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 Xen 2.0 PLAYER's GUIDE 
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Xenimus 2.0
(Random FAQ- subject to change/play at own risk)

Town SEMEL T1 [loc - 329,2239]

Level 1:
-Task T1 Juniper 50exp
BUG QUEST T1 guard Rygaron. (location East T1 Square \ loc [359,2241])

Level 2: repeat
Level 3: repeat
Level 4: repeat

Level 5:
FAVOR TASK T1 merchant Gordon [ 335,2245] – take box to T2 merchant Harsad
-(Gives 2k experience, propped leather, robe, fire mace, magic staff, etc)
-IMP QUEST T1 guard Rygaron (imp location N, NE, W, S of T1 Square)
-IMP QUEST town ODIUM guard Heck ([2236,399] N of Odium – Found Items)
-(IMP BOSS QUEST – kill 4 imp bosses, turn quest in to Gordon/T1 2.5k exp)
-(IMP BOSS QUEST – kill 4 imp bosses, turn quest in to Heck/Odium 2.5k exp)
-(*level 5 CHEST PULL)

Level 6:
-(Town SOLUS [1612,580]) Melee 3-charge station / Mage 3-charge station)
-(Town TERITUS T3 Melee 3-charge station / Mage 3-charge station.)
-(hunting area BORF DUNGEON [2207,401]

Level 7:
-TROLL TASK T1 guard Rygaron ([311,2186] S of T1 Square )
-TROLL TASK Odium guard Heck ([2234, 441] N of Odium – Found Items)

Level 8:

Level 9:
-SKELETON TASK T1 guard Rygaron ([340,2169] S of T1 Square in graveyard / FI)
-SKELETON TASK Odium guard Heck ([2201,348] W of Odium Square in graveyard/FI)
-SPIDER TASK T1 guard Rygaron ([340,2125] S of T1 graveyard)
-SPIDER TASK Odium guard Heck ([ ]W of Odium Square in graveyard)

-(1-9 DUNGEON [282,2211] SW of T1 Square)
-(Ranger dungeon [2207,401] NW of Odium)
-(GEM MERCHANT [424,2245])

Level 10:
-(*level 10 CHEST PULL)
-(*Random: EVIL EAST – baby FIERCE / touch 2 statues to enter – touch pillar duration 40 min)
-(*Random: EVIL GRAVEYARD 1st level – SKILLS SHRINE duration 40 min)

Level 11:
-ORC TASK Oreseth SQ guard Orksylox [326,341] +4 gold reward/ Found Items -level 9+)
-Orc's [454,322], [650,2230] (break Crates/boxes)

Level 12:
-ELEMENTAL TASK T1 guard Rygaron/Heck Odium [stack's of 20]
-(ELEMENTAL's location SE of T1 Square / W of Odium past graveyard)
-(Odium ELEMENTAL's 2k / 2.5k exp bonus when walking over junk piles)
-(*note: Elemental Task given at all levels by guard in each town)

Level 13:
-Town (T2) Iterium [482,2019]

Level 14:
-Random QUEST: Kill JORN (T1 Graveyard – take ordinary ring to 2 old ladies on path south T1)

(East T1 [500,2260]or West of ODIUM [1969,345]) take HEAD to Angela (T2)
-(title given/experience bonus/7 prop dragon claw improved)

(SE of T1 [485,2150] or W of ODIUM[1884,327]) take HEAD to Harsad (T2) (exp given)

Level 15:
- LAVA IMP TASK T2 guard Harsad
(LAVA IMPs location E of T1 [549,2224] )
(LAVA IMPs location W of East Dungeon [639,2088])
(LAVA IMPs location NW of ODIUM (in desert)
-Warlock task T2 guard Harsad
- Minotaurs task Cons Square (1st rewards 60K + Oreseth Ring/other – propping Mats/ Break Crates)
-(*level 15 CHEST PULL)

Level 16:
Level 17:

Level 18:
-EAST DUNGEON ([693,2102] *baby FIERCE [633,2839] + F.I./ hidden Rooms /

-VOLCURIS TASK from town SOLUS guard (housed in red building)
-*BOSSes: GARR, Dead King and Dead Queen, IMERSHIL, MAL FLAIN, (East Dungeon)
-*ROG & THORAN quest (see Claree T3 super VA ring reward/may repeat if lost lvl 50+/-)

