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 Xen 2.0 Player Suggestion 
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In the spirit of EJ's post I clipped above I've worked quite hard to come up with the following:

As an attempt to be objective here is my history in Xen. I was a teenager in the late 90’s and found Xenimus by chance. I played early on when it was its most brutal (pvp, full inventory drop, trolling, item loss in water, etc) and continued likely during its highest populations with 5 servers. I have been an off-and-on visitor/player ever since. I came back for Xen FP, Xen 2 launch and now I’m back after a brief visit in 2018. I’ve never had a Max level character (maybe in early FP) although I’ve likely logged enough hours to do it lol. My primary characters were a 55 fighter back on xen 4, a 58 cleric, and lots of other smaller characters. I’ve been back in Xen 2.0 since late March and picked back up my 32 Ranger (had never played one before X2.0) and got to 43 before my curiosity got the better of me and I started testing, documenting, and evaluating all the other classes to lvl 15 to get data for the wiki. I’ve played all the classes to lvl 15, in some cases multiple times to document spells, stat placement, and growth.

In my opinion currently a lot of the classes feel very much the same. My suggestions would be to further differentiate them and offer perhaps more unique gameplay and build diversity to experience the world. I also think a return of some of the Learned Skills wouldn’t be a bad direction. They would need to be balanced but it could add a new element to the grind including Ej’s work on professions. Currently classes seem to be built around MAX one stat, and fluff one or maybe two by the time your max level. It would be nice to see some build diversity by adding pros/cons and more features on all classes to the non-primary stats. Currently damage output is king, but enhancing the variety and ways to achieve damage could be refreshing to give players a chance to flesh out new min-max. I would also recommend free skill and maybe stat respeccing until lvl 20 to let folks experiment and get a feel for the class and the way they want to play it. I am not a pvp first person so these suggestions do not have a full understanding of the pvp implications, but with work and balance adjustments it should make for a more engaging experience over all. Please know that any and all numbers or effects below could be adjusted or eliminated and are merely place holders.

Here is an example of a redesign I’ve been kicking around.

Warrior: A hardened master of the melee in a world full of magic must compensate with brute force and endurance. They can encase themselves in heavy armor, or rely more on their mobility to avoid blows. If clever enough they can utilize the magic stored in consumable items to reach new heights. (I don’t think we want to go full PoE, Diablo with massive branching skill trees, but allowing for some player specific gameplay focus such as building for Spirit run, Stomp, Spin, consumable focus, etc could build diversity and enhance the class.)


- Few spells if not None, but skills (spell type currently) cost no Magic Power. (No NV, Invis, velo, robur, etc) This would have an impact on the item economy and increase value of NV while decreasing the value of MP regen/MP Base/MP Steal on equipment for warriors while still being valuable for some classes. It would also encourage cross/play with other players to buff them if they don't want to rely on consumables. (Could be play/conterplay if you dispel a warrior and they can only item rebuff, dispel resistance may become a valuable warrior trait)
- Puzzles requiring spells would need to be adjusted to be covered by an item or having a certain str, etc to open.
- Consumable items would require a rework or enhanced capabilities on a Warrior to compensate for inventory space usage, equipment space, etc. Warrior could use Intel stat for new skills around item usage to extend duration or effect. White pearls or equipment might be the only source of vision enhancement.
- They could have a Much larger hp pool to compensate for the lack of self non-item buffs.
- They could take advantage of items (new and old) to Str amu, Emerald, scrolls, etc. With either learned skills or invested skills these could be enhanced in effect or duration. Also maybe offer this skill to rangers if they maintain a similar feel as to how it is now if you want them more martial than magical.
- Skills could focus around choosing an armor playstyle to offer a bit of variety in build options as well as giving usage to other stats like wis/intel. An example would be Armor Specialization: Light, Medium, Heavy. By selecting this you will no longer be able to equip, or suffer a penalty, or just add bonus to the chosen type for non-specialized armor type. Bonus would need to be determined and balanced. Could be + to Prot, HP base, Att spd, + defend, +to dmg but + dmg received, etc etc.
- Warriors single target melee vs npc currently very prone to miss enemies of equal level which drags down early levels progression and just “feels bad” the Hit formula may need adjustment across the board or Innate + to hit evil could be built into the class levels to give them a better feel to progression but not imbalance pvp. Even with a dramatic increase of +to hit evil, a single target dps would not surpass Spin when presented with 3+ foes.
- Warrior could invest in specialization and enhancement to specific skills (spells)
- Spin Radius enhancement, Spin has a chance to apply weapon mastery effect (bleed, daze) Run Skill (spirit or attack run) enhancement (increase damage, path width, impact site added to end of run location dealing a small aoe of dmg.
- Building Rage: Effects of consumables are reduced but during the effect the warriors innate physical prowess increases. (Lowers healing from items as well as effects like scrolls, emerald, etc. Effectively reducing the cast level of the item.)
- Arcane Understanding: (Intel based) Increases the effects (duration and bonus) of consumable magical items such as potions, scrolls, and breakable amulets.
- Intelligence increases the speed of learned skills.
- Wisdom increases the cap of learned skills.
- Consumable magic item equip slots unlockable or included with class for hit ammy, str ammy, and other new consumable equippable items.

