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 List of Q's for Xen 2 mechanics 
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I understand a lot of these questions are probably well understood in the community but since I'm struggling to find any good single source or recent details on the game. I wanted to ask some questions to help me better understand the game and what I'm putting points etc into. There is ton more info available in the game than the early days, but there is still a lot that is very vague and stuff that is available on the forums etc looks pretty old. I've added numbers so if you can answer one of these you could reply with the number. Any help is apprecited!

1. What is the bonus damage from a Critical hit? Eg. I hit for 100 dmg normally and I trigger a critical hit. Would my hit be boosted to 125? 200? Is it some kind of adder or is it a multiplier?

2. How does crit interact with a skill like thrust? Assuming I'm hitting someone for 100 damage with my dagger it triggers thrust. Is that now 108 damage and if that was a critical hit is it additive or multiplicative?

3. Bleed. What is the duration of bleed damage and does it stack? If so, how many stacks? If it doesn't stack does each new hit override the previous one start a dot? Tentatively based on the some testing bleed triggered on a hit for about 57 dmg and began ticking for 5-10 seconds dealing 6 dmg per tick.

4. Skill point caps: Are these raised based on every 10 points of the related Stat? Eg. Str based skill cap is 1 for a char with 10str and 2 cap with 20str?
This appears to be the correct assumption. Base skill point caps are typically 6 and go up by 1 for each 10 points beyond 10 base.

5. Does Read skill contribute to the duration of read items like Bscrolls, Vbartis?

6. Does casting buffs on yourself multiple times extend the duration past just casting it once? Eg. I cast Robur on myself and it would fade in 4 mins, if I cast it 3 times on myself it will fade in 5 mins?

7. Does consuming multiple buff items extend the duration of the buff? Scrolls, white pots, regen, etc?
YES, Testing this with a read of around 15 Bscrolls last around 36 seconds each and the duration stacks with each subsequent scroll you use. I've only tested 5 scrolls, but they do stack atleast that high.

8. Does the Hide Skill conceal in the same way as Contra Visus? Can Monsters see hide?

9. When an item says %HP steal does it mean that it has a chance to steal hp or it add X% of leech? If it’s a % chance to leech, how much does it leech?

10. Do race bonuses function the way that they are shown in the Xen one guide on the forum? AKA dreg receipts faster regeneration ticks and elves receive faster Magic Power regeneration ticks?
Based on Player discussions it is believe these hold some of the same effect as X1, but scaled with level and at a lower value than X1.

11. How does plus to hit work? I am assuming it's relative to your current level and the number necessary to hit an enemy? It definitely feels like my chance to hit goes up with level more so than with stats or items.
Weapons % hit and + Hit stats both effect the Attack number in the Statistics screen. Each point in a weapon skill that increases chance to hit by 1% also adjust this attack number. It's still not clear what the attack/defend stat means in the stats screen. I'm going to guess it is a % chance to hit or defend from a target of equal level. The attack/defend stat does not appear to reflect any investment into Agility which says it gives +1attack/defend.

12. Basically the same question but for plus to defend.

13. Is there a mystic merchant like there is a spirit merchant?
In Iterum (Town 2) there is someone that you can give mystic ore and shon tree leaves. He indicates these are found to the East, and while I did find an ore, I'm not sure what dropped it or where I got it. (it takes 5 ore to craft an item if memory serves)

14. How do off hand daggers work? If wielding an offhand dagger and a primary one-handed weapon what stats if any benefit the primary weapon?
From discussions with players daggers supposedly give 50% of their bonus properties. So if you had 5% HP Steal property on an off hand dagger it would benefit your skills/abilities from your primary weapon by adding 2.5% HP Steal. It is unclear if it contributes any raw damage. Having a dagger equipped doesn't seem to effect your attack rate statistic, but any +Hit stat on the dagger appears to add directly to your Attack statistic at 100% rate.

15. Is there a way to auto reequip an LSA if you have extras in your inventory and die?

16. Does agility affect walk speed?

17. Does agility Make you harder to hit? Since the stat indicates +1Hit/Defend it would makes sense that this is the case, but I have not fully tested it. Level seems to be one of the biggest contributors to how hard something is to hit

18. Does intelligence increase experience gain? If so, how much?
It does not appear to give bonus XP with the testing I have performed.

19. When I select strength at the level up screen it indicates a plus to damage. Is this a percentage number or just a flat damage point?
It is currently believed this is a flat + to base damage and is cumulative over time.

20.Does strength influence HP anymore?
All indications are NO

21. Does the Constitution impact anything else other than just your HP?

22. Are wisdom and Intel useless stats on a ranger?

23. Are there diminishing returns on statistics? And if so, when do they start?
Yes, and it seems stats values per level can also fluctuate. Some levels you could invest in STR for a +1 to str and a +2 to dmg and other levels it will give +1 Str and +1 Dmg. Constitution can also vary per lvl up from +0.9 Cons + 13-14hp to +1 Cons +15hp. Its not clear what relationship to your total stats there are with these values.

24. Do different weapons have different attack speed min and maxes? I know very long ago rapiers were one of the fastest hitting weapons.
Weapons indicate an attack rate in the statistics page. From what I've seen this is around 0.90 to 1.05 ish. I'm assuming that the lower the number the faster the attack? Light weapons like daggers I equipped had 0.9 while others had 1.0 I'd guess this is seconds per swing? I'm not sure how this stat works yet.

25. What determines Spin speed for Paladins and Warriors.
Agility appears to have threshold numbers that increase the rate of spins. 29 is said to be the fastest and 25 is another threshold based on my testing

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