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 bug list 16/7/2019 
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1, gear bugs

1.1 - adept capes show as black
1.2 - demonic axe looks like a pilow when using
1,3 - axe of torment shows as a wall even when using
1.4 - all omni gear does not move. (the colours just sit still does not spin around like xen1 does)
1.5 - demonic war hammer looks like a sp hammer (xen1 demonic war hammer is red)
1.6 - we need the new bow update
1.7 - adept capes show as black
1.8 baraw's dragon helm looks like a dragon helm is not red like xen1 is

2. key-option

2.1 - F11 key brings up Direct3d settings and there is no way we can change that key, I like to change it to get it out of my way
2.2 - middle HP/MP bar does not work
2.3 - use middle mouse button to attack dont work
2.3 - use shift plus mouse button to attack dont work

3, class bugs

3.1 - pallys still got the old inner star cool down
3.2 - warlocks tabes works but you cant see it happening
3.3 - warlocks shadow power does not show on bonus page like on xen1 does
3.4 - if you click fast on a monster or player your attack speed/ cast speed goes super fast.

4. other

4.1 - cant use map inside house if you do it bugs game out, or inside alot of spots i should say.
4.2 - when in Additional opiton page pressing maximise and restore down gives you 2 pages
4.3 - beam/combo bug
4.3 - mouse pointer needs to be a sword? a pointer that drops fire be dope ;P
4.4 - I got 3 ndnt items over level 50 and each time I log off/on one items comes off. it only happens to ndnt items
4.5 - victory/point/dumdance does not stop when you do them (can we get facepalm plz?)
4.6 - you can cast spells or melee hit over walls at (loc 374-392)
4.7 - hidden room (loc 2719-2939) walls don't work you can walk over them and you also cant smash open the box (all box in that spot)
4.8 - casting skeletions and typing battle they attack merchants
4.9 - town guards show as evil and pay out 4k exp per
4.10 - hidden room (loc 2898-869) walls are bugged you can walk out into spots your not meant to be in
4.11 - house storage don't work
4.12 - guild bank don't work
4.13 - cant have more then 2 char per account, I tried this a few times and each time they seem to log on to each other bugging out game.
4.14 - alto log seems to take 24 hr
4.15 - two dimaltus spawn side by side
4.16 - sanctus scrolls are yellow on the floor, but when you look in your inventory its no longer yellow.

if you need me to show you them ingame let me know

requests for xen2


flammer tueri
shadow tueri
sprirt tueri
ice tueri
engergy tueri

fragor fire base
fragor shadow base
fragor spritrt base
fragor ice base
fragor engergy

the new tueri's has inbuilt resistrance to the fragor


golden box for 70 pull and corsix gives a golden key, the golden chest is in corsix castle that he lost to cara sa and equer years ago.

(cara sa/ equer took castle of corsix)


ejthayer wrote:
Then don't do the quest, and if you don't like it go work your a** off like you had to before I added it. Then go ahead and shove this stupid a** complaint right back up your a** where it belongs.
love the new ej

Sun Jun 30, 2019 12:24 am
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