Gameplay Reworks or Features:

- Armor/weapon Classification/simplification: Borrowing from DnD Remove nearly all class requirements from equipment (eight classes can make item details dense), and simply give classes proficiency in different categories or sub-types. These could be innate or require skill investment only available to some classes. Heavy, Medium, Light, Mage armor types (eg. Wizard could come with Mage armor proficiency, and either invest in Light armor proficiency, but have no access to other proficiencies). Staves, One Handed, Two Handed. Blunt, Cutting, Piercing. Each armor would be assigned a type.( Spirit Plate = Heavy, Spirit robe = Mage) Each weapon would be a one or two hand and a damage type. Skills would be offered like now for specializing and generalizing. Some armor may have multiple types to allow many class equip options and still feature stat requirements to wield or wear. Warlocks may have dagger proficiency, but some daggers may not have mage item type.

- New Game Feature - Equipment Bonding: This process will enhance any equipment with a random attribute that class bonds with, but will render it NDNT and add unrepairable durability to the properties. The skill activation would need a confirmation to inform the player that the equipment will no longer be tradable and its durability will be set to XXX. It cannot be performed on already NDNT items. The effect could be adjusted and balanced to prevent making it a requirement, but it would be an item and currency economy adjustment if it removed tradable items from circulation, gave a risk of breaking, and cost to heavy usage. Warriors/Rangers are already heavy consumable hungry classes so maybe they could have a skill or trait that lessened durability usage to balance.

- Imbuement Influence Items: Similar to PoE or last epoch in that there are items during the imbuement process that will influence the outcome of the attempt. They could be specific to a particular property and consumed when used during the imbue attempt. There could even be incredibly rare imbuement items that re-roll the current properties on an item randomly. These influencers could make room for more item properties types as well to allow for more build customization/focus, but still with the random factor in play to drive economy and consumption of rare items used in imbuing. The items effect could stack if they are focused around one particular property, but have diminishing returns. They could also utilize item level to be made usable or specific to certain item level grades.
Thank you for your time.


Sun Apr 28, 2024 12:55 am

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New Learned Skills:

Foraging: Skill increases with harvesting plants and other wild placed items. A higher skill can result in multiple items collected.

Alchemy: Successful potion crafting can increase skill. A higher skill can result in multiple items created.

New Skills:

Pierce: Arrows or Thrown weapons receive a 1% chance to pass through the first target and can strike another. Maximum 5 points (Ranger Exclusive) It could be chain pierce or it could end on 2nd impact. Either way it would be a good boost to ranger hunting capabilities if invested in. Could balance by removing Fragor chance on 2nd impact and cut 2nd impact dmg if needed.

Cleave: When wielding a Two handed weapon gain a 1% chance to strike multiple enemies in melee. (Similar to Daze/Bleed skills lvl 10 and based on Str, but Think like a tiny fragor battlemove centered on the target that can happen randomly in melee like warrior battle moves. It would be centered on the melee target and have a tiny aoe to hit stacked targets or those immediately adjacent.