-EVIL EAST DUNGEON (Found Items / Clear Bonus) *baby FIERCE

Level 19:

Level 20:
-ORC MAGE TASK T2, stackable ct of 20 +, (Orc's [1942,404 – W Odium / 640,1982 - SE T2]
-(*level 20 CHEST PULL)
-(Boss SATH) [592,2094] random items

Level 21:
-(hunting area BARB CAMP [1600,815] (North SOLUS) lots of Found Times
-(Camp INSURGO [686,470] -take surplus Spirit Items to Spirit Merchant (East of ORESETH)
-(Camp INSURGO – boss URN QUEST – Imexic/ Derath/ Baraw/ Kinethell/ Lord Zon Rin)

Level 22:
-(hunting area BROWN SPIDERS – [367,1968 far S of T1]
(Clear area then walk over bone piles for exp bonus)

Level 23:
Level 24:

Level 25:
-(hunting area HELL HOUND TASK T2 guard Harsad [729,1869 SE of T2]
(Quest provides Hellhound Boots 5 rand props)
-WARLOCKs [389,477]
-SKELETON WARRIORS [349,1867](Found Items and Clear Bonus) 4 Levels
-MYSTIC CHEST located 1st level
-CONSTITUTION SHRINE located 2nd level

-STRENGTH SHRINE [2076, 640]
-AGILITY SHRINE [630,1908]
-WISDOM SHRINE [kill 8 Adepts to enter center faery lights – then choose portal]

-(*level 25 CHEST PULL)

-MYSTIC MUMMY [347,570] two ANKHs for Hidden Props (max lvl 30 to get into area).

Level 26:
Level 27:
Level 28:
Level 29:

Level 30:
-(hunting area PIX DUNGEON [331,442] quest location CONs/ORESETH SQUARE guard
-(1st level boss -random Found Items)/(crates/boxes for items)/Hidden White Pot room.
-(2nd level random Found Items / crates/boxes for items)
-(3rd level ? ? ?)

-(hunting area SINARA DUNGEON (bosses SINARA, FLINT, GREY ZONE)[2076,639]

-(*level 30 CHEST PULL)

-ORESETH CASTLE QUEST (crystals quest)

-(hunting area PIX MALANTIS volcano [654,563] found items, boss Cron (<~lvl 65+)

-LINAY DUNGEON 1st level [2203,577] FI, multi-hidden rooms

Level 31:
Level 32:
Level 33:
Level 34:

Level 35:
-(hunting area ADEPTS [888,1880]
-(hunting area ADEPTS [1666,666]

-HEAD-LESS CORSPE Quest [1762,579]
-T3 UNDERGROUND Quest [891,1583]

Level 36:
Level 37:
Level 38:
Level 39:

Level 40:
-(hunting area UTLRA IMPS (east of ORESETH/CONSIGNMENT)
-(hunting area LINAY DUNGEON 2nd Level -FI/mult hidden rooms
-(*level 40 MYSTIC CHEST Pull)
-boss IMEXIC - 1st reward URN/experience (possible Imexic gloves reg/super)

Level 41:

Level 42:
-(hunting area SKELETON WARRIOR TASK – 150K bonus (1x only)
-(hunting area PIX MALANTIS TASK – (out-of-order)

Level 43:
Level 44:

Level 45
-(hunting area T3 DAMON's (west T3 square / random found items)
-(hunting area DEMON ANIMUS ultra 52/54 and DEMONs ultra 52/54 [1729,2117]quest ELF town
-(hunting area 2nd level LINAY DUNGEON [2203,577]

Level 46:
Level 47:
Level 48:
Level 49:

Level 50:
-(hunting area BARAW/DERATH Dungeon [1729,2117] (Found Items, Hidden Rooms)
-Baraw/Derath Dungeon QUEST location ELF TOWN [2225,2145]
-Baraw Helmet reg (+2hp steal) /super (+3hp steal) Derath Ring reg/super

-(*level 50 Mystic Chest Pull)


Level 51:
Level 52:
Level 53:
Level 54:

