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 Did a server side update for Collision Detection 
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Let me know how it is working now.

Tue Feb 16, 2021 2:09 am

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Please note that there are unintended bugs now as a result of this update. They seem very random and may or may not resolve themselves on the nightly server reset (in about 3 hours).

Some of these new bugs include:

- The "list" and "liston" commands in the escape menu do not bring up the panel. There are a lot of bugs/issues with this panel so you may have disabled it for now.
- Cannot interact with the portal guard Duxoon in Solus (loc 1622,571) or Rygaron in T1. It was unfortunate because there was a new Xenimus player in T1 tonight that didn't know Rygaron gives quests or marks your map.
- The duration icon for Fierce Warrior is not displaying.
- Gergin (T1 portal merchant) occasionally paths on top of his hut. Now that you've fixed issues with transing on top of buildings, there will be instances where players will be unable to interact with him.

As for the update itself, it's a lot better with regard to trans. You don't get stuck on top of archways, trees, or buildings anymore. Classes that rely on trans will have a much better experience now. For melees, you can now spin attack mobs in archways (as long as they are in line of sight) so that seems to be resolved.

I was able to get a low level character stuck in a tree at the location below by simply walking into it. The only way to free myself was to wait for a bug to path into my range and get it to kill me. I tested several other trees and this might be a one-off issue with small trees of that type. You can still gas over trees and objects but you probably haven't applied any changes to affect that.

Loc 349, 2230 (T1 bugs area)

Bridges still need some work. It feels kind of glitchy when you try and walk across them and some you cannot walk or gas onto. Additionally, falling off the side of a bridge (player or npc) will also put you in a falling state -- you can't gas out or cast trans/portal spells or use port scrolls. You also can't attack mobs with multi spell (spin) even though you are seemingly on the same elevation plane as them.

Loc 2639,2899 (Baraw area south bridge)
Loc 2632, 2917 (Baraw area north bridge)

At the bridge below, I was able to accidentally single target attack mobs below the bridge while on top of it. There would be no clear line of sight. It just seems like a weird interaction that may or may not be new.

Loc 2572, 2973 (Imexic area first bridge)

-Lava River-
This is very specific to the Baraw area, but there is still significant issues with the elevation changes with the lava river here. Mobs falling into it and being able to attack you without line of sight. If you fall into the river, you either get stuck in a falling state or you fall to the bottom and cannot move. You cannot port yourself out. You have to log out of the game to free yourself.

Loc 2639,2899 (Baraw area)

All in all, great progress so far. Thank you for that! I'll continue to provide feedback as it relates to this issue in particular.

Tue Feb 16, 2021 5:43 am
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Collisions are much better, small bushes no longer seem to get you stuck.
Merchant Avin in T3 doesn't work.

Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:14 pm

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It looks like all of the random bugs I noted before are resolved after the update today. In further testing these changes, I did notice a new issue with mobs getting stuck on the corners of the mound structures at the loc below. As a melee, it's fairly difficult to find the elevation you need to attack the mobs with spin attack if only to kill them to get them to respawn again.

Loc 1860, 2163 (minidd mounds)

Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:52 pm
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I agree with Torrential Reign, several issues were resolved including the merchants. I also noticed the issue with the mounds at Loc 1860, 2163, although it isn't like all monsters get stuck, it's a fairly small percentage. The ones that do get stuck are able to be killed, but you need to find the proper elevation on the mound to do so.

Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:00 pm

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All in all, it seems like collision issues are in a fairly good spot. We've noted a few of the outstanding issues with bridges and folks are now occasionally getting stuck on some slighter elevation changes as they trans across the open world. I've been able to reproduce it fairly easily and it's probably a result of calculating the height of the original tile they were on and the height of the tile they are transing to. It sounds like your new smart unstuck feature might address this issue and I'm also hopeful that it addresses the issues with getting stuck in a "falling" animation when you accidentally walk off the side of objects (like bridges or steep cliffs).

Thanks again for your work on improving this and working through some of the other list items.

Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:32 pm
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