

Elf: definitely regenerates at a level faster than 0.20/sec, not enough testing to narrow from class or race.

Orc: I need some non-paladin orcs to check their base rage. It appears pallys get innate rage base or possibly growth so I need to narrow that down.

Dark elf: need to see some high level dark elves and preferably not warlocks, darkwars, or diab the classes have innate bonuses that can be hard to differentiate from the racial bases.

Minon: Largely untested

Human: Largely Untested

Lurker: Has base Critical chance, but haven't had a chance to test much or gather data from high lvl lurkers.

Thu Jun 06, 2024 4:34 pm

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If you haven't stopped by the Wiki in awhile I'm currently populating the existing map and adding quests and NPC's one by one.
World Map

Fri Jun 14, 2024 3:04 pm
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