Level 55:
-GREEN WARRIORS DUNGEON [1741,2228] Found Items / Hidden Room's
-BOSS AARHAWK (random chance at Ankh)-
-Even Day FIERCE


-(*level 55 Spirit Chest Pull -DERATH/BARAW Dungeon)

Level 56:

Level 57:
-BOSSES Lord Grollin 2nd Level, Delphineus 3rd Level, Crystal Shard Quest 2nd Level
-(hunting area DIMALTUS DUNGEON /

Level 58
-T3 DEATH KNIGHTS [680,1425] (DK boss DAXTRON – random Vish /Omni Pots)
-Evil DEATH KNIGHTS [2116,1169]( DK boss MONRICK – random Vish /Omni Pots)

Level 59:

Level 60
-(hunting area GRAY TROLLS [2182,943])
-(hunting area SPIKER's [2248,716])

-JESTER TASK – LORD GROLLIN's Dungeon [624,644] (Odd Days)
-JESTER TASK – PARTY DUNGEON [344,783] (Everyday)


Level 61:
Level 62:
Level 63:
Level 64:

Level 65:
-(void materials, boss items)

-DEATH KNIGHT task – from Corsix

(*level 65 SPIRIT CHEST PULL – Derath/Baraw Dungeon)

VEIL -partially completed – [989,802] *FULL PVP* RUNE/TOME Potions Found

Level 66:
Level 67:
Level 68:
Level 69:

Level 70:
-(hunting area PARTY DUNGEON [344,783]) (*90/100 Chest Pulls)

(*70/80 CHEST PULL's)



(*KING's QUEST [tba])

(*PROP SHRINE [1588,2253])

[Additional information provided by the following: Spikespiegel, Ayo.

(disclaimer: The views and opinions here are not necessarily those of the staff or management of Posted strictly for FUN !)

Thu Jan 27, 2022 1:14 am

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This is actually pretty great. Thanks!

Fri Jan 28, 2022 2:50 am

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Awesome guide thanks for putting it together!

Just a note from my recent leveling experience across a few classes. A lot of the level recommendations for dungeons or hunting areas I'd only start them at that level if I"m using T3 buff and probably baby fierce at the lowest level recommended. i.e. starting evil barb camp at 21 would be really rough for most classes without those buffs but comfortable to start with them.

Tue Feb 01, 2022 8:51 pm
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Fri Mar 18, 2022 11:07 pm

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Thank you a lot for this! I just recently started X2 from X1 and wow is there a lot of changes.

If I could ask a few questions, since I'm extremely unfamiliar with X2:

- hunting area BROWN SPIDERS (location?)
- hunting area HELL HOUND (location?)
- Baby Fierce? Is there a cooldown? Why can I sometimes get it and other times I cannot?
- Is there a Propping Shrine? If so, Location and what would I use for lower level propping?
- Life/Magic Power Pools anywhere?
- I know this is dumb, but where the heck are some chests at for my pulls lmao

I've been trying to find answers in threads but I'm not seeing much help for new X2 players.

Thank you for your help!

Tue Jul 26, 2022 6:46 pm
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Brown Spiders - far south of T1 (past the river)
Hell Hounds - South East of T2

There is a life/magic shrine in T3 and Solus - 3-charges last 10 mins

Prop shrine is NW on Elf island

Lower lvl chest - T1 GY, by Jorn, Troll King, Barb Lord, Mystic chest are in hidden locations.

Baby Fierce - once a day - last 40 mins (approx)

Hope this helps.

Wed Jul 27, 2022 11:51 am

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This is just great. Thank you very much!

I actually had a level 53 Cleric on this server which I believe you helped me alot with.
But this 'Copy-update' made me forget the whole account.

Sun Jan 15, 2023 1:51 am

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Doesn't seem to work well on my 57 ranger. Everything kills me so quickly and half my arrows miss lol

Sun Apr 14, 2024 9:25 pm
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Rangers have it rough, even after the last two updates. Try hunting lower level places unfortunately.

Mon Apr 15, 2024 10:46 am

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I've officially given up after realizing their arrows don't "height match" the enemies making any farming not on a flat surface nearly impossible. Paladin it is! This guide definitely helps so thank you.

Mon Apr 15, 2024 10:06 pm
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