Impowered Summons: Creatures summoned have XX% More HP, and X% increased Damage and now benefit from the caster's bonus magic (%Bonus translates to more stats) and leech stat (Allows them to attempt to sustain). Os Saltare = Shadow, Arcresse Flamma = Fire. (Does not effect incantare pets) Based on Intelligence/Wisdom. I only see incantare pets and would like to see skels as more than mules and acresse flamma possibly useful. Available to all classes that have summon spells. Maybe could give cleric a spirit summon spell to be like acresse flamma but spirit dmg?.

Catena Fulgur: Gives x% chance for Fulgur to arc to another target. X Maximum bounces. Cleric exclusive based on Wisdom

Flamma Obice: Creates a small barrier of fire around the caster for X seconds after casting Flamma Ventus. Granting a small armor boost and dealing fire damage over time to any in the immediate area. Diabolist exclusive based on Wisdom or maybe constitution?

Just tossing these out there. Not sure if they are keepers or might inspire better ideas.

Tue May 28, 2024 9:44 pm

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Redesign: PvP Skill tab changed to "Progression"
PvP kills and exp would still be used to earn points in this tab, but pve players could set a percentage of experience to be directed to the earning of skill points for this tab. (Think EQ AA) I'm not sure how this tab works presently as far as skills and pvp exp required, but opening this up to pve-grinders would add end-game progression to them while still rewarding active Pvpers. It would need to be balanced and maybe there would be caps of skill points earnable via pve based on level of the character, but that cap wouldn't prevent pvp points from being earned. So if lvl 30 pvp existed there might be a pve skill point cap of 3 at lvl 30 in the progression tab but the pvper lvl 30 could have 3 pve skill points and 2 additional pvp earned points.

Strength bonuses: Since strength no longer impacts HP or carry limits it would be nice to see more incentives here. Could make a skill that adds a row of inventory for each point placed and grows with strength? Starts with 0 and goes to 1 at 20str 2 at 30? Could also be a passive bonus like the old days. More str = more carry slots. Even if Str only gave +1-2 BHP that could add up. There is also a lack of items requiring strength beyond lvl 27. Bows are the most prevalent but still cap at 36. It would be nice to see some Plates and Scales that require str and can offer some unique qualities for classes that need str or are willing to invest. I know some folks would like to see a giant sword style weapon that is useful at more than lvl 10.

Class Tweaks:

Warrior & Ranger Magic Power: Reduce the Intelligence investment to see a base Magic Power increase for intel. Currently you get +6 BMP for 19, 20, 21, 22 intel. If this were just made to be at 11,12,13,14 etc You might actually see some folks invest in the intel, especially if you add additional intel based skills or bonuses at a minimum it might stave off the inability to self-buff until after lvl 20 if you get shrines. I really like the idea of a "smart fighter" and would like to see build diversity encouraged.

Disintegration: I'm not sure that Diabolist's disintegration is used much in high level play, but even at low levels it is rarely effective. With 8 skill points invested you can deal 7% per second for 15 seconds. So that means death in 14 seconds with no heal. With as fast and furious as Xenimus 2 is 14 seconds is pretty long. I don't believe this effect is enhanced by any magic bonuses so it remains flat. I also don't know if it works on bosses, but I'd wager it is capped or doesn't. I would like to see some kind of a consideration or additional skills to modify it. Make it so it can spread to other enemies, have a chance to be procced as an additional spell effect either on the target specifically or in an area around the diab. You could also tighten the timeframe to cause ticks every half a second or some other interval. Or Allow the effect to be improved with magic damage bonus? Eg. 1000hp enemy hits you and begins to disintegrate for 70hp every second (7% of 1k). If Fire bonus is 25% it would then tick for 87.5dmg.

Dark Paladin DP is just a worse Paladin. They receive the exact same spells at a later level and the classes are essentially identical. If the Paladin is the Spirit bonus warrior hybrid with group buffs. The Dark Paladin could atleast be flavored a little differently like the Diab vs Cleric. Assuming spirit bonuses increase the effect of healing spells Give it an shadow bonus and some DoT effects? Hard not to wander into Darkwar territory, but if you want something more unique go for an Energy Warrior hybrid and just flavor it as Dark. Enhance Noxa, and a group buff to increase rage chance and a minor noxa effect? I'd hate to lose Heal all on my 30 DP, but maybe replace that on the DP with some kind of Electric/Energy based effect?

Wed Jun 05, 2024 9:37 pm
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